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  1. I'm sure it's a fine product, it's price per ounce however places on my no-buy list.
  2. Yeah, they really help. And one thing that makes them much mmore wearable is to take some paper towel and wrap the contact area for the forehead.
  3. Well from front and back yeah, but the enormous mold lines were why there was no side shots. And I do wish the mini was shipped unassembled, might tear my other one apart before painting it.
  4. I like it. Am curious who makes it, where to find it.
  5. Wonderful conversion. Great colour choices. Looks like he walked right out of The Dark Tower's Mid-world.
  6. I'd say these look really good for what the Painter had to work with. Agree. The lack of fur was really a knock against them. I understand Mantic was going for Ron Spencer level musculature to ape the Crinos Werewolf style Ron popularized, but the the mantic werewolves' minis kinda fail in the execution due to lake of fur.
  7. Well thanks. It's Pebeo Vitrail #21 Glossy Rose. It is actually an experiment since I don't know if it reacts to Bones Plastic. I'm concerned the chems might be volatile since it since it takes (listed on bottle) 8 hours to dry.
  8. Wanted to get this mini done for a player's half orc Champion so here it is. Nothing special, just getting it done for tabletop.
  9. Wasn't sure, only certain thing was a suggestion of grey by the player. Went with grey cloak with a winter wolf pelt above. Some blue got on the shoulder pads so I went with a Martha stewart Tiger Lily (orange pearl) to cover it up and make the pads bronzy-copper once the (printer) ink magic wash did it's job. Until that flub i was going to do a dark blue alcohol ink wash, but since orange and blue don't tend to agree, I went with a nice safe black wash. EDIT And some blood to anoint the axe.
  10. Delta Ceramcoat Metallic SIlver 02603 A bit brighter than I'd go with normally, but this is for one of my players running a Half Orc Champion.
  11. I'd toothpick a couple drops onto my palette, then collect the rest off the toothpick with the paintbrush.
  12. Clip the horns, change the axe, cloak and fur colours and the tint to the armor can all work for variables. I have two since the Vampire level was such a ridiculously good deal I doubled up. Folk Art 667 Gunmetal gray Drybrush
  13. Great painting. Wonderful fur work. That RL critter looks so fluffy and cuddly!
  14. The minwax polyshades seems real good at holding the paint in place.
  15. SWEEEEET. Collection 2 has the classics. Didn't care for the way combat works in the beholder games.
  16. Ah, IMHO he makes a great troop as he has plenty of points to vary while keeping overall uniformity. Now Dain Deepaxe, he looks like a HQ unit.
  17. I'd go with the cheaper 77011: Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior ($1.99) Using beard colour, subtle weapon / armor mods and variations in basing to differentiate models. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/dwarf/sku-down/77011 I
  18. Experiments continue... And I'm now thinking priming will be good idea for future figs of this manufacturer.
  19. Very pale, like double check with the DM if the sun is out or not kind of pale. I like what I can see.
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