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  1. Reaper Customer Service told me that the series 29xxx corresponds to: 1) Core Colors (not Bones or other HD) 2) paints that are not available outside of sets (like Fast Palette sets) I conclude that all of Cyber Gangs, Darkreach, Gloom & Grave, and Dungeon Dwellers Adventure Colors consist entirely of Core Colors (and that the printing on the Adventure Colors box is not correct).
  2. This is a really valuable service -- really helpful, since we know that the webstore swatches are not necessarily faithful to the actual colors. Thank you very much.
  3. As others have stated, it used to be: white cap indicated MSP (also had a white label) black cap indicated HD (also had a yellow label) Even in those days, promo paints (limited edition) may have been exceptions (e.g., Deadrose Red identified as HD but bottled with a white label and/or a white cap). Then along came Bones HD. Bones HD paints had black caps -- at least to begin with -- but a white label. Then the Pathfinder paints appeared. I understood these to be HD (like Bones HD), and -- at least to begin with -- they did come with black caps (like Bones HD and the original HD). They come with a white label that says Pathfinder, but the label doesn't actually say HD. Around this time (in retrospect), things were about to turn... weird. The regular HD line was discontinued (with certain colors retained into the Bones line). At some point before production actually ceased, some HD paints were bottled with white labels (not yellow), and some of these also had white caps (not black). I even saw some grey caps around this time. Some Fast Palette sets (High Seas) were produced where the box has the Bones Ultra-Coverage logo; the paints inside: 1) have white caps, 2) have white labels that say Bones HD, but 3) are not numbered consecutively with the Bones line (although they are close), and do not (yet?) appear on the Bones page on the Reaper website. At least one other Fast Palette set (Cyber Gangs) was produced where the box does not have the Bones Ultra-Coverage logo and the paints inside: 1) have white caps, 2) have white labels that say Bones but do not say HD, and have a completely different numbering system (29xxx, extending the numbering from the newest paints at the bottom of the MSP Core Colors page on the Reaper website). But the box states "includes six... Reaper MSP Core Colors and Bones Ultra Coverage Paints", whereas all six bottles are labeled exactly the same way (all say Bones, none say HD). This matches bottles from the beginning of the 29xxx numbering line, suggesting that the Cyber Gangs paints are not HD, that the Bones umbrella label is being extended more broadly (to encompass paints that are not HD / Ultra-Coverage), and that the printing on the box is wrong. Addendum: On the other hand, the teaser imagery for the upcoming Dungeon Dwellers Adventure Colors set shows: 1) the Bones Ultra-Coverage logo, 2) "includes six... Reaper MSP Bones Ultra Coverage Paints", and 3) paints numbered in the 29xxx series. So this suggests that the 94xx / 95xx numbering series (associated with Bones HD) may not be the only place that HD / Ultra-Coverage paints will appear. On the other other hand, the bottles in this set do not display "Bones" anywhere on the label, and do not mention HD either. So maybe the box is wrong, and they aren't Bones / Ultra-Coverage after all, and that explains the paint numbering? Bottom line: It used to be true that one could tell at a glance whether a paint was Core Colors or HD / Ultra-Coverage. Now the distinction is not clear -- not from caps, but also not from numbering or even (seemingly) from labeling -- and it seems like that may be intentional on the part of Reaper. Until someone knowledgeable weighs in here -- or possible after the paints appear in the webstore and we can see on which page (Core Colors or Bones) they appear -- I guess I won't how to file about two dozen recently released paints (acquired in Fast Palette sets).
  4. I too am interested in details about the LTPK, but from the learning side (not so much the physical contents). Is this LTPK expected to go beyond its two Bones predecessors technique-wise, or will it primarily overlap with those two (basecoat / wash / drybrush, layering)? I understand that the kit is still under development, but maybe there is at least a rough idea of concepts / techniques to be covered?
  5. Will it be possible (in the PM) to select "extra" elements of the Core Set, not necessarily as singles, but in "chunks" smaller than the entire Core Set (such as in the groupings that were incrementally added to the Core Set)? This has been possible in previous campaigns, but I could not find any info about it in this campaign. Maybe such options were revealed later in the campaigns (i.e., not at the start)?
  6. From the standpoint of a backer, this seems like a perfect solution. Hopefully it will prove to be feasible from your end as well. And like @haldir (apparently), I am all about the paints (since I do only fantasy). So please (for future projects): moar paints!
  7. I have the impression that Clear Phthalo Green is equivalent (roughly, at least) to the old OOP Clear Viridian. In another forum topic, I have been informed that Clear Phthalo Blue is likely phthalo blue (green shade), and thus slightly different from the current Clear Blue, which is understood to be phthalo blue (red shade).
  8. Barring any conflicting reports, this is good enough for me. After all, "Clear" is your first name. Apparently I need to get some 9097, just to compare them.
  9. MSP has 9097 Clear Blue. ReaperCon had 9607 Clear Phthalo Blue. But there is a forum post from Anne characterizing 9097 as phthalo blue (search using "pthalo"). And another post from Anne characterizes 9097 as "red-phase". I have a bottle of 9607, and in the bottle it looks like what I would expect red shade phthalo blue to look like (as opposed to green shade phthalo blue, which apparently is also a thing). I have never seen 9097 in person. So I wonder: what -- if anything -- is the difference between 9097 and 9607?
  10. Apparently Stéphane Simon -- a notable contributor to Rackham Confrontation and Mierce -- will be having a Kickstarter (presumably soon, but no date provided). "Hi Guys, I decided to develop my SIMONMINIATURES range with crowdfunding for the production of several pieces (resin). BELIUS LE NOIR, a chaotic giant will be the major piece of this KS, it will be accompanied by other pieces, a small band of Barbarians to fight it. I will give you a specific date soon, if you are a fan of my work, share and participate!" Since there is no project yet, I cannot link to it, and I believe that board rules prevent me from linking to his "website" (on blogspot). Anyway, his blog doesn't seem to mention this; I found out only by direct e-mail. He also has a presence on Facebook, but since I don't, I don't really know what information might be available there.
  11. Comments like this are very helpful, since your eye will be even more reliable than the camera (which is generally more reliable than swatches). With that said, some of the paints that were provided for this event are not actually new Pathfinder colors (you can tell by the numbers). And Brilliant Green (9227) is just a normal MSP that has been around for awhile. Since I don't have that particular paint, the information is useful, but I thought I would mention it.
  12. Thank you very much for doing that. I graduated from college before there was an internet, and back in those days, this kind of information sharing would have been impossible / unthinkable. And nowadays we also understand that a lot of... destructive... things happen via the internet. But this... today is a good day for the internet. Thanks for that.
  13. I'm on the other side of the continent, but if they have a display of the new Pathfinder Colors, someone please post pics. I've seen the video of the display from GAMA, but the display is only in the background (not really the focus of the video), and the bottom row of the display is not really visible. I find that photos of paint bottles are a better indicator of color than paint swatches, even printed paint swatches (such as were included with the fulfillment of Bones 4 Kickstarter). And I need to determine which of those new paints I will soon not be able to live without.
  14. All I can see is PDF swatches rendered on my particular display, but based on that... I am really a fan of 89506 Cailean Wine.
  15. I have a slightly different list of which of the OOP HGB paints were HD (based on a pic of the label on the back of the box for the paint set). Note that the box did state that there were 8 HD paints in the set. We agree on (5): Armadillo Tusk Arthurian Blue Hazard Yellow R.A.M. Black Fallout Grey I also have as HD (3): Terra Nova Tundra Mekong Moss Coalition Blue I don't personally own all of these three, but I do have Mekong Moss, which came with the telltale black cap for HD (back when that was an indicator). I believe that I have also seen a bottle of Coalition Blue with the same black cap. You have as HD (and I don't): Cat's Eye Base
  16. Can you remember anything else about where that list can be found? I just tried to look over Reaper Ron's post history, and I couldn't find anything that seemed like it would lead to a list of re-released HD paints. Maybe I wasn't doing it right, but I did find a bunch of Reaper Ron's posts, in reverse chronological order, so it seemed like where I should be looking. I looked back as far as Reaper Ron's original announcement of the discontinuation of the HD line. Maybe it wasn't Reaper Ron himself? Or maybe it was in another place, such as ReaperVision ("Reaper Live", I guess it's called), or possibly... (shudder)... Facebook?
  17. According to a pic of the other side of the box: Hazard Yellow Mekong Moss Armadillo Tusk Terra Nova Tundra Fallout Grey R.A.M. Black Arthurian Blue Coalition Blue
  18. I have a lot of paints. The other new lines (Scale75, Kimera, Creature Caster, ...) I can probably skip (after admiring the videos). But 50+ new Reaper colors? That's a done deal.
  19. Unfortunately, the cost of a solution like this goes up when it would necessitate acquiring an appliance -- heat gun or iron -- to implement. Nevertheless, it bears thinking about.
  20. That's very interesting. One shrinks it to fit using a hair dryer (or something like that)?
  21. Thanks for the answer, even if (apparently) I now need to dread the turmoil to be introduced in the future by a third cap color (gray).
  22. Understood. And it would help me, except that I have some HD paints that came with white caps. And that's not helping me -- in fact it's threatening to drive me a little (more) crazy every time I think about it. That's what I'm trying to rectify -- the unnatural union of HD paints with white caps.
  23. I have some Reaper-produced HD paints that came with white caps. I would like to obtain some black caps, in order to avoid the psychic pain of having paints that aren't configured properly. But the only caps that I could find in the Reaper store were white caps. Is there any hope for me? By which I mean, is there any hope that I could obtain black caps (for Reaper dropper bottles) from the webstore?
  24. 1) Will these 12 new paints (73400-73411) be available for normal retail sale at some point? 2) They claim to be HD paints, but they have white caps. What's up with that? 3) Is there any chance of being able to purchase black caps for Reaper paint bottles? I could find only white caps in the store.
  25. I believe that I recognize three (actually four) of those pieces. If so, that leaping horse (with no tail) has had quite a journey. I'm glad it found a home.
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