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  1. So Reaper decided to use the Term "Dark Young". A little surprising since the shape and name of the "dark young" was a modern creation of authors who's works might have not yet entered Public Domain, as opposed to Cthulhu, Gugs and Deep Ones. The shape of the monster specifically was a creation of Bloch in 1951, while naming them 'dark young' was done by Chaosium when they were bulking up their bestiary. Only if you named them Lavinia or Asenath. For Shub, that is not surprising at all.
  2. That would stand to reason. Looks like the undead version of WOTC's fiendish T-rex. Well, that sort of thing is supposed to be unspeakable. Oh, dwarf sprite, maybe we'll get some Enlarged Dark Dwarves, or maybe Huge Fire giants.
  3. Whoohoo, we have Reaper's version of Shub-Niggurath! Nice price for Her too. Definitely a unique take on Him, as most versions make Her look like a dire Flying Polyp. Oh my, it looks does He has dangling teets, at least four, possibly eight, though symmetry is no guarantee on Her. It is whatever the creator wants the golem to look like. Personally I love the Prepainted plastic one from Paizo I am kinda irked 5E sets the Iron Golem CR so freaking high. Have to make a few custom ones at lower CR tiers.
  4. Got the rest of the batch assembled, though I ran out of the keys, used some tiny button pieces to finish up.
  5. Wait, are these actually BONES material as opposed to resin or metal figures / masters?
  6. Whatchoo talkin bout Dilvish? Most the figures Reaper puts out are already 7' tall in scale with a weapon too big for them.
  7. I think the Guitar Hero action figures might have had a few that might fit. Some are on ebay for cheap enough.
  8. No, the labor to package them into blister cards would require the KS Prices to be higher.
  9. The value might be there this time. RBII's Ex 1&2 were fairly generic and would have a LOT of overlap for those with decent sized mini collections. RBII's Ex 3 was almost half terrain, which I personally put a low value on ( I buy minis for what I'm not good at sculpting, Terrain, I can craft. ) I really like the temple dragon as it's minimal base size makes it usable in more situations. And that's one of the reasons I also like the behir since its coiling posture lets the base stay reasonably sized, while still looking big enough to swallow a Heroic ScaleTM adventurer. Many Remorhaz minis for example, even Reaper's, barely look like they could choke down a halfling. Agree. And really, that's only a Kaiju titan at CAV scale. edit: Really digging the old school kobolds.
  10. Have a bunch of math cubes for terrain and such and realized the busted EZ KEYZ Keboard keys fit nicely into the cube's sockets with a tiny bit of trimming.. just got to put a few more together and spray paint them.
  11. That's what Baphomet was speculating. I... may also possibly wet myself. I don't usually see folks this excited about a female oni outside of anime conventions...
  12. Not if they are run like Bones II, the expansions formed $50 paywalls if you just want one fig out of them. IMHO this expansion is still all over the place; Behir, demon hoor, grizzly, Reaper Brayn, bagmen, etc don't feel very connected other than being monsters. I feel the same way about the behir! Those scales are fantastic.
  13. Sounds like you are letting the crackle medium fully dry.
  14. Base Pledge, I'll add more when I see the mini I'm waiting for, the 5 headed Dragon. I had hopped Reaper was going to lead with it, but sadly not.
  15. oooh, I like. Might have to get back working on mine.
  16. I like it and I agree with you, especially after Reaper put $50 paywalls up in the form of the expansion sets, trapping several desirable models with rank and file chafe minis.
  17. I hope we get the giant maggot with it. ZOMG. I just had a thought - transparent weapon sprues. You could get some amazing weapon effects going on with that... Mundane weapons and shields are not even hard to make, especially in jewelry findings and such. Now things like embossed shields and weapons with baroque filigree or runic inscriptions, that would be useful in a weapons pack. If you don't want to wait, transparent swords are readily available from cocktail toothpicks from party stores and liquor isles, though other transparent weapons would be very useful in Bones!
  18. Black background looks better, white shows the translucency better.
  19. I use craft paints too, but some brands are crap, I find Folk Art brand to be quite good, though it is a pricier brand. Just remember the 40% most the stores have on their web pages and newspaper ads.
  20. You really want extra, make another Kickstarter account and make another pledge. Reaper has even suggested it for those who want to stock up on certain add ons. The next stretch goal is for a weapons Arsenal that will not be made of Bonesium. It'll be made of the same material as the hard bases (only a lighter grey color). That will make plastic weapons for swaps a lot less flaccid. Good, normal bones material is kinda lacking for swords. I wonder if this plastic is the same kind Wrymgear's wings are made of.
  21. As I said previously, they are great sculpts by Bobby Jackson. I still have one of the Resin's on my desk to be painted up in a different project. He's primed and prepped already. Seeing them for only $6 for the 3 was a no-brainer for me to add money to my pledge to get them when they unlock in a few hours. ETA: The resin ogres were $13 each, still a great price for resin IMO, but getting them for 1/6th the price is fantastic. How big are these ogres say compared to the Bones / LE Ogre chieftain? Similar size or is the size more like Ogre chieftain = D&D 5E half ogre (4HD) / new BJ Ogres = D&D 5E Ogre (7 Hit dice)? Done intentionally Interesting, might be because of KS's no more than 10 per item limit. But it still worries me since the Bones 2's no piecemealing Expansion Sets put a $50 paywall between me and the couple of models I did want from them. One can get a LOT more use out of 'hatchling' dragons when the players minis are only 15mm scale.
  22. I ignored them and hid them with choice of photo! I said it was bearly tabletop and I meant it. Generally my players don't worry about foes represented by miniatures. It's the ones represented by action figures, resin statues, model kits and masses of hot glue that have them concerned! The bear is actually for a druid in my 5E game, should have painted it black, but I was feeling brown..
  23. Glad folks are liking this and thanks for the compliments. Sadly the paint job is probably doomed, I don't think the bleach scrub gave the plastic enough tooth to hold the paint through tabletop use, even with the future wash and dulcoat seal. The missed spots where the issue, even the sweatshop workers generally didn't leave blank spots. Behold the power of drybrushing. It looks good from some angles, less so on the missed spots and mold lines. Eyes were haphazard paint dots with a toothpick. From dead ahead it is cross eyed for the derp look.
  24. No, Future Premium Floor Finish, bottle with the atom like logo, not Pledge's reissue. No clue if that Pledge branded stuff is the real McCoy or not, I'd suspect it might be a touch thinner than the old stuff, though others are less paranoid than me. I've made it a point to buy old bottles of Future at garage sales when I find em. I got a bottle of the wash 1 part future : 4 parts water, I mix that with the paint or ink i want to use for a wash. http://www.brookhursthobbies.com/paintingclinic/clinic/guestarticles/magicwash.htm It seems to nicely adjust the flow and i love how tough it is. Not sure how well it works on bones yet, mainly due to flexing issues.
  25. Both. Sadly the hot glue cooled too fast otherwise it would have been flush.
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