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  1. Ireland is amazing by road. I haven't done the northern part, but I went with a friend and flew into Dublin. We drove straight across to Galway, and wove our way back through Limerick, Cashel (AMAZING historical fun...rock of Cashel/St. Pat's, Hore Abbey are a great view) and Kilkenny, where my family is from (my grandfather's cousin was Fr. Jeremy there, and Butler Gallery in Kilkenny Castle is the same Butlers my family came from). Along the entire route, you're afforded historic ruins and gravesites at least every 30 minutes. Plus, there are great views of the Burren between Galway and Limerick, which is where I got to see Irish children enjoy their first white Christmas. Granted, it was only about 1/16th inch of snow, but they'd NEVER seen snow on Christmas, and it was goshdanged charming.
  2. That's awesome. I'd never seen the sort of flat land that could give you that experience, but man, it reminds me of a 1.2 of my own... The first time I flew into Denver. I just remember the joking sort of anger I had at my science teachers who'd explained plate tectonics to me, but never ACTUALLY prepared me to see where the whole world just runs into a wall of mountains. I've been there a few times now, but the front range just boggles my feeble mind every time.
  3. Favorite place gone: Ireland, specifically Cliffs of Moher. It was Christmas day, the winds were powerful, the sea was thrashing, and it was just overwhelming. Plus, I was in Ireland to see the Pogues on their Christmas tour, and that morning in Galway, I was listing to Fairytale of New York (aka the Pogues' Christmas song about a drunk and a hooker (maybe don't play it for your kids)), and a stranger walked up with a bottle of wine, stammered something about the Pogues, and we shared my headphones while listening to the song and sharing the bottle. There was a brotherly hug as he parted, and the rest of the day just shined. Place I'd most like to go: Nepal. If I could secure a helicopter flight among the peaks, because ain't no way I could climb them, I think it'd be amazing. I'd need serious boss-ness about it, though. Sweep down to that one, circle this thing a few times, let's land there for lunch, I wanna pet that goat, etc.
  4. I like that this has swung in a beer direction. I am, to an absolutely staggeringly large degree, more of a beer nerd than any other kind of nerd. I seek out limited release beers with gusto. I have a refrigerator specifically dialed in to an optimal beer-aging temperature (and is sadly at capacity...time for a second beer fridge...). I take beercations that require anywhere from 2 to 11 hours of flight per leg. I stand in lines up to 8.5 hours long for a pint (I'd probably do more, but that's the longest I've had to wait thus far). I put up with the most obnoxious of crowds to sample draft pours of beers that are generally unavailable outside of the general vicinity of the brewery. However, I'm not going to specifically berate any of you for your totally wrong opinions on the "best beer". It shall be good enough to just broadly state that you've all been wrong thus far. Also, 6 days of no tobacky.
  5. I would like to join a "all of the things that I paid for showed up, with free shipping, and they're all in great condition, but I miss the Ghoulie Bags and I didn't get another sample paint" support group. Seriously, that was a great promotion, and brought me much joy (exact joy equation =countif(Ghoulie:Ghoulie,Yes)*Lots).
  6. Four people have failed to follow fairly obviously implied instructions...
  7. (this post is not a request for likes...this is just me taking the advice that public accountability is good for keeping you on track...you folks have already been super kind, so you can ignore these, 'cause I hope to keep making them) End of 4th full day of not smoking.
  8. FTFY. Did you have to do any crazy cleanup on the back of the lemur tail? Mine has just a bewildering amount of flash or odd metal buildup in one spot, and I'm terrified of ruining it.
  9. I'll be looking for habit replacers. Gum and sugar free Jolly Ranchers are the current leading candidates. I have a vape, and it's totally what's keeping me sane. I'm on step 2 of the nicotine step-down, and should be at 0mg within a month or two (depending on sanity). At that point, the devastatingly logical part of me will start working on shaming myself out of the purely psychological habits by constantly shouting "THERE'S NOTHING IN IT...YOU'RE JUST BEING DUMB AND PLAYING WITH A GADGET." I have 3 packs of cigarettes (1 in my living room, 2 in my car) that I have looked at, but haven't felt like opening. I think I'll just wait for the next three people who try to bum a smoke off of me and make their day by handing them an unopened pack.
  10. I'm starting to inventory all of the things that I love now, and consider integral to my overall enjoyment of life, but never did before I started smoking. I started smoking at 14, so 21 years ago, and before I really ever lived. I've smoked in every car I've owned. Driving without smoking is going to be an adventure, especially on solo road trips. I started drinking coffee at 17. I've already discovered the bitter that I never knew about. I'm working through it. I discovered sushi at 25 or so. Haven't messed with that yet, but I hope I still love it. I got into beer several years ago, but got into like...collectible beer?...something like that...about 18 months ago. I've noticed a slight change in my appreciation of hops, but I think I'll dig into one of my aging stouts this weekend and hope for the best. Air travel will obviously be more enjoyable once this all settles in. Oof. It's like I have to re-learn how to live.
  11. No smoking, day three. Sometime between getting to work and leaving for home, my sense of smell leveled up. I would now like to offer a blanket apology to anyone who has ever been in my car. I'm so sorry. I didn't know. I bought an air freshener, and I'll be detailing the interior this week. Seriously. Forgive me.
  12. Apparently, cigarette smoke dulls the bitter receptive taste buds more than the rest of them. Two mornings later, this isn't the coffee that I know. I will learn to love it, though. :(
  13. I do not know of this skull paint poker thingy.
  14. Oh holy crap. Those Bonesylvanian familiars must be mine. MINE.
  15. I *believe* Bryan said that they would be. [edit] The RAC minis will be taken down [/edit] Sunday or early Monday, depending on when someone updates the site. That said, confirmation that all 6 will be available at the same time on Sunday will greatly impact my ordering activities (or lack thereof) tomorrow.
  16. Holy jeeebus. I live next to Kentucky, so I was only spending $6-7 a day, and that eventually reached ridiculous. I've decided to put my "new" money into a fun pool for 6 months, just to reward myself. After that, it goes into the currently shallow serious pool, and will go toward a house.
  17. I've tried to quit smoking before. Several times. I'm right around 20 years now, and it hasn't brought me great fortune, so I figure it really needs to go. That said, I know me. I know my habits. I know I'm not just going to stop, because my brain is absolutely diabolically brilliant when it comes to convincing me to have the "just one" that starts it all back up. I also know that e-cigs don't count as quitting, but hey...less money gone and fewer chemicals in is still an improvement, right? After a couple of bad purchases of gimmic gadgets over the past couple of years, today I bought a high-tech, adjustable voltage, adjustable airflow sonic screwdriver body-double that has, even with the introduction of beer, kept me from getting more than slightly above the irritated phase of quitting, and even then only temporarily and easily remedied. I mean...I have unopened packs available to me, and I just...don't pick them up. I'm keeping the routine for now. I go outside to use it, even though it's not going to stink up my stuff (it actually smells lovely....mmmm fruity). When I'm heading for the door, and the new gadget is sitting directly adjacent to the cigarettes, it's not even a difficult move. This is mind boggling. I've had one VERY rich beer (equivelent to...math math math...nearly 4 Budweisers), and still good. No actual smoking for 9 hours. No sign that it's about to change. Also, because the physical part is the easy part to break (4 days? Something like that..), I can wean myself down to no niccotine while slowly working on the habits. Anyway, probably not all that impressive to you folks, but to me it's (annoyingly, because holy crap...I don't like to admit that I'm seriously this weak) big to me, and I needed to tell someone.
  18. Omigosh...to order now and maybe get baggie o' joy or to wait until other chibis...ugh...head hurt...
  19. I picked up the whole LJC group on ebay. I apologize if any of you were the person who got all bidding war with me at the end.
  20. Week 3 chibis arrived! I got home, looked at the size of the box, and was all, 'OMG OMG MY GHOULIE BAG MINI IS AN ENTIRE VAMPIRE BO...oh yeah I ordered a paint caddy..." Anyway, got the super rad pumpkin witch snowman monster.
  21. I feel like focusing on a pad specifically for a smooth/open floor/ground area, especially if you're on the fence between pads, isn't a good idea. I mean...you can just buy a HS stamp to cover that, and it's only $12.50. These are better for complicated and/or display terrain. Then again, if you're just looking for one pad that has both open and complex areas, and aren't debating internally, get down with your bad self and pledge away.
  22. I want the week 4 chibis and the RAC exclusives, so I'll order them regardless. If I get another bag o' joy, happy days etc. If not, I'll get the things I paid for, and that's a good trade.
  23. My name is Jeff. I was (am?) in a band. It is punk rock custom to adopt a portion of your band name as your last name, thus clearly identifying you as a member of said band. I'm not one to disrespect customs.
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