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  1. There is....I downloaded that one, and the barkeep (can never have enough of those....) Thanks again, Glitterwolf Reverend Shartan
  2. I'm interested in some of the tavern figs....bandits, tables, barmaid etc. None of the free files interest me. Thanks Glitterwolf. Reverend Shartan
  3. Has anyone seen a discount code, or something similar for Red Clay ? There are a few of their models that I am interested in, and I would love me a discount code 🙂 Reverend Shartan
  4. Thank you, checking it out now 🙂 Reverend Shartan
  5. What is the name of the bundle ? Reverend Shartan
  6. I got the CodexUniversalis free trial as well..... Not sure why..... Reverend Shartan
  7. Is anyone, or has anyone, experienced issues loading ANY kickstarter page ? Each page I try to view, it says to reload the page, which I have done many times.... Reverend Shartan
  8. I'm not including any files I have in my MMF library..... or on my laptop hd..... Reverend Shartan
  9. Should I feel bad that I have a 7tb drive filled with stl files ? Reverend Shartan
  10. It's called Oyumaru....it used to be in small "bars". Not sure what it's like now.... Hope this helps 🙂 Reverend Shartan
  11. Has anyone had any experience with this resin: Aceaddity Elite Series 3D Printer Resin Reverend Shartan
  12. So, I found the solution to the issue of Chitubox not recognizing my Saturn......in the printer selection drop down, I had to double click on the Elegoo name, and then a complete list of their printers became available. I scrolled down to the Saturn 8k, and selected it. Problem solved. Would have been nice to know about this requirement before hand, but meh. It's solved. Reverend Shartan
  13. It is the software that I got with the printer.....I cannot choose Elegoo, even though it is listed as an available printer. I will consider updating the firmware. The printer has not been powered up, and won't be until I get the slicer software issue figured out. Reverend Shartan
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