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  1. I am from Lithuania. For my washes I just use liquid matte medium, distilled water and paint. Works fine too. Sorry for answering so late.
  2. "future floor polish" so you use this instead of liquitex flow aid? I have neither of those 2 in my country so could you tell what is the main ingredient that is needed? So I could find a different brand of floor polish :D?
  3. so there is nothing similar to liquid green stuff in Reapermini shop??
  4. Hi guys! This is my second time posting on this forum. I have started painting miniatures once more (haven't done it for some time) and I now I am trying to make my own washes. Can anyone give me a good recipe how to do so? I have matte medium (which I suppose is a MUST for a wash), basic colors and etc.. Also when you make a certain color wash does it have to be slightly darker than the area you are applying it to? Lastly is liquid green stuff from GW is the same as Reaper's Brush-on Sealer ($3.29)?
  5. ok I found some primers so could you tell if they are good enough: http://www.colorshop.lt/catalog/product/gallery/id/150/image/663/ -DUPLI-COLOR ALUMINIUM PRIMER http://www.colorshop.lt/catalog/product/gallery/id/102/image/279/ - universal acrylic primer these are said to be noncorrosive primers http://www.e-senukai.lt/out/1/html/0/dyn_images//z1/00005058036750580367_z1.jpg http://www.e-senukai.lt/out/1/html/0/dyn_images//z1/00005071792150717977_z1.jpg http://www.e-senukai.lt/out/1/html/0/dyn_images//z1/00005102359451023594_z1.jpg
  6. Hi guys I am new to reaper minis and to the forum! Just received my first shipment today(had to wait for a 1 god damned month). I got some bone stuff and some metal dark heaven legends minis. So I have few questions for you guys. 1. When painting metal miniatures do I need to use a primer? 2. Is a black primer just higher density acrylic paint? 2. If I haven't bought the reaper primer but I have Pure Black paint can I use it instead? 3. If not, what can I get in paint shops? (because we don't even have games workshop where I live) If I understand correctly the primer is needed because with
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