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  1. I'm not a fan of bones swords, preferring to replace them with real metal (needles, hair pins), and that mini's sword just looks weird. I'd check the party supply isle / liquor department for clear toothpick swords / party picks. Chop one tine to the length you want plus about one more centimeter Gently shape the back end into a tang with sandpaper or hobby blade, chop the original beny sword out, drill into the hilt, paint the fig, and lastly glue the new clear blade into place. Here's an emerald blade example.
  2. Weapon swaps are most helpful for DMs who want to use multiples of the same mini, helpful to tell foes apart, even more helpful when a player has the same mini as a commonly used enemy fig. Plus there are certain players who are SUPER fussy over their mini being just right, there is a reason why folks are willing to spend $30 on a personalized 3d printed model.
  3. Whats a little sweating compared to all those exclusive figs? AC units break every other decade anyhow. It's about time they made the $150 level more desirable.
  4. Looks great. Amusingly, the Pathfinder version of white dragons actually has that style of head crest.
  5. Generally bigger bases make it harder to get foes to the PCs in tactical combat situations. Players are always trying to hide behind obstacles and choke points and bigger bases just make it easier for them to avoid foes attacks.
  6. Well, look at the biases present in fantasy minis in general. While feminine things often show off thier #&%$, manly things cover their bits. I think the last time a Reaper male mini let everything hang out was one of the old Blood Imps. Besides, by the time a being is smart enough to use a weapon, they are generally smart enough to keep vulnerable parts of anatomy tucked away.
  7. I was thinking about suggesting the Sota toys "Tomb raider:Cradle of life" "Shadow Guardian" I'd be kinda impressed if they recognize it, as it barely looks like the creatures in the movie. But, it's a tad bit big, being more gargantuan with a colossal stance due to foot placement. http://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8080/8416940027_50e67e1184_b.jpg Can you get black "spider web" decoration without too much trouble? It's kinda like cotton or polyester padding, but jet black. If so, I'd say grab any cheap toy you can, add or remove some details with hot glue, paint the fig, then glue wisps of some of the material to that to make billowing shadows on the fig. But don't stress too much about some housebound fanboy recognizing that the custom boss's miniature started out as the Silver Surfer or some Super Sentai hero. If they can't appreciate the effort it took to kitbash the figure, their loss. Shame it has to be humanoid, I'd say a coiling mass of darkness, like Mordiggian would make a fine boss of elemental shadow. And I'm assuming you didn't just want to use an old DDM Nighwalker? http://goblinsingatineau.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/img_20140622_111451.jpg The non clear one is on a 3" base and never really went up in value.
  8. BTW, for those who have managed to paint the minis for Zombicide, are the plastic holder trays sufficient to keep the minis safe from scuffing?
  9. If they don't seize it and level obscenity charges.
  10. Skeleton archers get a range of 3? And I just bet they don't cause friendly fire to their side...
  11. And what TYPE of minis are you using this on? Bones sometimes do better without primer.
  12. Personally I like cheap spray primers like Brite Touch, primer just needs to coat, not necessarily be a solid colour like a basecoat. Flat 'might' give enough tooth, a gloss would be right out though.
  13. Return it if you planned to use it on Bones or any other vinyl. (Model Kits, many prepainted minis, toys, Dwarven forge Gametiles) Might work on metal figs, but many enamels are more likely to cause Permanent Sticky Syndrome on some things with vinyl in it. Also it might go on thicker than you want. Generally you want a plain "primer", a higher quality brand can be helpful if you want your primer to BE your basecoat, but avoid things like "PLASTIC PRIMER" "X2 COVERAGE", etc as many of those go on thicker than needed or can be formulated to chemically bond and fill in detail.
  14. It certainly does. Besides quality control there are human rights issues if product is being made in a labor camp. http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/06/world/asia/china-labor-camp-halloween-sos/
  15. And it's No Pants for her! A half there miniskirt and her boots are thigh highs. Stay Classy Snyder! http://www.ew.com/sites/default/files/i/2015/07/01/comiccon-ew-1371-1372.jpg
  16. Sadly the law and judges take a dim view of killtraps.
  17. ...again with the tentacles... Look up 'Expedition to the Barrier Peaks'. That's where the froghemoth, vegipygmies, and thornies all come from. Three classic monsters, that to my knowledge, have never seen the light of day as miniatures. I've heard GF9 did a limited edition one that was gencon exclusive. http://www.crittohit.com/imagestore/articles/8521/dungeons-dragons-gen-con43.jpg
  18. What game are we talking about? Which artist's vision we going with? D&D orcs used to be a motley crew who's appearance fluctuated wildly by artist, justified by their ability to interbreed. Not that big, not that strong, they were the default man sized humanoid troop. If you put thier minis compared to more recent orcs, you'd probably assume the older orcs are goblins. By 3.5 they became a race of grey skin hulking roided up apemen, whose features did overlap with the look of D&D hobgoblins. Especially on some minis, who could go one way or the other depending on if their skin is grey or orange.
  19. You know he lives in Texas right? He or even his neighbors might still legally be able to shoot you even as you get away with the loot.
  20. Currency fluctuations. Huh, that sounds like an interesting story. Cadirith. Excluding Vampire Boxes and Core sets, which are runaway #1 with a bullet on a laser mag-lev train on a highway to hell, I believe Kaladrax was #1. Doesn't that make Kaladrax a Loss Leader? For me, it was that I felt the quality upgrade over halloween props I already own wasn't worth the $. (Especially with so many other options.) I think it's more complicated than that, it is licensed for use in d20 system books by necromancer games due to an old agreement, but the critter itself is still wotc's. ...again with the tentacles... you know where this is going...
  21. Definitely want to see an enormous asian dragon coiling in the air. Maybe using a ruined Torii gate as a flight stand
  22. Ouch, ebay, yeah, I can imagine thats a tough sell since you have to go against the chinese knock offs of Schleich, Safari and papo.
  23. I'll beg to differ. There are a few differences, whether the changes are positive, did not matter or are negative, thats up to the individual, Pose: Arms are also further forward. The sculptor averted the Look at camera while showing chest and butt at same time pose. Pole: Thicker and shorter. presumably to survive rough handling. Breast plate: Breasts are noticeably larger, ends farther down over chainmail midriff. Face: Looks like a different race than concept.
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