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  1. Great job! I really learned a lot when I used the LTPK too.
  2. I bought the Learn to Paint Kit 2 some months back and I finally got to paint the 3 minis. I learned a lot from the techniques in the kit and overall I am happy with the results. Group Shot Anirion Ingrid Hajad C&C welcome!
  3. Yup, it is an Ice Devil. Also known as a Gelugon (in D&D) from Caina, the 8th layer of the Nine Hells. Nice work! The eyes are great!
  4. My take on the Bones Griffin. I was trying to paint it like a half Osprey, half spotted white Lion. C&C are welcome as always
  5. Irfanview is a great little free photo tool. You can resize, crop, and manipulate photos easily. http://www.irfanview.com/
  6. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I am still trying to get my highlighting to look better. For the cloak, is the highlight too light or too thick? I did try drybrushing the helmet, but it did not take as well as it did on the armor.
  7. For your viewing pleasure I was going for White Dragon scales for his armor. Let me know what you think As always, C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  8. Excellent work Shoshie! I have admired your work on Facebook as well. Good to see you in the Reaper forums.
  9. Nice work! Her metal version is 03547: Juliette, Wizard BTW
  10. The new year brings more bones to the table. Great Worm. Unfortunately the picture does not show off the highlights and lowlights in the paint job. Also this is my first real attempt at using washes and dry brushing in combination. The wash made the worm much darker than I wanted however. Any suggestions on not slaying the colors with the wash? I used a black ink wash over light purple base coat. Hell Hound. Another wash and dry brush attempt. I definitely like the way he came out however. Black ink wash over a dark red base coat. Tiik Champions. Done by my girlfriend. They started out a completely different color. They each have different warpaint. Tiik Warrior. Done by my girlfriend. This was their second paint job. Creature of Blood Reef. Done by my girlfriend. Sea Lion. Done by my girlfriend. The mouth on this guy gave her a hard time. Animal Companions I. Done by my girlfriend. Werewolf. Done by my girlfriend. The wash and highlight on this is quite nice in my opinion. Zombies. I was experimenting with washing and dry brushing with these. Bourbon Street Sophie. Done by my girlfriend. She was quite pleased with the way everything came out, particularly the roses and the stockings. Suggestions are welcome.
  11. Thanks for the feedback everyone. It is most appreciated. We use a combination of Reaper paints and craft paints. The craft paints are generally used only for base coats or specific colors. I do not always dilute my paint. That is something I need to get into the habit of doing. We do use brushes that are for painting models and miniatures. I have been trying to get more contrasts like with the mummy. I used a black wash on him and then went back and dry brushed the bandages to bring them out more. We use multiple coats of paint when painting. We use 3 lamps with natural light incandescent bulbs where we paint. I agree that we need more contrast on the minis. I will have a look at the videos on Youtube for washing and dry brushing.
  12. Here are what we have been working on lately: Tiviel, Hellborn Rogue (done by my girlfriend) Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain (done by my girlfriend) "George" Zombies Mummy (I was quite happy with the wash I used) Owlbear (color scheme based on a Spotted Owl) Any feedback is appreciated. I especially would like feedback on the Owlbear if anyone is willing :)
  13. Some more minis to brighten your day! These three were done by my lovely and talented girlfriend: Kagunk, Ogre Chieftain Nor'Okk, Ettin Damiel, Iconic Alchemist These 3 were done by me. I am particularly happy with the Well. Well of Chaos (I like how the shadows came out as well as the runes on the back) Silverhorn, Unicorn (A rainbow unicorn, nuff said.) Young Fire Dragon (Done as a young green dragon, obviously) I tried to do more with shading, washing, and drybrushing on the dragon and well. As always, C&C welcome.
  14. Sweet work! He looks like a piece of demonic candy wrapped in a rainbow of madness. I love it!
  15. Great work! All of them look great. I especially like your Pit Fiend and your Earth Elemental.
  16. Very nice minis! I especially like the Unicorn and the Swamp fellows. Keep up the good work.
  17. Absolutely FANTASTIC! My girlfriend is currently painting Wyrmgear and you have given her new inspiration as to how awesome it can look when complete.
  18. I love how the Ghostly Summons came out. The eyes are creepy and awesome. Great work!
  19. Thanks for the comments everyone! I submitted the elementals and the gargoyle to the inspiration gallery and got them approved. My girlfriend was very excited about that.
  20. Kobolds Townsfolk (Innkeeper, Wench, Grandmother) Townsfolk (Strumpet, Undertaker) Townsfolk (Blacksmith) Familiar (winged snake) Dain Deepaxe Amiri, Iconic Barbarian Goblins! All but the Goblins and 1 Kobold were done by my girlfriend
  21. Time for some more minis kiddies! Spirit of the Forest Large Earth Elemental Mortar, Gargoyle Ogre Chieftain Dita, Steampunk Witch All but the Ogre were done by my lovely and very talented girlfriend.
  22. Very nice job! Freja is one of my favorites and you did an awesome job with her
  23. Will the really big sculpts like Khanjira be made of regular bones material or a combination of hard and soft bones material? I ask because I have had some issues with big sculpts like Deathsleet being all wobbly under its own weight. Also with Khanjira, did you have any issues with WOTC on the sculpt? I had read somewhere recently that they had gone after a Kickstarter that was making a large Tarrasque model because it was nearly identical to the "official" look of the monster. Thank you for an excellent Kickstarter!
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