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  1. Sure, but if it is an action figure, you got a lot of articulation to glue in place and gaps to fill. Gift shop resin figurines can look nice, but molded in flaws may become glaring after you prime / basecoat.
  2. So what mini are you going to use for The Dragon?
  3. Glad to hear about the wings, thanks Vulture Been hoping the wings could be rotated since I saw the concept. Position just didn't look natural enough. . Big K was enlarged by the manufacturer in a misunderstanding of scale & dimensions.
  4. They also worship satan. Those are new neighbors...
  5. Still might not end well. Gamers are very much familiar with the concept of "kill'em and take their stuff". There are enough gamers in prison that someone pretty high up at Dragon Magazine went around trying to White Knight the inmates who were not allowed to get Dragon and Dungeon Mags .
  6. This sounds to me like an inadvisable idea. Acetone can dissolve plasticizers (which are substances that make plastics softer and more flexible) sure, but it also dissolves plastics, sometimes brutally, and the idea that one can stiffen up a piece of plastic by applying acetone to the surface sounds, well, more like a cruel joke played on the newbie in the lab than good practice. Omelette. Eggs. That is why I specifically said " If they don't melt into a messy glop"
  7. So how bad would it look if the wings were rotated 90o forward?
  8. Do Bones Survive brief exposure to Acetone? If they don't melt into a messy glop, I've heard Acetone can leech out the elasticity of some plastics.
  9. So I take it the molds had been made at this point?
  10. So do the other add ons have packaging like this?
  11. Sadly, that is not how it works. Having no minis left to paint will kill you, but having minis waiting to be painted does not keep the scythe away. Some light exercise between painting minis helps though. Both from the exercise and from keeping one's ration of unpainted minis from dwindling too fast.
  12. While a neat idea, both models need a significantly elevated base. Unless you build Big-K and N-Bomb some other sort of base to keep them elevated, their wings and feet will be bending against the ground. Might be worthwhile for Kaladrax though, especially if one can find a hand or arm that fits the style of the statue. Stick the hand in a base like it is coming out of the ground along with Kaladrax's statue and it may look like it is a colossal golem beginning to animate.
  13. Text of Most HPL work in Public Domain. You can listen to some audiobooks of HPL on youtube, Here is a decent reader. http://librivox.org/collected-public-domain-works-of-h-p-lovecraft/
  14. That would decrease their utility in other games (and thus almost certainly decrease the popularity of this KS). Damn right. Using these figures in other games is waaaay more important to me than an untested* PVP boardgame that looks big enough to wind up unplayed due to space required. *Untested by my groups. Uhm, So anyone else noticing the non HPL material showing up? HPL's stuff is Public Domain, but stuff from other authors might not be. For example Ramsey Campbell's Y'golonac was authored in 1969, kinda new to be PD. Also isn't the name of the critter "byakhee" and their association with Hastur is a concept made by later autthors?
  15. I don't. If it isn't fun enough I take a hiatus until I feel like painting, basing or terrain crafting. If i am not digging it, I don't force myself.
  16. Yeah, looks like she can be tamed to fit a 75mm or 3" without too much hassle. 80 MM should be plenty. The legs look like there might even be enough bending room to fit to the 60mm base. maaaybe.
  17. Looks pretty good, though it is hard to make out the 'heads'. Very Pulpy. Looks kinda Yithian!
  18. Cool! Looks way better than the official mini. Like it better than the official illo too since the wotc illo is way too "busy".
  19. Fighting with my camera over backgrounds and stability. Had to use flash to get the focus right . #001, #002: 1" ?Ochre? jellies: Brown tinted PVA on top of lunar stone base [grey felt hardened with non tinted PVA]. Small plastic beads for nucleus. #003: 1.5" Black tinted PVA on top of red sand with similar beads for nucleus. #004: 1.5" Green tinted PVA on a lightly textured 'road' base, Tried working other colours in, not happy with the results. #005: 3" Like #003 but bigger, more eyes Maybe second photo will be less eye gouging.
  20. Buff Angel swinging sword while in flight, sword tearing a swath through the ground. The rubble from the swing and sword / sword's magical energy forming the 'peg' keeping the angel mini airborn.
  21. Completely reasonable. People pay like that for less complex devices {pipes, vehicles] and yet they balk at that rate for MUCH more complex work. I just love it when someone who knows me to be "the computer guy" finds out I charge just as much as someone with a monkey wrench.
  22. What is your time worth? How much would you charge for commission painting per hour of work? Do you keep it high to keep requests down, or do you charge so little that burger flipping would be more lucrative?
  23. Minis? I'd assume Model Kits would be a LOT more commonly used with this game.
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