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  1. The video is annoying. The trolls do seem to ape the style of Wormy pretty well.
  2. So what is this I hear about Aussies getting hit extra hard down under for shipping? Something about double the estimate?
  3. All I know is they were sculpted by Nicolas Genovese. I don't know for which company. They have a very old school look to them. How so? (I find myself a bit baffled by the term.) Old school I do not really understand. Only flaw they have is their moudth missing big fangs. Flaw? Who said old school was a flaw? Some of them look old school because they look like they might be good solid one piece casts, not some 3d jigsaw puzzle that takes hours of wait.for the glue to fully cure. Old school minis are often just the mini of the creature, not for excessive work on the base that might be covered up by the end user. The base should be just enough to keep the figure stable on a level surface. Not everyone puffs up bases to some sort of regulation size.
  4. All I know is they were sculpted by Nicolas Genovese. I don't know for which company. They have a very old school look to them.
  5. Greed abominations are kinda cute. Reminds me of an improved version of the wotc Abyssal Maw.
  6. Not-B.P.R.D. The boardgame. I might get this depending on figure scale, number of minis and price point.
  7. And because it's licensed, there won't be any of this "not-[X]" nonsense, and it should look just like the character, and not very close but a little off to avoid lawyers. That rarely seem to be an issue. I've notice a lot of mini manufacturers are pretty blatant about copying likenesses and rarely is anything done about it.
  8. They look cool, but I would want toads that barely fit on a 50mm base. OOOO, slugs! But again, if they were much bigger that would be awesome. Sadly only Otherworld seems to currently be making a slug of decent size.
  9. Thanks Brother Jim, I somehow missed the link on the left corner of their web page.
  10. $30 shipping US. ouch. They were posted elsewhere by Sergey the sculptor. Looks like the "Project creator" in San Deigo is just the face of the group. Sounds like sculpture and production is going on in the Ukraine. He collects the money and pays himself, the sculptor and manufacturer. They then ship the product out from Ukraine. Might make things difficult for backers if anything goes south (or west on a transpacific flight if you catch my drift.)
  11. I think the old mageknight line had a Half orc with a harp. Might have been made in Metal by Ral Partha /iron wind.
  12. I looked on their web page for the free rules, but didn't notice them.
  13. I'f you are willing to spend in the $14 range, the Lance and Laser brand's LL06010 Dragon Mount is pretty cool looking.
  14. I'm curious about the game. I've got a buttload of ogres from GW, WOW minis and other sources that I'd like to do something with.
  15. Yeah, I think Beagle is going to get burned again if he backs this one...
  16. That's some nice bright colours, sweet! What'choo talkin 'bout? Demons have generally been big bonus bags of XP being worth WAY more than they should due to special abilities of borderline usefulness and immunities the party can swiftly memorize to avoid.
  17. These people did... www.indiegogo.com/projects/otherworld-miniatures-dungeon-adventurers#/comments You sure you want to do business with those who blatantly use other's art to design their miniatures?
  18. But does taking that legally count as compensation? People need to light a legal fire under the one who ran CSM. It sure looks to me they took moneys from TOH to fund Demons and Devils, so that alone could be enough for some states to persue.
  19. http://consumerist.com/2015/08/24/failed-kickstarter-project-ships-cards-3-years-late-after-state-of-washington-sues/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/213177064/asylum-playing-cards
  20. THIS! That looks spot on in my opinion, san wings. filling out a 2" base would be good. Smaller than the Reaper pit fiend, but not by too much. Kinda like the Warlord Shadow demon. Guros looks nice, though 'd say he's more spot on for the Heroquest Gargoyle. Still, thanks for the responses.
  21. Any recomendations for a Diablo 1 Lightning Demon miniature? Large, wingless, muscled torso, but lithe limbs betraying their alacrity. http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Lightning_Demon Cheaper the better, though I already have the Yugi-oh! Clix "Des Feral Imp" which will make due, but I am hoping to find something a little better.
  22. I say smallest orders first. Elf the resellers in the elf! Define worthy of painting. Which other big monster? Thog would be a decent Servitor if one have him a flute and the "dragon" certainly would make a nice Lloigor (Manifested reptile monster, not the twin to Zhar), only thing is Thaug is going to be a bit BIG compared to the other Cthulhu wars Gods & GOOs
  23. But how much of the exclusives are truly THAT unique? This is just a board game, so as long as the stats are made available, (usually from manufacturer, sometimes Board Game Geek) only the "IT MUST BE MINE!" types would need the 'official' minis. Given just HOW many Conan wannabes & Pulp Cover Babes wearing more jewelry than clothing are out there in the market of miniatures, missing most of these is hardly a tragedy. Big reason I didn't back this initially. Seeing Thaug is 60% if why I wanted to back this after the fact. And then Lo and Behold! It became possible to do so. Yeah, it certainly got me off the fence.
  24. So is everybody confident that this company isn't just opening pledge manager to all in a desperate effort to try and float on by piling up more debt? The Barbarian level is such a good deal it worries me. But having been burned in the Center Stage Miniatures debacle, maybe I'm just paranoid. Reaper doesn't have a presence in Canada. And have there been any concrete statements what size of base the human size figures will be on?
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