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  1. Well, things are going at a good pace now. Knowing that the garden of Morr is OOP, that certainly shines a lot of light on Expansion 3. Pretty small boatwreck. The answer would be "pound of fresh flesh, and Bones KS 5 being "healthy baby", pr possibly "a kidney" Well, Reaper kinda has to flood the market, since once the high quality, cheap and easy home 3d printer is a reality, their business model goes from Bones to Boned. Coral golem has it's feet too spread apart for my preferences. Revenant looks like half the size I'd want it to be, though otherwise it would be awesome. One of the better dragons IMHO, unless you want it on a round base.
  2. 1. Try to put some sort of rubbery / non slip bottom of piece, it helps with bumpings. 2. Build generously sized. 1E AD&D's 10 feet is 3 inches on the table helps a lot, even if you PLAY everything (ranges, spell area, etc) else 10' = 2" 3. Mind your bases. Generously sized basing definitely gets in the way with terrain. I always try base my (long) monster figs on rounded Cavalry (pill) bases when possible. Horses and like critters don't need to be as wide as they are long.
  3. OH, that is a good idea, it does look like an enormous Thoqqua worm. Might get it for that, since I like my purple worms more wormy than the platey WOTC style purple worms I think I may need to change my pants. This right here is the very definition of amazing! Love the scale shot Reaperbryan. The giants are cool, though I do kinda wish they looked easier to sculpt plate armor onto them since their dwarfy build screams fire giant. Kudo's for not overtly mimicking the D&D dragons heads on Ma’aldrakar. It is good to see some originality rather than "just different enough to avoid an IP lawsuit". BTW, is it still official that all Reaper dragons are female, or was that a running joke? I'm wondering which gender(s) Ma’aldrakar has. True, but that size was from a manufacturing mistake. It also shows in how under detailed Kaladrax looks because she was made a size or two too big.
  4. How well do sewing machines handle upholstery thread? I do all my stitching by hand and it rarely looks very good. Oh, I hear that, seems like as soon a I secure a button with new thread that won't break, the button decides to die.
  5. Limit your food budget until you get a new job. Maybe only being able to look forward to Ramen and PB&J sandwiches will motivate you.
  6. One of my reasons why I liked Reaper were these figs. Very disappointed they phased the line out. I still don't think to this day Reaper has an Asmodeus comparable to the Greater Devil from the Heritage line. Maybe that 6 fingered Demon prince comes close in composure and regality.
  7. Was going to ask this in weight loss since it is a related issue, but it's separate enough for it's own thread. Anybody else reinforce their clothing seams before wearing them? I've grown very tired of every pair of non denim pants I wear tearing asunder, either in the rear or just below the zipper at the first quick movement I make. If the stores are going to charge extra for larger sizes, you'd think maybe they'd upgrade the thread. But since that ain't happening, I've been using upholstery thread as insurance on my pants.
  8. THis reveal just confirmed I will not be getting the Mythos expansion. Just nothing in it that I really need or want. Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught 2 is coming September..! Unless that new CW game uses 1920s investigators, a large chunk of RB3 Mythos Expansion will still be shelfwarmers. Cultists are cultist regardless of era unless they have a flintlock, sub machine gun or laser pistol and Mythos monsters permeate all time, space and Gamesystems. But a biped in 19th to 20 century garb has much more limited applications.
  9. Reaper IS aware of the issue. Here's proof... Only thing is some can argue Bubears and gnolls deserve a pass, since they WERE large size in 1E AD&D, but I am sick of orcs and barbarians who seem think their mighty thews entitle them to 30mm bases.
  10. They know what they are doing alright, padding an expansion that should be full of monstrous monsters with bipeds and terrain.
  11. The New pledge stuff might be fine, It's just there seems to be multiple types now and I don't have any experience with those.
  12. Was sorely tempted, but too many of my minis are on the heroic scale side of things. The DF city stuff feels better with older 25mm minis.
  13. As far as the free mini, used to be they'd just be giving the free mini out at GenCon to promote a game. I'm not currently impressed as far as i seee things. Right now seeing how each sample faction only has one monster, but a schload of bipeds in formations of five, that is screaming to me that a distribution scheme similar to Haloclix will be in effect. More Master Chiefs and UNAC soldiers than you'll ever need, but the inhuman figures being rare and overpriced on the secondary market.
  14. Well since we have confirmed weapon sprues in bones, I want to see HELMET sprues. Way too few minis have their helmets on them and I'd like an easy and cheap way to correct that!
  15. Worst case scenario, worms are not that hard to make. They are actually a decent first project.
  16. I avoid buying minis that have the wide stance problem whenever possible, even passing on Orcpocalypse because of their wide stance. When I do get them, making them a mounted figure sometimes works. If angling the mini on a rock works, that can look ok sometimes. "Learning Resources Square Color Tiles" might be useful to you, they have a TINY bit of beveling (24.5mm top to 25mm) bottom and are 5mm thick. I've seen them for about $20 US for 400 of them. Laser cut MDF bases are also available, but MDF has issues.
  17. One thing i like doing is leaving a very thin bit of the base beneath the foot as a glue pad so I don't have to pin the potentially thin foot area. I generally can get this carefully cutting horizontally beneath the foot. This technique with the 1mm thick 1" counting chips i like for bases helps mitigate the Heroic (lack of) Scale Reaper uses. Out of the package utility. Lots of folks want a mini to put on the table, no cutting, no gluing, no @#!&ing around. Miniatures enthusiasts have a an issue where they over estimate others' interested in what they assume is the typical level of involvement buyers have with their figs. This is (likely) why multipart Reaper models cost notably more per part, Reaper knows there will be fewer casual buyers for those models.
  18. You script blocking? try enabling more of reaper's scripts. otherwise this image shows how to multiquote. http://s1308.photobucket.com/user/scorpio616/media/gout_zpsgtfthook.gif.html
  19. The first four fishy smelling minis interest me, but the reaper gug isn't my cup of tea. Too blatantly freudian and awfully short for a gug. Subtlety can go a long way. Only thing this one seems to be missing to be as unsubtle as possible is a button nose. Migo look interesting, though their wings look kinda thick. CAV scale shoggoth looks cool too. The Female ogre reminds me of a certain Jim Henson puppet. EDIT: This puppet http://darkcrystal.wikia.com/wiki/Aughra
  20. Somebody go wake them up.... Entering the home of a Texan unbidden is a great way to get shot.
  21. So freaking humid of recent... Did some brush on paint for the duplex containers. As expected the bare metal buttons are going to kinda need spray paint.
  22. It's much rougher, but I had satisfactory results chewing on thin pieces of clear plastic, then cutting into wing shapes for buggy wings,
  23. Not a fan of terrain, at all, nor do most bipeds interest me. I'm just confident the veiled offering will make the set worth it. So if I remember correctly, at some point a long time ago, someone mentioned that there was something coming in an expansion that would fit in with the Mystic Circle. If I am guess right that alter fits in the center of the circle???? Indeed, that's the altar that was visible in the ReaperCon photos situated in the center of the circle. Makes the Mythos expansion kind of parceled out into two additional add ons (mystic circle, Shub-Niggurath) in addition to it on its own, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Judging by the design of that Dark Young, I imagine a lot of Bonesium is going into its construction. I get the feeling it'll be roughly the size of the Pathfinder Dragon, maybe? No Sir Forescale, but compared to the other dragon images, it looks more "huge" sized than "gargantuan" sized... Official Word would be wonderful, though. I'd suspect on the underside of huge at that, that rock it's on is likely to eat up a lot of material and she looks husky. So I'd expect her to be smaller than say the $10 Diablous. Shub is so close I can taste It in the back of my mouth.
  24. SO anyone else putting the LINK to the KS page as part of their signature image?
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