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  1. Update #26 from that Kickstarter project displays the render of the fantasy version of Shiveryah. For me, each version has certain aspects that I like, but I don't really see getting both...
  2. And I received none, even though I did place an order in December. Color me green... with envy.
  3. Straighten a little... let the metal "rest" for a bit... straighten a little more... etc. Also, depending on circumstances, use cloth or soft rubber to protect the metal from: a hard surface that might flatten the surface detail on the model, or jaws of pliers that might mark the surface of the model. By the way, the pliers -- which I have used in certain cases -- are only to focus where the straightening occurs, not because the metal won't bend without the extra grip. Otherwise sometimes a sword wants to bend "back" in a different place from the bend that one is trying to straighten (yielding an S-curve sword, that surely would incur a non-proficiency penalty). But if used, pliers do require being extra gentle. Even severe bends can usually be straightened, but better to be too gentle at first, than too firm and break it.
  4. This must have to do with the number of items that generally satisfies the minimum for free shipping. Since the minimum is now somewhat higher than it used to be, your most common size now (since the change) may be somewhat larger than it was prior to the change.
  5. My brain holds only so many colors, and I've already filled it. Previously I had specific "roles" assigned to all my MSP triads and all my HD paints, so that I could confidently select the "right" paint for any given task. Now all that careful planning is out the window.
  6. What color is Spectral White? The one photo I have been able to find -- and in that photo the bottle is still in the ghoulie bag -- it looks like it might be a purple white. Is this a reasonable characterization? If not, could someone who has seen it either describe it or post a photo? Pure white wouldn't make any sense, and Ghost White (blue white, as I recall) is already part of MSP.
  7. Some outfits are borrowing from the future (via subsequent KS projects) to make ends meet now. For others, KS is simply how they do business (as a pre-order system). The problem is telling the two apart. Having a backlog of multiple active KS projects could actually be a good sign: Mierce cannot control how long individual sculptors might take to produce their assigned miniatures, and meanwhile Mierce must not allow their in-house labour (moulding and casting) to sit idle (because that _will_ eat funds). So they want to have a pile of work queued up, even if that requires multiple overlapping KS projects. If Mierce strictly forced themselves to fulfill one KS project before starting the next, then inevitably there would be times when they'd be sitting there drawing salary (to keep food on their tables) with nothing to do but wait for the last sculpts from their last project to materialize. There is some reason to think that they do look at things this way, since their shipping "waves" are indexed / numbered globally (across all their projects, rather than numbered 1,2,3... within individual projects). So I don't worry about how far back their chain of not-entirely-fulfilled projects may extend. The issue for me is: how much of "my" money do they have "on account", i.e., either waiting for production of my specific miniatures, or in the form of "Moneyback" waiting for me to commit to specific miniatures (once sculpting is complete, and I can see the final product). If I can live with that amount "at risk", then I can bypass worrying about what _might_ be happening on their balance sheet. And in the meantime, a slow-but-steady stream of Mierce minis trickles in...
  8. My advice is... people should pretty much think that they will need multi-focals eventually.
  9. Is this a euphemism for having a non-Platonic relationship with their brushes?
  10. Right there with ya... except that I had to get the blue and green sets, because... pretty... and then I had to get the red set, because I didn't want red to feel left out... and then I had to cherry-pick the blues and oranges and yellows out of the other sets (as singles), because I didn't want them to feel left out. Oh, and I had to get the metallic sets (of course). And Inktensity. So at this point, I am definitely sticking with fantasy, with a few exceptions, which has somehow left me with only 13 paints that I don't have.
  11. The names are not the same. Some of the colors may be very, very similar, but they are not called the same things.
  12. I'll be canceling my AP subscription. Not as a protest; I just have zero interest. And I might not resume it afterwards. Once Paizo forces me to cherry-pick, then I'm gonna cherry-pick. I already have three entire APs on my "sell off someday" shelf, simply because I didn't know ahead of time that they were going to cross certain lines of personal disinterest. In this case I do know, so perhaps I should thank Paizo for that.
  13. If you're referring to me, I prefer to think of myself as an informer. I can gain an impression of the kinds of minis that you like from reading on the forum. Then imagine that I knew about Simon Miniatures and did not share that information. More information: Siegfried (direct from Simon) is similar in many respects to Carrowek (an Ysian from Mierce, also sculpted by Stephane Simon). So if you have Carrowek or intend to get him, you might not need Siegfried (notwithstanding his evident credentials as a big shirtless barbarian dude). See... information, not enabling.
  14. In general, yes, too many minis. But Simon Miniatures specifically... they have fewer than 20 (so not a number beyond counting). That is, they have fewer than 20 that you can get direct from them. But if you additionally count everything that Stephane Simon has sculpted for Mierce and Rackham, then you're back to too many. Kind of hard to tell what is available through him. Is there a list / store front for him? If so, please PM me it as it's against forum commerce rules to link it in threads. There is no store front per se, as far as I know. On the right-hand side of his blog page, find the "Archives du blog", and go to 2014, octobre, "ALL THE FAMILY...". To my knowledge, that one blog post encompasses all of his direct offerings. When I contacted him, at least one of the minis that I wanted was sold out / not in stock / not available. Presumably he has them cast in bunches, and then he waits until he needs a certain quantity before arranges to cast a bunch more. It does seem that he has another piece underway, so I am hoping that he might re-stock other figures when he finishes and casts the new member of the "family". By the way, his "Siegfried" seems to come with some head options -- including with and without horns. At least mine did, and that was a nice surprise, because that was not clear to me when I selected him. Now I find myself with one or two spare heads with barbaric, face-concealing helms. If only I could find some use for those...
  15. In general, yes, too many minis. But Simon Miniatures specifically... they have fewer than 20 (so not a number beyond counting). That is, they have fewer than 20 that you can get direct from them. But if you additionally count everything that Stephane Simon has sculpted for Mierce and Rackham, then you're back to too many.
  16. If you like Ysians, and if you were not already aware, you can pick up a few additional similar figures direct from one of the sculptors of Ysians (Stephane Simon). Just web search for Simon Miniatures, and you'll find his blog. If you poke around on there, you'll find photos of a number of his sculpts -- including those for Mierce and other manufacturers, and a few of his own creations -- as well as an e-mail address. If you are interested in something that is not part of somebody's product line, you can e-mail him directly and inquire. I am talking about resin copies of certain of his sculpts (like you would get from Mierce, except not those exact sculpts), not one-of-a-kind "greens" or anything like that. As chance would have it, I just received three miniatures direct from him in today's post. He sent what we discussed, and it was delivered (from France) in good condition. So in my experience it is all on the level.
  17. Some places -- FRP Games, for example -- do give an indication of their stock status. However, nobody can stock absolutely everything all the time, and often it's nicer just to place one order for everything -- even incurring a delay while waiting for the vendor to re-stock -- than to shop all over the internet for each individual thing you are looking for (and to pay three different shipping charges to three different vendors because no one vendor had everything in stock).
  18. Assuming that you're talking about the Copper set, it's an "August" release, and even that is somewhat uncertain, because (reportedly) the manufacturer doesn't really work in terms of hard dates. I have dealt with both Michigan Toy Soldier (once) and Fantization (multiple times). Neither can physically stock all things at all times; Michigan Toy Soldier is a little more up-front about this on their product listings. Neither spends the time pre-emptively sending status e-mails when there is a delay in obtaining stock. In my anecdotal experience -- and your "mileage" may vary -- Fantization has been better about responding to status questions. At this point, Fantization is one of the first places that I look for something, but one does need to keep in mind that they don't display their stock status on their product listings, so there _could_ be a delay for anything. A pre-order is a different situation, since they are up-front about identifying pre-orders (although release dates are another matter). Fantization does not have the lowest everyday prices, but larger orders qualify for significant discounts, and if you get on their mailing list, they'll announce sales that can surpass even their tiered discounts (e.g., 25% off anything / everything one day earlier this week). One more thing: Fantization maintains bins for open orders. If they need to re-stock one thing in your order, they'll hold the other items in your bin. That way, if something else in your order happens to go out of stock while waiting for the first re-stock, yours will be reserved in your bin, and you won't get stuck in a cycle of waiting for one thing after another.
  19. I just want to say that I've been eyeing that thug with a club in metal for some time. Now I will be able to get it -- actually, several -- at the Bones price. Thank you Reaper. By the way, I also wanted the pointing guy (P06179B), who unfortunately has been weapon-swapped and shielded and hooded into a different figure here. However, you could make that up to me by making another arsenal add-on with some pseudo-non-lethal weapons in it, like clubs of various sizes / lengths. The world needs more figures of human mooks with little protection -- leather armor (at most), no helmet or shield -- and clubs. PS: And appropriately with this post, I have been promoted to "Rabble Rouser"! Bring on the rabble minis!
  20. Mierce has a large miniature that wields a guitar. It's from their BaneLords line, called Belech, Axeman of Omens. With most of their older minis, you can order components (rather than the entire mini). I don't currently see that option in this particular case, but maybe you could inquire. 1) I don't really know if the size would be right. 2) It's Mierce resin, so it might cost more than you'd like, especially considering shipping (depending on where you're located). Sorry, that's all I've got.
  21. It is possible to place an order with no associated shipping. That is for incremental orders on top of existing orders that did pay for shipping. However, if one is a regular backer, one may have orders from multiple KS projects open (pending) at one time. In such a case, one might intentionally break an order for a subsequent project up into parts, only one of which would _need_ to pay for shipping. One might do this in the hope that -- due to timing of sculpts -- the shipping of a previous order (from a previous KS project, for which shipping had been paid) might also pick up the first part(s) to become available from the subsequent project. In this way, not everything from the subsequent project would need to wait for the last available item from that project, but one would avoid paying for multiple shipping waves for the subsequent project. Basically, once you're in for multiple projects, you are already in for multiple shipping waves, and you might want to place a larger number of smaller orders in order to maximize the benefit of all those waves of shipping that you have already paid for, without redundantly buying even more waves of shipping (within a single project). Anyway, regardless of the situation, the point is that orders without shipping are possible. If your total due is zero (because you have paid with Moneyback), you can fail to enter any credit card info (even though the checkout process seems to be asking for it), and the system will still log your order OK. Two caveats: 1) Don't change your payment method to something other than credit card. Those other payment methods put your order into a review status where it needs to be manually approved by Mierce personnel, which doesn't help you any, and takes up their time. 2) You must pay for shipping sometime, and it is not valid to do so using Moneyback. All the tactical business of breaking up orders and not including shipping on all of them only helps if you have -- or can count on having -- multiple pending orders for which shipping has been paid.
  22. Unless there is a major change -- which seems unlikely -- the Bones from this KS project will generally not be packaged like in stores (i.e., they will not be in blisters). Some special add-ons -- climactic things like Dragons Don't Share from Bones II -- might come in their own boxes. Mostly, however, fuflillment of Bones from a KS just has the minis in plastic baggies, without labels.
  23. Actually, it seems like most new releases happen overnight. One day -- not available. Next day -- available. Overnight. The problem is that they rarely happen over the night that I want them to (i.e., last night, or some night before then). Speaking of which... where's "my" 29848 Jungle Camo and 29849 Umber Brown? Seriously, I am never passing up any new KS paints ever again. Never mind that I wanted only 2 of 12 from that second HD set in Bones II. The wait for them to come to retail has been... longer than anticipated.
  24. I believe Bryan mentioned that they were spacing them out more at the start, so they can make them closer together when it kickstarter slows down in the middle. Ah. I can get down with that. Seems like it'd slow things a bit early, though. Temper my expectations a little, maybe. it might slow down day one but the idea is that during the slow days coming up, we can space them even closer and keep up the excitement. In all seriousness, this is the best innovation I have ever encountered within the KS setting. And it's risk-free, because backers will have collectively "over-pledged" for the early stretch goals, so if something unexpected happens and the project doesn't go as far as anticipated, Reaper has not given away more than the pledges will cover. You just gotta admire a really good idea.
  25. Viridius? But I just bought Viridius in metal earlier this year!
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