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  1. Mine says, "What do we want? Coffee! When do we want it? I'LL F#@%ING CUT YOU." (censoring mine, not the mug's) I can't use it at work. I'm mostly treating this thread as a general discussion of coffee vessels now.
  2. I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one with a spreadsheet tracking this. I leave it open to remind me of why I can't do this. That said, if anyone does a group order, I'll go in on 2. Because I'm bad at saving a downpayment on a house, apparently.
  3. Gil doesn't have a price, which is the only cause I can think of. I'm also stuck with a cart that is a Gil short.
  4. It's been 17 years since I've seen the guy, but I mean...we named parties after him back in the day. His dad is a county prosecutor, which is making the news more bloodthirsty. I'm going to have a beer and think about other things.
  5. Just got weird news about a friend from high school who, largely due to drugs, dropped off the radar. He got busted in a federal child porn case. Now I'm stuggling with my general aversion to wish ill-will on other people and my hope that he gets absolutely fried by the system. I can't even comprehend how a person would get to that point. If there's a silver lining, it's that I'm talking to other friends from high school that, for other reasons, have fallen out of contact. I'm glad to see that they haven't dropped into some disgusting pit.
  6. Week 2 Bonesylvanians arrived! Wolfman treat!
  7. Got the Selmarina witch lady person. Oh, and also my first ever sample paint! Also the light blue-grey. And to think that most of my day kinda sucked!
  8. I was able to add the last 4 unlocks, recalculate, and check out through Paypal just now, so maybe it was a temporary glitch?
  9. Yeah, my week one chibis just left Denton today. I figure that I don't need the stress of four weeks' worth of order tracking. They will get here. I'm done watching the USPS site unless mid-November rolls around and my squad isn't complete. Also, due to my sudden realization that my week two order also included a paint I already have, I now have a complete MSP spreadsheet, with triad info for good measure. That was a solid use of an evening!
  10. "Don't care about CAV" lost to "NEED ALL THE BONES". I still need to figure out a way to up the pledge to cover the last 4 options ($18?) but that'll be obvious in the near future.
  11. I was sitting there, thinking to myself, "Self, I haven't visited the Reaper peeps in some time!" I opened a new tab, typed all of r-e-a when the familiar suggestion for the forums showed up. I went into heck yeah mode and clicked on it! And then I got a 404 error! Oh No! I tried multiple times, with the same result. I tried going in with Google searches, tried various sections, even hid my IP in case I'd done something to get blocked (and started mentally drafting my apology, assuming I'd be able to find out what the transgression was), all to no avail. "Surely, there will be comments on the KSII regarding this issue!" was my next thought. I went to Kickstarter, and searched for Reaper. What timing! A new Reaper KS, and I accidentally found it on the first day! Alas, giant robots aren't my thang (gaming isn't my thang, but I like painting wizards). I shall follow with great enthusiasm as the internal battle between I-don't-like-robots and I-NEED-ALL-THE-BONES rages on. My bet is on me spending some money.
  12. Guys. Guys. And gals, but I use guys inclusively. I have important information. If someone says, "Hey, wanna do this half marathon with me?" remember that it is FAR. Like, really far. I need new feet. Good night.
  13. I got my bag! It's pretty much just awesome in a tote. I was almost tempted to be bummed that I got duplicates of Rattlesnake Leather paints, but then I took another look at them and realized that they're pretty much perfect for almost every orcgoblintrollgiant monster ever, and I may find myself wishing that all three had been that at a later date. I have no idea what the Team Frog mini is, but it's somewhere between adorable and kinda creepy.
  14. I'll throw my ballot in the bucket for the pre-order option that includes only the Reaper-controlled items. Extras from other companies are cool, but I totally understand that they can't be guaranteed in arbitrarily high volumes. Make sure that you cover the cost on any special-order items (like the bag itself), tack on a profit margin that makes it worth your while, and I'll be happy to pay. At least you can make sure that everyone is happy*, and any extra advertising Cool Thingsâ„¢ that are available become pure bonus. *Yes, I understand that there will always be someone who isn't happy.
  15. HOLY CRUD. I logged in with 5 left. I'm so ridiculously stoked that I got one.
  16. A coworker is marrying an Indian guy. The Indian guy has Indian sisters and an Indian mom. Each of them cook well, they cook often, and they cook too much. This is working in my favor.
  17. Got a nephew, got a promotion, got a new job that is basically a second promotion. The promotions go into effect on consecutive days (yes, I will be changing my email signature to the first of the new titles for one day...I might make a game of it and give a prize to the first person who notices the immediate switch). Things are good!
  18. Stream of consciousness! I will start it with mini-related bidnizz so I can claim that it is, in fact, a tangent, I've been forehead-deep in work for many weeks, which means that some rat minions I've been painting now have a layer of dust on them. I'm tempted to seal, highlight and seal again and call it a technique (end mini discussion). I got a promotion last year to help support a very experienced analyst in our department. She then promptly left for a management position in our very large and very international company. I assumed the majority of her responsibilities at a pay-grade lower than hers, while two people were hired in from outside the company at her level. Translation: I did lots of important work for little money while new people did whatever they could figure out for more money. A few weeks ago, the person who left for management found a better fit for her, and tossed my name into the ring for her position. It's a 2-level jump. I'm qualified, but 2-level promotions are rarely approved. I applied, and my current VP looked like I punched him in the stomach when he found out about it. The hiring manager was still expressing a concern over the level difference, but assured me that I'd be interviewed. Today, I got a 1-level promotion that had been submitted before any of this began. My current boss, who is incredibly supportive of any career development that her people can manage, took the opportunity to let the hiring manager know that it would now be a simple 1-level request, and HOLY CRAP SHE WAS HAPPY TO HEAR IT. I may become, within the next couple of months, "the man" that my punk rock brethren have been vowing to fight since the '70s. Also, my paycheck will be sweet as hell. I'm basically not able to vent all this isht to people I talk to on a daily basis at work, so congratulations....you guys get it. Also, I'm stoked to be able to log in here again.
  19. It seems like you could plop a small dab of GS onto the nose spot, let it harden and then use thin sheets of GS to actually sculpt the final shape. Or just alien as previously mentioned.
  20. Bummer...it's only -7F here, so only most of the water from a boiling pot vaporizes before it hits the ground. I was gonna be all sciencey, but science had something to say about it.
  21. Bleh. Here's hoping my Bengals can keep their home win streak alive tomorrow. And then win in Foxborough. And then your Colts win in Denver. And then they have to come to Cincinnati and we keep the home win streak alive and go to the Super Bowl. Basically, I'm hoping for everything that isn't the likely "Bengals lose another playoff game" scenario that is likely.
  22. This is definitely a work in progress, and probably will be this time next year. Slightly less than 1/32 complete. Sir Forscale and his trusty pet dragon for...uh...scale. There is no overhang on the wings, so Kaladrax is less than two-thirds the size of one of the thirty-two sections of this puzzle.
  23. Spent a few hours on it. It's the smallest part of just one panel.
  24. I've finished the pink "see no evil" guy in B3. This is going to take awhile.
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