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  1. Any one else not happy with the art? Looks like the obviously western drawn "How to Draw Manga" covers. This faux-anime 'stuff' might have been a necessary evil back in the 90's when the pacific was a barrier, but using it today just feels like the company didn't want to bother getting the real McCoy. Sometimes western artists get manga style right, but In the era of Pixiv & Paypal, the company could have had the pick of the litter of affordable mecha artists.
  2. I'm interested in the game, but the rewards leave me cold. This back post puts it better than i could... And then the company seems to be underestimating the size of the fanbase... WTF. So I'd likely be stuck with a shirt that won't fit me to get the book even in PDF?
  3. That makes little sense since Kaladrax would have been ordered in much larger quantities due to its much lower price point. That would be a kick in the pants to those who paid the significant amount extra to get Nethyrmaul. http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/5554/htzvl.jpg
  4. Wow, the larger the picture, the less innocent 77118 looks. Price might be slightly higher than the first run of bones, but remember the previous bones were based on pre-existing molds.
  5. Yeah, that base looks yummy. Ray Park playing him was why I went to see those movies. I doubt they could find a better actor.
  6. Lost? I've gained tons of gaming material at garage sales. Every couple dozen I hit turns up at least some gaming material for dirt cheap. Leave your cool stuff with your folks, you get what you deserve! Cute divorcee's selling their ex hubby's tools dirt cheap is always sweet too!
  7. Is setting up a booth even that profitable? Given the exorbitant costs for tablespace at major conventions and airfair / transit costs, is it truly worthwhile? Exposure at a con is still valuable for an up and coming company, but in the current era, the con market isn't what it used to be.
  8. Long range on a camera's zoom is closer than i want to get to a hippo. Dangerous SOBs.
  9. No smokes is a real shame. But the bigger shame there isn't a black velvet painting option. That I might drop $100+ on, if it was 1E or basic.
  10. CAV scale Starspawn, Heroic scale Starspawn of Cthulhu and Heroic scale Great Cthulhu.
  11. Like the figs, but the baroque details make me fear boutique pricing. Really? That fugly dude in need of a shave is supposed to be Graz'zt? He's supposed to be handsome. NH.
  12. How FAST does the melt happen? For styrene like plastic, it is nigh instantaneous, but more vinyl like plastics takes time to melt. The plan is put acetone into spray bottle*, spay thin mist onto fig surface. The tiny amount chemically alters the surface. A dip might be too much exposure. *The spray bottle melting is a small hitch in this plan.
  13. For those giving the There Be Dragons to non painters, these 2"x4" marble tiles should make fantastic bases to add heft and class even if the mini is left unpainted. Maybe a FAST & GENTLE dusting with grey spraypaint / airbrush on the dragon to match the base might add to the effect. I'm guessing a small bit of acetone vapor might change the surface enough to shake things up. Do apply outside, away from open flame. Of course now I'm trying to figure out what applicator one can use to apply acetone vapor without ruining said applicator.
  14. The problem is when it is a huge broccoli patch being straddled by a bow legged figure going for the Widest Stance Award. At least with integral bases of a specific size and style, the artists have to constrain themselves to the bounds of the base.
  15. Some games target players, some games target GMs. Plenty of games have many people who want to play, but few who want to run. I'm actually curious about the new versions combat resolution system. Buy in is too high though.
  16. I'm a Scorpio & I grabbed a few numbers I could remember. I thought it was supposed to be mummified cats.
  17. Cloaker's face is reminiscent of a demonic pug. Adorable.
  18. OMG, that ***** cost us a D&D movie directed by Stan Winston! grmble...
  19. How big is that barilla lid? Looks the right shape for a D&D froghemoth, only question is how big are you going to make it?
  20. I've got one of these. Otherwise I use bottlecaps for palettes
  21. IME there feels like there are plenty of elves in all sorts of sculpts and a thin human can cover for elves as mentioned above. Dwarves tend to be more limited to Axey Mc Hammerbeard and the occasional mini fighting against that type, but you don't see a broad spectrum of dwarves in too many lines.
  22. Mammon was teamed up With Demon Lord of Undeath.
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