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  1. Package received and opened -- no dfamn time to go through and catalogue them all... :P
  2. They are in Richmond! Of course I won't see them until tomorrow, being on the Island, but I think that i know how tomorrow night will be spent!!!!
  3. Likewise.... Coming to Victoria BC soon!
  4. Shogun, i know how you feel -- I just had a *very delicate* day procedure today to a *very sensitive* portion of male anatomy that has me off work until Monday. I was really hoping to have some minis to paint...
  5. Well, I have to come right out and say it, it has taken some soul searching, and I am now officially PISSED. I have no beef with Reaper or anyone there -- they have worked hard and unceasingly to get all of those Bones out, and I commend them for it. No, my vehement hatred (not at all dissimilar to the multitude of levels of the Abyss) is reserved for UPS. No one can seem to get a straight answer from them as to the status or location of our shipments, and as there *are* no differing laws to import to different parts of the country their excuses are flimsy smokescreens at best. I for on
  6. I have another theory... UPS has gone and lost the pallet(s) for Western Canada, and won't own up to it.... Knowing my luck, that's likely the case...
  7. Here's hoping tomorrow will result in a UPS truck rolling down that road and squashing the tumbleweed flat in it's haste to bring Bones to western Canadians! Keep hitting that refresh button -- You will likely get a change in the graphic before UPS does anything... :P
  8. I just talked to the useless tools at UPS. Please correct me if I am blatantly incorrect, but isn't it odd that Ontario and points east all see to have delivery information and/or their Bones yet western Canada knows nothing beyond that a label has been printed with a tracking number?
  9. Still no update here from UPS after the first one that provided the tracking number and I'm in Port Moody, BC (Suburb of Vancouver). pout I was really hoping they'd be here by this weekend. You and me both... I'm in Victoria, so we're *obviously* getting the short end of the stick out West..... I suppose that UPS will have to hire a rowboat to get them to me too....
  10. Just got my shipping email too!
  11. Good freaking luck on that... T have as much faith in UPS finding their buttocks with both hands and a map as I do Gary Bettman allowing a Stanley Cup to be won by a Canadian team... id est: none whatsoever.
  12. Been there. Suffered through that. I hope for your sake that it was a laproscopic procedure that didn't necessitate you being opened up like a gutted fish. Cuts down the recovery time from 6-8 weeks to 2 or so...
  13. Yeah, he must have grown up in Quebec... of course all he wants to do is talk about the weather, but I can't ask him to change the topic to hockey -- it would be too impolite!
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