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  1. Couple experiments were done on this one this morning, one ongoing on the paint's durability. Just dropping it off here because Grumpy Cave Bear seemed interested in the WIP thread.
  2. The ones from the Board games are so much nicer since they are unpainted and one can see the detail that gets filled in on the prepainted ones. Love your painting and paint choices. Too many paint jobs are way too freaking dark to appreciate.
  3. Almost dry enough to paint, but, I'll give it more time JIC.
  4. Doing a quick experiment with using a bleach scrub to 'prime' a polyvinyl plastic figure. Won't know if it really works until after the mini sees a few gaming sessions. First washed the fig with soapy water then used a toothbrush to scrub some plain bleach (not the concentrated kind) all over the fug, washed off the bleach and dried the mini Second experiment was starting off with a Drybrushed Folk Art 2558 Cinnamon topcoat over the brownish reddish plastic. Missed a few spots but those won't be seen from when the mini is on the table. Then a Magic Wash* with Folk Art 504 Van Dyke Brown to cover the whole of the fig. letting that fully dry now. *1 part future floor finish, 4 parts water.
  5. Wotc's D&D PHBs. Reaper's equivalent are Hellborn and Reptus.
  6. I Like it, but that's because I am in a purple mood. Though I think if would look even better if the purple was darker.
  7. Wash the mini carefully with dish soap before trying to paint it, so pull it off the printed combat dial. Also Dry to the Touch is not fully dry for most paints, paint still has to cure for a day or two, even acrylics. Martha Stuart had a purple glitter in medium called Charoite 32161 Anita's metallic 11202 Amethyste, while cheap with glittery particulate, the particulate isn't big enough for your needs. Oh, one other thing, it's hard to find, but Folk Art's 463 Dioxazine Purple is a very dark and powerful purple. I lucked out and found one bottle years ago in a hobby lobby and have had to mail order it afterward. Folk Art's 463 Dioxazine Purple /----------------\ Folk Art's 479 Pure Black EDIT: OK, did a quick experiment, that Martha Stuart glitter has random rather than uniform size glitter. Here is what it looks mixed with Folk Art's 463 Dioazine Purple. 2parts p. glitter /3 D. Purple with light reflecting just right you can see the glitter without getting the light perfect, the D purple just takes over...
  8. I fully agree with you. Almost did not hop onto Zombicide: BP because they stopped taking Amazon Payments. Just don't let them KEEP the information, there is a toggle switch to prevent CC data retention.
  9. Epacket shipping. Subsidised shipping for small packages. I've ordered plenty from China and the error rate is way too high to trust anything at Bones level complexity.
  10. I think there aren 't that many Euro backers on the Reaper foums/fora. During Euro daytime, there' s hardly anyone posting. Otherwise the protest against the "Euro Unfriendly" campaign should/would have been a bit louder,so to speak. Reaper plays on the level, the product is imported from China*, distributed by an US company, shipped out by the most affordable US based international shipping to the backer withe pledge amount and shipping cost clearly marked. If a backer's country wants to tax such a product, that's the country's prerogative. Even if using a EU distribution firm was CURRENTLY an option, there's no guarantee the laws that allow such a tax dodge will still be in place when Reaper has the product nearly a year later. *I'd rather have a much smaller Bones KS with fewer models at a higher price point with the Bones being US made, but Reaper does what it does. Folk see them, Folks are glad for them, that doesn't mean folks should ignore the low points.
  11. Why not? If folks want to spend $15 or more on a man sized model, $5 bucks for a paint pot and god knows what for a brush, I say take them for all they are worth!!! These are luxury items. Making a home made mini case isn't hard if one has access to a fabric store and a toolbox. Or even a Christmas tin and some magnets for the bases of one's minis for magnetic storage.
  12. One enormous issue is the WOTC dragons get very powerful long before they get very big. In 3E to 5E a horse sized (large) dragon can hand player's their elf for a good portion of their careers. As opposed to 1E where dragon sizes were not specified and 2E where the adult green dragon for example is 100' long snout to tail tip. Because Reaper knows how FAST the KS blew threw KS rewards. The'll start adding smaller increments as things slow down. This is freaking day one still.
  13. CLEAR DRAGONS! Add clear colour for gem dragons. Clear Black Goat and other horrors! They are often barely material, this way we can paint some parts material, others clear and insubstantial. Clear portals, swirling with magic energy.
  14. The newer D&D minis licenced to Wizkids have invisible PCs being Rare and as such command high prices on the secondary market. If there seems to be a demand, why not fill it?
  15. Nice! It bears mentioning that that Jarlaxl Baenre mini is a tiny bit smaller than a sir-forscale (if I recall correctly...it's been a while since I worked on my Legend of Drizzt boardgame). But definitely, that gets the scale across. SO BIG. Oh, thats a DDM? Wow, at first glance I thought it was an old ral partha! That dragon is big.
  16. One of our most popular options in Bones I was Orcpocalypse, which was 20 orcs, of 4 sculpts. Yes, but orcs are more commonly used, generally being a one hit wonder in most tabletop games and being in most fantasy wargames in generous numbers. Lizardmen and their palette swap (when they are not swapping their own with chameleon skin) troglodytes are typically more limited in numbers, limited in where they appear, less common in wargames they show up in and being more durable in almost every game. Plus Orcpocalypse was an optionally buy, rather than hit being a core part of the pledge. SPEAKING OF, these new to bones orcs are even cooler than the Orcpocalypse orcs, any chance of an Orcpocalypse II?
  17. If only they fit on a 25mm round without a lot of finegeling. I like lizardmen, but this is a bit much for most uses I never liked that dragon, scales and feet just look too chunky to me. Yeah, same here, They are OK figures, but that much redundancy is overboard, like they are there in that quantity to bloat numbers. Folks can order more if they need hordes, variation has more value. But if Reaper follows up with a huge statue that looks like a certain sitting smiling demon statue, that would justify so many lizards.
  18. I'll wait a few hours after it opens when the servers are more stable. They only shipped the waves out back to back and at an accelerated pace because they were late. Had everything been in on time, what makes you think Reaper would not have abided by the X waves a month schedule listed in the pledge levels? The effort and labor to ship everything out at the speed they have done it at for the first two KS was not free to Reaper. If Reaper gets the product on time for bones 3, a lot of late pledgers will be SCREAMING mad when they find out the timetable will get followed.
  19. Overall really good. Biggest issue is some of the places the yellow and red meet are a bit messy. I'd guess those areas would look less noticeable if the ?undercoat?wash? was a dark brown rather than black.
  20. Yeah, fantasy minis are coming into a higher demand since D&D is seeing a resurgence. Plus those lawsuit skirting character figures are always a draw.
  21. Yeah, looks like they made the $150 level worth it for a change. After all, the so called KS exclusives really aren't. Considering how many 1000s of units it takes to justify a mold for this kind of plastic, I'd have trouble believing the company won't have a nice supply to trickle into the secondary market.
  22. Yeah, I didn't even know that was a mini, but it is a cool one. I've liked the design since I saw it for a warhammer video game. http://pub.goha.ru/files2/warhammer/2008-05-29/Careers_WhiteLion/aow_whitelion_4.jpg
  23. Looks nice. I'd keep some 40mm bases handy with some bluetack JIC.
  24. Thanks, one of my favorite things about making the blade that way is if one doesn't glue the blade in, then the blade can be removed for when the weapon is off, since the 5E Sunblade is one sound effect short of being a lightsaber. Also, while a piece of clear yellow plastic is more plain than the baroque flaming girderblade Ub3r_N3rd posted, the toothpick looks damn close to the 5E illo for the sunblade.
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