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  1. If it's the one I think you mean... 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock
  2. When I found that they were no longer available from Reaper, I made a point of stocking up on a few carefully selected Heavy Gear paints, and four of the five that you mention were on my list.
  3. Look at all that Heavy Gear paint... And I really like that blue-grey in the unlabeled bottle toward the front left corner in the bin on the right-hand side.
  4. So the color comes from ink. Does the introduction of matte medium effectively cause the concoction to become a paint, or does it remain a thinned ink? For example, a bottle of SW wash settles like a paint, and needs to be remixed via shaking...
  5. Is this really the general sense that people have? I believe that Reaper washes are paints, and Secret Weapon washes are paints, and Vallejo washes are paints. Am I mistaken about any of these? As far as I know, there are true inks out there, but they seem to be labeled as inks (specifically), not "washes". And in some cases -- such as The Army Painter -- one can find products labeled as "Inks" that aren't really inks (unless I am mistaken about this). I am fairly new to this, but I have made some effort to try to find out about these products. If I am wrong, then I'd like to know, because I'll need to re-think some things.
  6. From my research/experience: Ink can be used as a wash, so some people use the terms "ink"/"wash" interchangeably. This is unfortunate since paint can also be used as a wash (if thinned), and ink and paint are not the same. Getting to Buglips' point: in at least one case (The Army Painter), there are products that are thin acrylic paints intended to be used as washes (i.e., to settle into recessed areas), but that are labeled "Inks" (which they aren't really, because they are paints). (And this is exacerbated by the fact that they have two very different product lines both labeled "Quickshade".) As noted by Buglips and others, washes can be used for purposes other than just settling into recessed areas, but quick shading is primarily what TAP markets them for (because their original thing was about painting armies quickly). So in any given context, someone referring to "ink" might actually be talking about a wash (in a more general sense).
  7. If you need to pledge for the game in order to qualify to select add-on terrain elements, then it's not really available for individual purchase.
  8. Reaper paints with numbers above 9650 are limited edition / promo paints. The first one that I know of is 9651 Hallowed Orange, and the latest is 9693 Coal Black. Plus there's Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, which has no number. Oh, and there's "9146 Spring Green" with the new / current style label (from ReaperCon 2015), which is not actually the same as the OOP original 9146 Spring Green (which has the old style label).
  9. Could be Tox, could be Aaron the Conqueror. Could even be Domur Hunters Moon.
  10. I experienced "maple cream" for the first time this holiday. Contains no cream -- just 100% maple syrup that is heated and cooled and stirred according to an arcane formula so that it undergoes a change of state. Very sticky, like spreadable maple ambrosia that remains where you apply it. Doesn't flow off onto the plate, and doesn't absorb into your delivery vehicle (pancakes, waffle, french toast), which might alter its texture (make it soggy). Magical.
  11. While the store listing does not currently provide that information, Reaperbryan did tell us in the second post of this thread.
  12. I don't think that these paints are "still in development", notwithstanding the reply that you received earlier. I would guess that "ramping up production" would be a better characterization. As you say, some people have them in hand already (from Adepticon), so the development process must be pretty much complete. But Reaper still need to produce enough units before they can realistically offer them for sale. And I bet that they want to get them out into their distribution network -- for good reasons -- before they offer them for direct sale in their webstore. It does appear that the original plan was to offer them for sale somewhat earlier this year than has actually occurred. After all, a few units were distributed as teasers back in December. But I think that "early spring" slipped to "late spring" a few months ago -- not just recently -- and I am not aware of any specific reason to believe that there are any ongoing delays. However, if these paints are still not out in distribution within a few weeks, then that will suggest that there may have been some additional delay, beyond the original delay (from "early spring"). Since March, I have been in contact with a retailer who told me to expect them in late May. Obviously that is later than early spring, so presumably that takes into account whatever original delay there seems to have been.
  13. House of Lies s5e2, "Game Theory" Anyone else notice? Nethyrmaul does not seem to have an entry on IMDB yet.
  14. At least some of those paints (such as the copper ones) are from the most recent Kickstarter, and therefore (presumably) will not become available for general sale until sometime after KS fulfillment.
  15. 1) This is great. Thanks. 2) Am I the only one who thinks that 29834 Field Grey -- in the bottle or painted onto a piece of test paper -- looks absolutely nothing like any of the swatches for this paint? This specifically includes the printed swatch on the back of the Bones LTPK. The real thing is much darker than the swatches, which all seem: a) quite consistent with each other, and b) like a totally different paint.
  16. It would be totally worth _my_ while to look at pics of swatches. YMMV. In all seriousness, I find that photos of painted swatches, or even photos of racks (with their display cards), are somewhat more reliable as color guides than e-swatches in webstores.
  17. Hopefully photos will be available even sooner, especially of the higher numbered paints, which were cut off in the previously available photo (of the rack).
  18. Scuttlebutt is that Scale75 will be coming out with some WWII-themed paint sets. For me, "WWII" means "desaturated colors". Just wanted to spread the word.
  19. Reportedly: "...the EU error was in the pledge calculator... Will work on getting the error corrected in the Calc."
  20. Seems that it must be buggy. That pledge level was added after the project started, so the pledge calculator was probably not really ready for it. I believe that it's supposed to be a $20 buy-in, and then after that, each add-on simply adds its own cost (possibly including shipping, depending on the destination). A shipping charge on the $20 buy-in doesn't really make sense. Or even if that's a shipping buy-in (with only incremental shipping per add-on), then it certainly doesn't make sense to charge it twice. I experimented a little, and it seems clear from the divergence between: A) the itemized listing, and B) the reported total, that there are bugs in it.
  21. I wanted potential new backers who might be reading this thread to know what their options are (because DF themselves seem not to be doing a good job of that). A statement was made that battlements were not available right from the start, and that happens not to be completely accurate. Ideally prospective backers should have accurate information. As to the rest...???
  22. 1) Some backers have battlement pieces already, so this way they won't be obliged to buy them twice. 2) New backers can get those same battlement pieces anytime they want from DF's store. Thus they ARE available "right from the start". 3) New variants of battlements will become available as stretch goals. The most DF can be accused of is not making enough effort to clearly explain to new backers where they can get everything they might need.
  23. You could always pledge for Castle and add on a Watchtower. There's no pledge level that combines the two, but you can do it yourself.
  24. While there is some basic truth to this, I think it represents the least charitable interpretation available. If you've ever backed a DF KS project, you've seen how much stuff is packed into each box of pieces. That's not an accident. That's planning -- down to the fraction of an inch -- what can fit into each unit of distribution. That can happen only if they plan ahead for the entire project. There may be room for some discretion along the way, but the basic structure of what can fit where must be pre-planned -- including stretch goals. Otherwise they'd risk going bankrupt through underestimated logistical costs. So of course they assume that stretch goals will come into play. And it doesn't need to be attributed to cynicism on their part -- simply sound planning.
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