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  1. That with or without shipping to where? Shipping is a biggie. On Ebay right now there is a set up for bid at $125 free shipping in US. Easiest way to find the going rate is check ebay completed listings to see what it has SOLD for. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&LH_Complete=1&_sacat=0&_nkw=dwarven+forge+set&rt=nc
  2. http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-irwindale-closing-sriracha-factory-20131029,0,3579168.story
  3. I'd like to see bones human type figs just a wee bit smaller. Since they get scanned in then laser cut to the steel molds, having them just a little closer to the 25mm part of the 25mm Heroic Scale should be just a matter of a button press.
  4. You put me to shame. I have not even fully sorted my vampire levels for miscasts. Oh and this is looking gooood.
  5. Don't sell them. Don't admit anything about them. They are not in mint condition. If their value becomes an issue, use price quotes for what stores would OFFER for them, NOT what they SELL them for. And what a shame you don't have thier stat cards. http://blogs.lawyers.com/2012/08/divvying-up-the-collectibles-in-a-divorce/ Talk to your Lawyer, Too often does the partner trying to keep the proceedings amiable get hosed.
  6. The Frost Worm and Fish guy with the sword have a great Erol Otus feel to them!
  7. You'll have to be sad then. She is noticeably more than 15mm wide. You'll find many of reaper's figs quite big for your needs. Are most of your figures Ral Partha / Iron Wind on those connected metal bases? 15mm is kinda small for 25mm gaming, Even a lot of old 25mm figs took up more than 15mm wide. 20mm square is somewhat common, but 15mm? As was pointed out Jolie should work. The big round base she is shown painted on is 30mm, so her legs should fight through a 15mm hole. But she'll still be a lot taller than your other minis if most somehow fit15mm bases. http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02835 And welcome to the board. Let me find you some discusion on figure size. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/29602-heroic-scale-has-no-historical-precedent/ http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/18138-doubt-about-scale/
  8. So anyone know why some spots are slick? Even though the factory claimed there was no release agent used, fult the urge to try washing the test piece. After I took the picture, I scrubbed with dish soap and a toothbrush, but the gloss and matt variations were still there. Thankfully the Behr latex paint I tested is holding well and not tacky after 18 hours.
  9. Would not a streak of the bottle's paint on the cap or the bottle side be far more indicative of the paint's dry state than manufacturer name?.
  10. I'd love them more as a $10 - $15 option rather than locked in a $50 Set.
  11. Volunteer?! Of the owner isn't paying or can't afford to pay the people who run the shop, it is time to close down. From your description, the owner is breaking even so it is time to cut losses and lock the doors. Clearance or Ebay the last of the stock or use it to comp the unpaid workers. Sure it sucks to have fewer gaming stores out there, but it is a business. You are supposed to get out before it goes under.
  12. Can you get tan / ochre coloured cotton to match the sand colour you'd use for your basing? if so, you can stretch your mini supply by strategically having sand clouds cover spots on chariots where figures should be.
  13. OGL only covers the rules, not the artwork. But Reaper has been licencing Paizo's art for their Iconics and other minis, there's no reason they couldn't continue to do so for the Tarrasque. Plenty of Reason. Most licences don't last forever. Once it is over the product is no longer sold. A big figure rarely sells FAST and has to sell a lot to make back its costs so a looming deadline is bad news for the likelihood of the mini being profitable. Plus it sucks to have to tell fans "Sorry, the licence ended, we can't sell you any." if the figures become popular after the fact. After the licence ends, there will be plenty of alternatives for a female caster dressed like a prostitute, but there be far fewer options for a colossal beast of the Apocalypse if the tarrasque is made in the pathfinder licensed line.
  14. A few thousand early, but I want sleep... Congrats to Reaper breaking a million in one day!
  15. Not too keen on Stretch goals in stretch goals. It increases the likelihood of folks wanting models that get sandwiched in with what in their opinion is chaff. As this poster points out { Stone Giant ] .
  16. DAMN IT! Just when I was getting tempted to sell the few I had. There goes the secondary market profit margin.
  17. I'd go with grotesque version of Vladimir Harkonnen
  18. So any inkling as to what causes these issues with the casts? Is the material cooling toofast of not being fed in with enough pressure?
  19. I'm not sure I'd consider taking another company's image "concept art". I can understand wanting a placeholder, but just grabbing an Illo of someone else's troll looks like a misstep..
  20. I'd might buy em if they were cheap after shipping is added in.Some of the prepaint plastic sculpts are OK without the paint. As to the particular mini... I'd prefer the Goristro from McFarlane toys, One was even painted by a board member a little while back.
  21. according to who? Romero? most zombie movie fans just want to see corpses running around eating flesh, not social commentaries about the human condition Hell yeah! Though it still isn't as bad as the Sci-Fi genre.
  22. There was a Justice League episode with "Ikthulhu", who totally was not Cthulhu. Just Gugs, Y'golonac, spawn of Abboth and a few others. http://bogleech.com/scrapbook/cthultoons.html
  23. I don't think there is enough Cthulhu merch out there yet. We are just thankfully at a buy what you want era, finally getting out of the "If it is Cthulhoid, you might as well buy it cause you don't have any other options." If one passed on the Nightmares of Lovecraft Action figures a while back, there has yet to be a comparable figure set at that price point. On large scale Cthulhu kits, we are just starting to get a decent selection. Heck, I'm very glad we have a good amount of cthulhoid options nowadays since I honestly didn't care for several interpretations used for the Cthulhu Wars game. Being able to pass on that big ticket items because of actually having options is a very good thing.
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