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  1. Reverend Shartan

    City of Tarok: 3D printable medieval fantasy houses

    If they added ruined buildings to this, it would be great for games like Mordheim and Frostgrave...... Reverend Shartan
  2. Reverend Shartan

    3d Printer files

    I agree. I just ordered another spool, but after seeing this, I think I may have to order a couple more Reverend Shartan
  3. Reverend Shartan

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Pembina, North Dakota.....if you can. Both my son and I have orders going there. Thanks. Reverend Shartan
  4. Reverend Shartan

    Black Hallows Townsfolk II

    Never mind. I received a response from the creator. Reverend Shartan
  5. Reverend Shartan

    Black Hallows Townsfolk II

    Does anyone know if there will be a late pledge for this kickstarter? Reverend Shartan
  6. Reverend Shartan

    Odd find in paints

    Pretty much.....yup. lol I mentioned this to the owner of my FLGS, and he said to contact Reaper. I told him it wasn't a complaint, just letting him know that the mix up happened. Reverend Shartan
  7. Reverend Shartan

    Odd find in paints

    So, last night, in preparing figures for my 2nd edition AD&D campaign, I opened the Dark Elf triad. I was unfortunately distracted by real life events, and was unable to continue painting. This morning, I examined the bottles from that triad, and found that I had 09163 - Dark Elf Shadow, and two bottles of 09165 - Dark Elf Highlight. I was missing 09164 - Dark Elf Shadow. Totally random and unexpected :) Good thing I'm going to my FLGS tonight. Thought I'd share that :) Reverend Shartan
  8. Reverend Shartan

    Christmas "stocking"

    I know the threshold is $65, so I am guessing that for orders outside the U.S., it would be $65 in the appropriate currency? i.e. Canadian, British Pound, etc? Reverend Shartan
  9. Reverend Shartan

    Ghoulie Bags

    Similar story to Carbivore..... I live in Selkirk, Manitoba (20 minutes north of Winnipeg). I had placed a $40 Canadian order on the 30th, and later on that day I had posted a question about the availability of the paints if the mini was out of stock. Ladystorm had replied that the ghoulie bags had been sold out. Ok, that is fine. Postage was applied to the order on the 31st, and I received a notification that my package had arrived yesterday. When I opened the box, my order was there, in addition to a ghoulie bag and a sample bottle of paint ( I think it's a dark blue). The additional items were not expected, but they are greatly appreciated. Thank you for the additional items in the box :) Reverend Shartan
  10. Reverend Shartan

    Ghoulie Bags

    Thanks for the quick reply, Ladystorm Reverend Shartan
  11. Reverend Shartan

    Ghoulie Bags

    I know there is no guarantee for the fig in the ghoulie bag, but will they contain the paint, even if the figure is out of stock? Thanks. Reverend Shartan
  12. Reverend Shartan

    Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for 5e

    So, 2 days later, and Arthur Petersen finally replied : "So, first, there is no "minis" only pledge level. If there were, it would be listed on the right with all the other pledge levels. All the minis on this KS, are ADD-ONS to any pledge level shown on the KS page (note the PDF only pledge is restricted from any shipped add-ons, including minis). I'll post an update about the minis today to clarify everything perhaps." Reverend Shartan
  13. Reverend Shartan

    Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for 5e

    I asked that question for you. Let's see how long it takes before I get an answer :) Reverend Shartan Edit: No answer as of yet; though, to be honest, I don't really expect an answer.
  14. Reverend Shartan

    Fantasy Facades by Bannerless Builds

    In the comments section they stated that free shipping is not going to happen. They are supposed to be updating the graphic sometime soon. Reverend Shartan
  15. Reverend Shartan

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    I'm not interested in the models (don't hate the messenger), but I am interested in the paint. Is there an option for that? Reverend Shartan