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  1. Non-rock: 77027 Naomi Female Vampire (pre-KS) and 77094 Trista the White Wolf (KS 1)
  2. Not even a sculpted rock. Just a rock, in a blister, on a card. It's a special edition!
  3. Oh man...someone needs to do a line of fake/vinyl skins with stretch marks, scars, zits, freckles, moles, prison tattoos, etc. So much creepy arts and crafts.
  4. Drago Voss. He got axed for now due to mold issues, but he still exists in metal.
  5. Draw (or get a friend to draw if'n you're not the drawing type) some "Polaroids" of the group posing during particularly memorable moments in the campaign (y'know...quick group selfie with mini-boss advancing in the background). Make a little album of those pictures and give those out.
  6. I drink good beer, stand in line for great beer, pay top dollar for amazing beer, and am slowly collecting the components of a professional-grade (but small-scale) homebrewing operation, because I have delusions of someday being great at something I currently do not understand from a process standpoint. I knit poorly, but have entertained several thousand people with the tale of getting started. I'm building a longbow. I'm a small fraction of the way toward completing a 32,256-piece jigsaw puzzle that will require me to buy a house to complete, because my rented two-family doesn't have a solid surface that's 18 feet long. When I do buy that house, it will need a garage, because models no longer do it for me, and I need to build a for-real-I-will-sail-in-it boat. I also play guitar, but I'm not a musician by any stretch, though I've had to sign copies of my terrible band's terrible albums because some people have terrible taste in music (me, especially). I used to love to draw, but then spent six years drawing for a living in a corporate environment, and because of that mostly hate to draw, but am currently drawing beer labels for a friend, mostly because he called one of his APAs 'Plus 2 Versus Ogres', and that's too good a name to not draw a label for. There will be cardboard LARP armor involved.
  7. Your credit card company don't care one bit 'bout you fessin' up. It's already real.
  8. $690. One of everything paint and paintable, with no extras.
  9. As a side-note, the PDFs appear to be downloadable now. Still a bit slow, but not giving the "maybe think about trying later, huh?" message that it had before.
  10. It's okay, it's all over now save for the dread your wallet is feeling.
  11. Where's the next stretch goal? I need a next stretch goal.
  12. For the two new ones, I'm also not having the amounts added to my total. I'm just going to hope I successfully added $11 to my total using boring, old-fashioned head-math (I probably did not). edit: Got it!
  13. I think at this point, if that last female isn't the frost giant, I'll be able to hear the cries from Ohio.
  14. I have 1580 and 1650 on mine. Did you refresh? edit:
  15. 1. Holy crap that was a long day at work. 2. EMMERELFING PUPPETS AND EMMERELFING PUGS. 3. I've raised my pledge from $400 to $500 because, despite my disinterest in the canon, my buy amount has exceeded my pledge amount due to Buy All of the Bonesâ„¢ technology.
  16. Ooooh...the new expansion looks insane. Get it? Get it? *crickets*
  17. I didn't see a map update, but I think they've been doing mid-goal "surprise encounters". Things like this, which work very well as far as buying multiple units go, are a great idea as extra little pledge boosters. If you're in any way a speed painter, this kind of deal on bases (or weapon sprues (or dungeon dressing (or magic effects sprues?!??! (C'MON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO (IN MULTIPLE TRANSPARENT COLORS))))) is a good reason to add a small amount to your pledge, and spread out over thousands of backers, can bump the totals significantly without a crazy increase in cost to Reaper.
  18. PIG DEFENDER! Protect the pig side quest! ...I'm awake far too early.
  19. Seems like it's getting pretty quick on the last 1.5k. Less than $700 until 1.05 million.
  20. I've decided that, this time, I'm going to be a bit more prudent in my pledging. More judicious in my justifications. More thoughtful in my throwing-cash-at-Reaper. I've come up with a fairly simple, yet strict, budgetary device: buy all of the Bones. "But," says a part of my brain, "you don't even like the space marines!" Yes, but buy all of the Bones. "You already have too many Bones!" Possibly, but buy all of the Bones. "You never even get around to painting more than once every few months!" A tragedy, but buy all of the Bones.
  21. Random thoughts, day 2 edition: 1. I can't wait until I have to up my pledge from the current $400. Don't make me put my money into retirement funds - let me spend it NOW. 2. An expansion addon with 20+ female monsters would be pretty awesome. The lack of gender equality in the field of hero decimation is a scourge that should be defeated, and ours could be the generation to make it happen. Let's shatter that glass ceiling. 3. Can I have an obese goliath amalgamation? Think Patchwerk or Grobbulus from Naxxramas in WoW. Also, while you're looking that up, I'll also take a Gluth. You can just make the Construct Quarter and I'll buy it. 4. Okay, let's just license WoW and make miniatures of all class/race/gender combos with all gear tiers (you can stop at T3 if you want), as well as all raid bosses. I'm thinking of renewing my WoW account, which means I should go watch TV or read a book now... edit: I learned about KS1 from boingboing.net. I submitted the new one to see if they'll boing it to their thousands of readers, but it can't hurt to give them extra nudges.
  22. Got in for wave 1, assuming at least $300 in addons, gonna up my pledge. My wallet thanks (oops...misspelled "curses at") you.
  23. It was supposed to go out on Day One, but there were some technical problems (last week's accidental mass e-mails, some accidental mass mailings yesterday, etc.). We have a lot going on at the moment, and while in the past we have not taken advantage of the ability to send out these e-mails we decided that we probably should use our marketing tools right now. If response is positive, we may do these more frequently. I recognize that I phrased my post aggressively, and I would like to apologize. I am a bit miffed, but not at you folks. I knew going into this month that I needed to pay attention, and my lack of attention is my bad. I'm sorry for playing the part of the jerk, and I still like you folks. edit: I guess I phrased it passive-aggressively. Either way, I'm not happy about the the way I publicly expressed my aggravation. I think you're all super and deserve a day off. Tell your bosses I said so.
  24. Well crap. I'm in the most insane part of my year work-wise, so I haven't had time to check in, and I just got the official email (sent on day 5 for some reason?) and missed the one I was super excited to see. Glad this is going well for the rest of you, though. Time to search ebay for a mousling I guess.
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