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  1. I was one of the people who felt a bit miffed when I saw the final size of N'Maul. Then I remembered how much I'm getting for the money I spent, and the rest of my evening was wasted away in giggles.
  2. Highlights are mostly absent, the face is where most of the terrible lives, there are definitely a couple of missed spots on the back and I assure you that I was drinking while painting. Weird rat with bubbles thing is next.
  3. I'm starting a thread here to force myself to keep painting. I'm afraid that if I don't tell anyone that I'm painting, I'll stop, and that annoys me. Anyway, most of what I'll post will be completed figures, but this thread is more about the progress of me not being terrible. It seems more appropriate here than in the show off header because, well, I'm not showing off. If a mod wants to move this, I will not be offended. First mini painted: It's from L2PK 1, and I ignored some of the color rules. I wish I'd ignored more, so this one is actually a WIP. I'll be changing and fixing things as needed, but this is the result of my first marathon painting session.
  4. I did just that! I've gone from being impressed with the painting I see around here to wondering why I spent all that money. Holy mother of turds am I not very good. ...yet.
  5. Also, no, I do not have any ideas about where to put said lipstick.
  6. C'thulu + lipstick = re-gendered Ringlerun. You're welcome.
  7. Yesterday (aka 14 pages ago), I was all fidgety waiting to hear about my L2PK shipment. I GOT THE EMAIL TODAY, GUYS! WHEEE! The last 14 pages were all probably happy things anyway, so I'll skip reading them.
  8. I don't think I ever even downloaded those. Forgot all about them. They were stretch goals I couldn't care less about, but I wasn't going to complain. They just didn't interest me. Also, I hate pdfs. No, really. I do. I will likely be the last person on earth to get an e-reader or tablet. Loathe them. But they were free stuff. I make it a point to never complain about free stuff. That's a price that's surely right! I totally thought that, and then I got the first Wondermark book as a PDF with the Machine of Death KS. You can just leave a PDF open and it's like having a bookmark ready. Alt+Tab and you're where you left off. Plus, I didn't have to make room on my shelves for it.
  9. I'll be incredibly candid here. I don't like the fact that I'm getting chronoscope stuff. As soon as I get my minis, I'm going down to bonnie brae hobbies and seeing if they'll take them, and using ebay as a plan B to hock them. Except for the gunslinger with the dragon. I'm keeping him, because he looks cool. I think I was just checking on it every few days at that point, but don't remember if I'd pledged yet. When I scrolled through what had been unlocked, I think my reaction went something like, "Ewww...steampunk cowboys. YAY BONE GIANT! Ewww...space marines. YAY DEVIL WARRIORS!" So yeah...when the free stuff I wasn't excited about kept getting followed by really awesome other free or super cheap stuff, any thoughts of complaining immediately jumped ship. Some local friendly gaming stores carry the L2PK sets, check http://www.reapermini.com/StoreLocator for a Reaper vendor near you and call them. Or, if you're a little more patient, order it directly from Reaper: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/learn - Reaper is still filling normal orders promptly. I ordered LTPK#1 two weeks ago, and it arrived within one week of ordering it. I'm at almost a week on my L2PKs and haven't gotten a "your order is out the door" email yet. :( Edit: That's an innocent sadface, not a complaining sadface. I know my order will get here soon. I'm just fidgety.
  10. Stop with your logic. It ruins the complaining by making it sound petty and painting the complainers in a light that suggests that they don't understand how Kickstarter works.
  11. I have 23 Bones minis and a KS Sophie. 5 L2PKs will be packed and shipped soon (I believe), with 10 minis included. Once they arrive, I will have paints and 34 things to use said paints on. I believe I may have a way to pass the time until the ginormous pile arrives.
  12. I think we've entered a new reality as we wait for the Bones, where time is warped and everything seems to be taking longer. I got home from work yesterday, wondering if maybe, just maybe, my L2PKs would FINALLY be here, and then I realized that it had only been 3 business days since I'd ordered them, and I should probably wait for the "they've been shipped" email before I start expecting a box on the porch. Time for me to relearn patience!
  13. This. When the speculation in the thread about the next Bones KS turned to a sci-fi or modern focus, I quietly wept. I know that, despite my utter lack of interest in those types of figures, I won't be able to set any sort of "I only collect this particular kind of Bones figures" restrictions on myself, and I'll spend a bunch of money on things I don't particularly care for.
  14. I've played one game of D&D in my life, and that was about 15 years ago. Our party ended up cornered, and I decided to unceremoniously exit the game by walking up to whatever giant monster was blocking our progress and...er...making love to it. I wasn't invited back, and haven't tried to get in on another game since. Some of my friends have suggested on numerous occasions that I would be into painting the minis (some with the intent on turning me into a gamer, the fools), but I never bit due to cost. The KS came up, and I figured that the Vampire pledge and some paints would be a good excuse to give it a shot without committing more money than I was comfortable with. Then my Collector Nerd instincts reared up and I pledged for one of every mini offered, plus all the paints and a couple of cases. Then I bought all of the first 15 that weren't duplicated in the KS. Then I bought the 5 L2PKs. Next I'll pick up whatever other Bones are already available for purchase. Stupid Collector Nerd instincts.
  15. Oh holy crap. I just realized that I have Zombies!!! and Simpsons Monopoly and probably a bunch of other things that I now understand I'll be forced to re-paint at some time. Drat.
  16. Sadly, I bought most of those before they came with nice Master Series droppers. My first ones were ProPaints, and my recent ones were the little sample paint pots. SO SAD! Among my many regretless decisions, taking into account hindsight, are the following two items: 1) Prior to the Bones KS, ignoring my friend's suggestion that, regardless of my stance on gaming, I would enjoy miniature painting. 2) Choosing to dive into miniature painting at a time when Reaper includes full, current paint options in their tutorial kits. That said, as a childhood model painter (F/A-18 Hornets like whoa), I weep with you as I recall the hours of dealing with rows of paint pots and the horrible "pinch to open OOPS YOU SPILLED EVERYTHING" misery. edit: Forgot the slash in F/A, and that error is enough to make me edit a forum post. Sue me.
  17. I have expressed my rage over the delayed shipments by making good on my threat to buy L2PK 1-5. Take THAT, Reaper! That, in this case, being my money. I think my plan may have backfired. Fun (unrelated) fact: I have exactly as many KS Bones in my hands now as I would have if there had been no KS. Other than money, which I view as an investment in a future product or service (because that is the stated purpose and goal of KS), my life is substantially identical. String theorists are working on the specifics (no they are not).
  18. I regret not trying harder in high school. Yeah, I got accepted to an art school, but legit college would have left me in a better place 12 years later. Oh...you meant...my bad.
  19. Guh. Vampire, 2 cases, 4 paint sets, every add-on mini except Orcpocalypse.
  20. For a complete beginer, I recommend only L2PK 1 and 2 at first. They are great places to start from, and give you help on developing the most important of skills. Oh yeah, and welcome aboard. Stick around, post more, join the madness My "or 5" was based on comments from some others that an art background can be helpful with getting up to speed. I've been painting for over a decade, but not on minis, so "complete" may have been an unintentional misdirect. Worst case scenario, I end up with a pile of bonus paint and value brushes along with a few metals I'm not ready for yet. I'm comfortable with that risk.
  21. Long time listener, first time caller (I signed up because I couldn't keep track of all the threads I was following anymore). As a complete beginner (I haven't painted a mini in my life), I've reached the point that I almost appreciate the delay. I've had more time to read, and come to the conclusion that I should order a L2PK (or 5) to get myself ready for the mountain of plastic that will, at some point, land on my porch. Also, I love the loan analogy.
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