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  1. Bad news JP, Sucker Punch's director gets to call the shots on how Wonder Woman comes to the big screen!
  2. Looks like the King is getting near done... And the sculptor is taking the blame on the Dragon Kings's delays.
  3. Yeah, It will save on regret later. They won't get cheaper later, and one never knows which ones will disappear due to a mold flaw.
  4. Yes, I agree that was the feeling I was getting out of certain recent releases. Everything is Core my butt Yeah, if I needed a medium iron cobra, I'd be more likely to use a coiled up cobra so it fits on a 1" base. whether I'm using a Reaper mini or a rubber toy out of a gumball machine, I prefer minis that need a horse sized base, to be massive enough to deserve a horse sized base. Stretched out might look natural, but I'd sooner chop off the tail of that iron cobra and have it coming out of sand or a 3/4" wood vase so it can fit a 1" base. Probably use the last inch of the tail end as a separate mini, as if the snake was going under a pile of debris so I'm not wasting much of the mini. On the subjects of minis filling their bases and accurate dimension, it kinda seems like Wotc and now Paizo's pre painted plastic minis, notably the large monsters, are designed to 'fill out' the base they are on more often than having the critter's size adhere to the bestiary descriptions. Like the Recent Paizo / Wizkids Gug miniature. The critter's entry gives a height of 16 feet, but the mini would be over 4 inches tall if standing upright. Ahh good ole 3Era rules shenanigans . Wielding a weapon bigger than your own size does not guarantee any additional reach in 3.5, though it makes for fun rules arguments. And when did Wotc publish an Enlarge Monster Spell? Only entity in 3.5 that could pull that off that I remember was the Efreetiwith its own own enlarge SLA. (I think psions could do a similar trick, and do it even better with the Expansion power ) Yeah, they coined the 25mm Heroic scale term to get them into the stores and it seems the figs sold well enough once they were in the store.
  5. space is critical in wargames too. they can be inside also. but, i agree, completely, and....so what? is the encounter less fun, or just different? should ogres be medium so it is easier to mob with them? why not? Fewer foes fitting into a combat can be less challenging. Having less area to maneuver in can easily make combats less interesting. Foes with the damage and reach of ogres would be kinda silly at medium. pardon me for saying this, but Dwarven forge terrain is grossly outdated in terms of scale. they work great for 25mm models from decades ago, but are too cramped for modern 32mm minis no matter how you base them. Well good thing Reaper Minis in the Dark Heaven and Warlord are supposedly 25mm. Hell, I have many 32mm figs that work fine in my Dwarven forge tiles. Most of the time the minis that have issues with DF are the ones where the sculptor makes the mini ridiculously dynamic or bowlegged rather than if it is true 25mm, Heroic 25mm or 32mm.
  6. For a group that is on the same page, I agree. However, not everyone is blessed with a group of associates with the same tastes or good grasp of small distances at a glance. There are plenty of folks who's visual and spacial acuity seems to change dependent on whether their character is acting or is being acted upon. Others may like the chessboard precision and the opportunities for Action Denial presented in an exacting grid system.
  7. It keeps everyone on the same page of the rulebook and no one has to guess what their options are or have to worry about GM arbitrariness (real or percieved). I run gridless myself and won't touch d20 anymore, but I can understand the value of codified options at the game table. With the grid, you know if you can or cannot make your charge at a glance or if you can 5 foot step between the enemies' diagonal gap to full attack the opposition's caster.
  8. Terrain eats room like nothing else, Be very cautious on stocking up on it if you are not planning to resell or give extras away.. Blightfangs scales are very leafy. I can understand why that might pigeon hole it as a green dragon. But it does not have to be.
  9. With tactical inch by inch movement locked to the combat grid, it can be a bit of an issue, The corner cases created by cavalry bases was one of the things that prompted 3.5 to drop rectangular bases completely, making horses take up 2x2 squares. The 5' adjust is a pretty big deal and if the base gets in the way of that, you can lose the opportunity to kill vulnerable characters when the party leaves a gap in their line. Taking up extra room on the 3.5 combat grid is a big detriment in general, but the potency of larger weapon damage dice and the obnoxiously potent Reach ability it normally comes with helps mitigate that for the bigger critters DMs use*. Generic Gnolls and bugbears were made medium so they did not have these and their lack of them is supposedly factored into their CR/ xp value. *Being large without reach & a two handed melee weapon is a suck fest. This is one of the main ways 3.5 discourages mounts for PCs.
  10. I like the Idea, and this is the way i do lava but the first thing I see is too much white and yellow IMHO on the back and belly.Too much white without enough contrasts nixes the lava glow effect of the white through black lava technique. The wings have the glow done very well, which was helped by having those black membranes nearby.
  11. Orcs? Bigger looks scarier and sculptors sometimes give models feet way too far apart so there are a few big guys that have overlap issues. Dark heaven didn't have much scale adherence and Warlord models just needed to fit a square 25mm on an angle. Gnoll are large. When Wotc took over for 3E, they shrunk gnolls and bugbears to medium. That is why the Reaper bugbears and gnolls seem bigger than Wotc / Paizo offerings. I'll agree with 'down with the grid' notion, but the sculptors can keep their preferences for wide stances to themselves. I don't need figs on oblong bases just cause the sculptor thought doing the splits looked threatening.
  12. Heh, not exactly what i was hopping for. Alien tails have me worried about breakage. And I thought CGI mock ups of products were a kickstarter no-no nowadays. https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/001/296/427/98542b72a6fc7714c9146cb8e5cefb23_large.jpg
  13. Unless they say the have the rights to the Actor's likeness, don't get your hopes up for Arnold, Weaver or other faces. That is separate from the franchise licence in most situations.
  14. CMON was on my crap list since the New Wave Games era. But there is no way in hell I'm passing this up. Always wanted Alien minis, but Leading Edge stuff was OOP before I got into minis and Alien Heroclix were rarely cheap on secondary market.
  15. Yeah. In a co op game, it is for the best. Otherwise the game has to nerf the guns overall or have a random chance to hit an ally which will cause some folks to get pouty when they catch buckshot to the face. Because no matter how much you numerically prove risking hitting them was worthwhile, they will still be complaining all god blasted night over the one tiny bullet that killed them,
  16. Swap out the zombies for giant bug minis. Spirit Halloween has some nice glow in the dark giant ants this year to round out the roaches, rats, spiders and flies. It might be too late to hit the Halloween isles, but here is a set that actually pretty good. I splurged and got the 216 count bucket at a teacher supply store. http://www.amazon.com/Learning-Resources-Backyard-Bugs-Counters/dp/B000296LPC
  17. Considering the support Cthulhu got, selling the flat nosed miscasts as Deep One Hybrids might get better results.
  18. Yeah, and considering that these DF tiles let even some acrylic paints leech god knows what chemicals out of the plastic, excessive heat exposure may contaminate* the dishwasher. *with allegedly non toxic chemicals as long as you trust DF's Chinese manufacturer to not have cut corners. Yeah, I got no trust of Chinese manufacturers... too many dead pets.
  19. I think one of the DF guys warned about testing a tile first. Also do Dishwahers do that good of job on crevices?
  20. so are you folk washing your tiles before painting?
  21. What RPGs? If it entails a combat grid, using mosaic tile for the tabletop may be a good way to sneak a grid in. Top with glass / plexiglass and you've got a built in wet erase battle-mat. You'll find 1" and 2" squares along with 1" hex in a lot of places. http://www.amazon.com/Epoch-Tile-SI2X2-Tumbled-Travertine/dp/B00AFV54CI/ref=pd_sim_sbs_hi_3
  22. So whats the deal? What the chem in the walnut that is different?
  23. So anybody have a guess how much paint one would need per set of tiles from this KS? I use hardware store paint rejects so I can get a lot, I'd just rather start with enough for the job on hand. I got 5 base sets of my own so am I going to need a gallon of base colour or should a quart be enough?
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