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  1. Wouldn't a tile set up for a sci fi game wreck the whole point of sci fi weapons? IE the nice long ranges and explosives with big juicy blast radii? In my line of thinking a set of 10mm to 15mm minis and some vehicles are more useful to sci fi games than a set of futuristic 28mm dungeon tiles. Cyber arms and Lazer sword's do massive damage, but that is supposed to be balanced out by having to somehow survive making it to melee most of the time. Too much reliance on a tile set up like this in sci fi will unduly reward characters too heavily focused on melee in a sci fi game. Unless of course the player's minis have to travel through 2 real life rooms to get to the building on the plateau {table].
  2. High buy in, no early backer bonus, silly minis, and 2 pairs of figs with very similar poses. I'll wait to see how much this grows. Maybe they will get a show of force if the critters are deemed meme worthy. If the dracolisk is based on the 3E template dracolisk, it would be a medium creature without wings. CSM already has a huge Dracolisk. http://www.centerstageminis.com/catalogtrial/product_info.php?products_id=30
  3. And what about building in 3D? The durability does lend itself to stacking pieces atop one another! Oh gods. I think I just tempted myself further...
  4. Would you have preferred reaper just sending them from the US and stating the actual pledge amount for customs? Honestly I'm quite vague on this, but it does sound like Reaper is trying to make the customs and import tax bullet for it's International backers as small a caliber as possible.
  5. Fixing a cat does change it in my experience. Neutering is still the better option, but I'll leave by what degree open to debate by biologists. EDIT: not veterinarians due to vested interests.
  6. Cleavage showing on a female mini representing a otherwise armored combatant is one of my pet peves. I like female cleavage {a LOT], but on a otherwise well defended female, it feels too pandering. Generative organs not showing on a fig where they should be showing is another pet peve. An armored codpiece is fine but a loincloth of modesty grinds my gears. If a demon wants to guard it's 'starting equipment' or has adopted a reptilian cloaca so its scaly skin 'girds it's loins', that's fine, But a loincloth feel like a cave in to the fans {with admittedly deep pockets] who fear 'you know'. Any mini with only one pose, but needs pinning. If there is only one way to fit it, then sculpt it that way with matched sockets! I like sockets with multiple options, like the Warlord Lupine Ra{n}ger, but if the mini is to fit only one way, then the sockets should reflect that!
  7. Unless you have the innsmouth look, I think you mean bated breath.
  8. Quite tempting. Got one group member backing this, I have some Hirst arts molds getting ready, but I am still tempted by this to get a 5 pack of my own . The durability is making it very hard to resist, to say nothing of the time it will take to cast the equivalent in Hirst blocks, and of course selling / gifting by the KS set should be easy enough. Only thing saving my wallet is the wait till October and that the blocks are rectangular blocks, which gives me grade school flashbacks.
  9. If this comment is based on what I said, it is a pretty large leap from my words, and how things can get blown out of proportion. No, it was based on the project creator not telling the sculptor to scrap the early body frame since it was already apparent it was coming in larger than concept. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=507830165914607 December 8, 2012 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=510566478974309 December 14, 2012 (background looks a 13 gallon trash bag) I don't agree with that in this case. When you have a scale reference in the concept, it should not be hard. KoED concept was 7 victims tall at his highest horn tip. that is a ballpark of 20 to 24 CM tall since the scale of the rest of the line was 28mm. As to how close the scale reference was followed...
  10. Opened the image in an old version of paint. Select all. Drag the image up and left. Crop by pulling the bottom right corner up and left.
  11. Photo does not seem that bad, but it could use some cropping. Hope you don't mind.
  12. Well of course it was. They set "prices" closer to boutique minis and padded the reward with a giant barely related to the other minis. The new figures were unique, but the giants in there felt like a " " When It comes to something's "price" on kickstarter, if this is an established business, IMHO the 'price' should not be even close to what retail is. Why? Because retail has both the DIstributor's cut and the Local Stores's Cut factored in. Since the kickstarter process cuts those two middlemen out of the process I expect the price to reflect that. I don't expect a company to set prices at a loss, but if a business wants my money before I can see the product in person, they better cut me in on the savings from rubbing out the middle men and eliminating the risk of an unsold product line. I have a different standard for a non business doing a Kickstarter. The owner still has my confidence on the D&D KS. He is moving along at a good enough pace considering the final amount came in 66 times higher than initial goal.What amazes me is he is even committed to letting the King Of Evil Dragons be FAR larger than concept.
  13. If some cat lovers were less myopic, the feral cat problem could be helped a great deal. But unfortunately getting some cat owners to to fix their pets is nigh impossible and then they scream bloody murder when drastic measures become necessary. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/7475469/ns/health-pet_health/t/wisconsin-residents-back-hunting-feral-cats/
  14. It started as a fan's sculpting of a beholder, Wotc's IP and still is fairly close. Thread is still labeled as such too. Were Reaper to consider such a mini, they would probably want it to be slightly more visually distinct from the wotc IP.
  15. What scale? There is a plastic kit in 1/20th "Nausicaä riding on 'KAI'"
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