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  1. Just remember D&D vampirism also does not kick in until AFTER the victim is DEAD. Any removal of the condition will kill / destroy the now vampire resulting in a corpse or ashes. Living>Dead<Undead
  2. So where were / are these miniatures being produced?
  3. Oh, you should be fine then basing as you want, here are the rules for a miniature's base (in 5E D&D).
  4. I'd say it looks too small for a 3" round base, I plan to put mine on a 1.5" x 3" Pill base. Maybe elevated slightly on a stone. If you have any vehicles from the Mechwarrior Clix, they are that 1.5"x3" size. Maybe make the under the main fin area meat coloured since thats a mythical weak spot for them. I think metallic highlights would look cool on back plates and leg scales.
  5. OK, I'm soo getting this dragon, but is anybody else worried that this thing looks to have Wing-Body gaps on the level of the 2000 WOTC Pewter Black Dragon?
  6. Yes. Reaper's bases are nice but when one has a lot of figs, the cost of bases adds up. Easiest on the wallet is to use counting chips for 1" round bases. They are very flat and don't add too much height. and you get 200 (which you can split into 400) for around $10. Metal washers and wood buttons are also useful but vary in price depending where you get them. I like large creatures on poker chips, (which generally are 1.5" or 40mm ) but if dealing with folks who are particular on base sizes exactly matching 3.5 / pathfinder basing standards, they are less useful. 2" bases are actually among the trickiest to find super cheap, I've seen 50mm wood buttons x20 on ebay for around $4 and 10 packs of 2" metal washers for around $2.50 in some hardware stores. 3" bases are free with the right can opener. If you eat canned food, you just need a can opener that cuts on the side of the can, beneath the lip. 4" round bases can also be free since there are food can lids in that size as well, though I also like drink coasters.
  7. Nice eyes. You taking the pics indoors? Sunlight can sometimes help.
  8. You definitely should be able to ferret. Your line spot is locked in.
  9. Well, here's a tip for free 3" bases so folks can have a near infinite supply...
  10. Hardly a 'god', more a high level boss monster in a fantasy game.
  11. Let's hope it can, this looks like a great match for my She-Creature action figure! I don't think Reaper has revealed a stretch goal that they've pulled because the campaign didn't hit the number for it. If it's on the board, we're probably getting it. SHHHHH! Don't say that so loud! Bad enough folks know they can pledge more after campaign closes!!! Oh cool, triple tailed, Shout out to Isle of Dread's Kopru monster?
  12. Dodged a bullet with this one it seems. Heh, their 90's looking webstore doesn't inspire confidence, nor any company that is operating by taking new money to cover old debts. Looks chibi because of the mouth size to body size ratio. Kinda reminds me of the Jade / Judas boss from Breath of Fire 1 becauseof those open crater covered bulbs.
  13. Could be, Reaper might be happy in the 2 miliion bracket since 3 million has been a TON of work last 2 times. I have to agree. d20 licence wasn't really written for miniatures, and certain old D&D monsters (Like this one) became d20 through a particular agreement with Necromancer Games / now Frog God, which that company thinks mean they can now make certain claims to said monsters. I think thats why a few Pathfinder monsters miniatures have changed names. I'd expect she's as big as the old one at $20. Sculpt is new, but kept the overly human body pattern. Not a fan of that, but since that pattern IS the minority now, I'm sure some folks now miss that style. I'm getting one because I'm getting all the dragons other than Martha (Scales too chunky , feet too bulky IMHO) Overly sexy minis with armor that is either barely there or actually dangerous to the wearer due to molded cleavage. And most likely all too scrawny. It's funny you say that because I was just thinking the other day that I hope Demodragon is the capstone of Bones 4...assuming a Bones 4 happens. Papo toys has a very nice and plump 2 headed dragon that has been made in half a dozen colours. BBI company has a WONDERFUL 3 headed dragon that is enormous.
  14. Rum & Bones: Everything seems well Reaper Miniatures CAV : Everything seems well Necromancer Games: They delivered Tact-Tiles:Not happy with how dark the grey of the tiles is. Zombicide: Season 3: they delivered quick enough. Mark of the Old Ones - a Metroidvanian adventure: Not reviewed the download yet. Dwarven Forge's Caverns: Not as good of a value compared to first. Reaper Miniatures Bones II: Pretty good, though I hate the Expansions set up acting as a Paywall between me and a few figs i wanted. Dwarven Forge's Game Tiles: Pretty good value Zombicide: Season 2 Everything seems well Cthulhu, Mythos Foundry Style!: First delayed by creator learning spincasting. Now stuck in the bottleneck created by Trollcast’s successes Terathan's Fantasy Card Game Pewter and Resin Miniatures: Wound up getting metal minis when the project creator realized delivering a small run of plastic minis would cost MORE than the metal ones. Shadowgate: Fun game. Assimilation Alien Host: Trying to be patient with Ed, but the delay is so long, I no longer have much interest in the game these were going to be proxies for. 28mm Demons & Devils: Managed to sneak in and get the early bird metal. Out 80 bucks due to the company going under with the king of Evil Dragons unproduced. Reaper Miniatures Bones: Great value.
  15. 10k pieces? Is that of the same figure?!? I'd hope not! Yes, it is. It's why the KS format is so beneficial to Bones.
  16. I might jump onto a friend's pledge once the PM opens, but I'm kinda worried they have promised WAAAY too much at the $90 level. Thaug alone is so enormous, I truly worry if this is truly deliverable. That they are opening the PM to new people has me extra concerned. It would not be the first KS to try to float on new revenue while delivering on older promises. Lots of folks got burned by CSM delivering on Demons and devils with the cash from Creature catalog. Problem is shipping keeps going up and any contracts they may have are likely to have specified time frames.
  17. So what does one need to get the maximum number of players? I recall it was bumped up a couple of players, from 4 or 5, after the KS closed if memory serves.
  18. I think the machine has to be set up with a certain amount of plastic to inject requiring at least modest size runs of what is being made.
  19. I liked that Frost giantess until the concept art showed she was going to have a bare midriff. I'm more lamenting there yet to be any clear dragons.
  20. If they are old enough to be grognards, they are old enough to remember when WarHammer 40K was a satirical game. Satire? For some, 40k is the The Way Things Ought To Be! Just in case you aren't exaggerating, you do know you can get a max of 10, right? Multiple KS accounts are easy to get. It's why most Campaigns don't bother limiting things to 'One Per Backer' and the only 'limit' is what KS allows for. Reaper probably will have her tossed in at the end.
  21. Those damned space mince brought in a bucket of Benjamins! Not I, but I am grateful for the demand those fuzzballs are generating, over $3000 in under 10 minutes. I thought for certain the statue was going to be it. Guess Tianot is sitting on it.
  22. He looks more like a Loveman or Carter to me. ;) I like his rummage sale look as he's wearing an outfit way too big for him. Who is 335 supposed to be? I'm guessing a pre-Resonator Tillinghast? Yeah, that woman is the real Mother of Dragons in my book! The mods have been kinda quick to toss posts over to the Tomfoolery topic. It is a hard call for me since I could use the monsters but the investigators are shelfwarmers unless I strongarm my group into a game with a timeline in that era.
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