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    02746 : Caella, Female Death Cultist

    Judging by the look of the face, it looks more like something Garrity would do. Interesting though with the thigh boots and very little else where; must really care about those legs.
  2. Greentuft

    What are the basic colors for an orc?

    My Orcs tend to be a fairly dark green. I give their skin a base coat of Elvish Green and Walnut. It turns out to be a really dark green. It works for my Orcs, but I don't think there's one specific color scheme for Orcs, it's all preference.
  3. Greentuft


    Or you could take my approach: Buy lots of undead and skeletons that don't have eyes in the first place :D. The first mini I bought was the Skeleton (2015) because it didn't have eyes and I wouldn't be intimidated by having to paint eyes on my first mini. But for eyes, I'm currently using a Sceptre Gold II size 0000, which is pretty small, but I'm still looking for a smaller brush.
  4. Greentuft

    The new wizards dnd figs

    Maybe that's my problem. ??? I've got 15 unpainted Reaper Orcs (with about 10 more not purchased yet) that make up 3 distinct social groups in a quest I'm writing. But I don't mind, it gives me the chance to experiment with different armor styles and other cool Orc-like things. That also doesn't include their undead counterparts :D .
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    I'm not sure if it's a good thing, but I'm still at the point where I can remember all the minis that I've bought. I guess it's up for discussion; but that's another non-created thread and to continue with the discussed topic: I've thought about creating a list to catalogue all the minis that I have, but I still don't think I have all that many. Although most of them are unpainted. A full list of all the minis, even the OOP ones would be cool however. :)
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    Upcoming reaper releases

    I'm going to step out on a limb here and say that although I wasn't too excited about the Dwarven wizard, I really liked the pug and earlier, I couldn't see buying the wizard & pug just for the pug. Will this pug be included in a Warlord familiar pack or a Dark Heaven line?
  7. Greentuft

    Krylon black primer?

    Seeing as how this is the most recent 'Primer' thread, I thought I'd just continue with another question. Not being entirely intelligent when it comes to the different types of primers, does anyone know the differences between automotive, sandable, wet sandable or clean metal (which I'm currently using) primers? Asking anyone knowledgable about any of these.
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    Favorite sculptor?

    Only after I had about 15 minis (months ago) did I realize that all but two were Sandra Garrity sculpts. While I like her style, the faces on both men and women seem to be pretty uniform, especially in Reapers earlier years. While true that a some of her sculpts are not always acurate in that 25mm is the standard (her sculpt of Fitch Coincatcher 2545 is about the same size as the a normal human. Not that I mind, haflings are small enough already.) I also really like Bob Olley's sculpts of undead and I still think that he has the best wraiths. Garrity's sculpts in this area are alright, but they seem too flat and two dimensional. I guess Olley's poses are just more dramatic. Rob Ridolfi also has good sculpts and I'm just getting into Klocke. I really like what Klocke's done with the Dwarves; he's made them more 'Dwarvish' and less like squaty humans.
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    72mm sophie

    he he he, oops. *walks away with head hung low and nearly dragging on the floor.*
  10. Greentuft

    72mm sophie

    How come there was no mention of it anywhere on Reaper's site or on the boards? Are we not loved too? :( :(
  11. Greentuft

    Krylon black primer?

    Well, here's the official word from the Rust-Oleum people about not having black 'clean metal primer': "I'm not sure why we do not manufacture this product. I would guess because it is easier to cover up a light primer with a dark paint than it is tocover up a dark primer with a light paint." But what about dark paint on dark primer? Anyway, that's what I was able to get out of their 'Technical Services' guy.
  12. Greentuft

    Krylon black primer?

    I've also wondered why Rust-oleum doesn't have a black primer. I've been leary about trying their flat black paint as I'm not sure as to the comparisson between consistancies (sp?). If you don't mind shelling out more money (about 2x more) you could always buy Citidels black primer. I've never used it, only their matte sealer.
  13. Greentuft

    Krylon black primer?

    Oh am I glad that someone brought this up because I was about to look for the old thread on primers. I just used Krylon Black Primer for the 3rd time and I must say that I'm less than happy with it. I know some people on the boards have had better experiences, but I just felt like venting. What happened was that the primer left granual spots on the mini and the spray clogged up after every couple sprays. I think I'll still be sticking with Rust-oleum.
  14. Greentuft

    Slithe miniatures

    I've peddeled this company before, but BigWorldComics.com has Domnu Demon Queen (correct miniature?) in stock. The downside from what experience I've had with the company is that they are sloooooooooooooow. It took about a month to go from ordering to shipping; but, if you're willing to be patient, you could go with them as well. So, here's the link: Domnu Demon Queen. Good luck Lady Tam.
  15. Greentuft

    Printable, modular floor plans for d&d etc.

    All this stuff brings back so many fond memories of Hero Quest. Although the 'rules' that the game had established were a bit too strict, but it's not like we didn't tweak them anyway. I still find that even though the figures were plastic, they're still good to practice techniques on that I wouldn't want to try with my good Reaper minis.
  16. Greentuft

    The dreaded displacer beast!

    I really like the approach taken with this phase/displacer beast. I never understood the panther angle that the usuall displacer beast took. This one looks like a tiger/small lion combo, but a unique species; which makes perfect sence because after all, it has four tenticles growing out of its back :D .
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    I wasn't going to go into the creatio of this particular Snow Golem because I felt that I had previously stated so much, but now that Cryptdyke, inquired, why not? Here's what's written: "A wizard of 15th or greater level can crate a snow golem. The body is sculpted of snow, taking four weeks and costing 45,000 gold pieces for materials and components. Obviously this lengthy process must be undertaken in a naturally cold or refirgerated area. Once the body is completed, it is animated with the casting of wish, polymorph any object, cone of cold, and permanency spells." So based on this, I don't think that more than one would be created, unless the wizard was very paranoid and had a lot of time and energy.
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    Mephits, regardless of what form they're in are close to the most annoying things in the world. Anyway, I'm off topic. Golem, Snow. (From Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium III) Adapted for 3rd Edition. Alignment: Neutral AC: 19 Movement: 10ft Hit Dice: 12 (d8) Attack Bonus: +11/+11 Damage: 2d12/2d12 Size: Large, 11' Tall Initiative: +0 Fortitude: +9 Reflex: +0 Will: Immune to having to make Will saves. +Only harmed by +2 or better weapons. +Weapons have 35% chance of breaking (-5% for each +1 for magical weapons). +If attacked with fire, steam in 20' radius burns victims for half of creatures sustained damage. +Water/Ice based attacks heal 1 hp for each die rolled. +Immune to life-affecting spells (i.e. finger of death and slay living). +Able to breath Cone of Cold once every five rounds. Functions as being cast by a 10th level wizard. I think that's all the important information that you might need if you want to, or anyone else for that matter.
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    Two weapon fighting

    From what I understand as I went through a very similar dilemma a while back when I tried to have a cleric wielding two sickles and the DM was getting on my case about not having penalties on my attack rolls. Anyway, the Ambidexterity feat simply means that you can use either left or right hand; no off hand in short. The penalties start increasing when you start fighting with two weapons at the same time. If you want to have an axe in one hand and a sword in the other and not have two attacks per round, then you wouldn't incur any penalties. The moment you start attacking with both weapons, means that your attacks are not going to be as powerful, and hence the penalties. So I don't know if this helps at all or if I've just come into this discussion too late and confused the heck out of everyone? This is just the information that I have.
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    In another Ravenloft product, Van Richten's Guide to the Created there are stats for a whole slough of golems. Flesh, Stone, Straw, Glass, Bone, Ice/Snow as well as a section that goes into the process of creating a golem such as time required to assemble the thing, expenses, how long body parts will last before they begin to rot beyond usage; sometime I think it's a little too indepth. ??? Wonderful read though.
  21. Greentuft

    Sorcerer spell phrases

    There was one time that I tried, "A-la penut butter sandwiches!" And all I got back was a bunch of scornfull faces. That was the first and last time I tried using verbal comands for casting spells.
  22. Greentuft

    Fantasy names

    rm And a free year subscription to Casketworks! :D
  23. Greentuft

    Fantasy names

    A bunch of the following names I used in a story that I was writing oh-so-many years ago, but stopped because I got the hero-type character into a situation that I couldn't logistically get them out of. So here's what I have: -Airron (Pronounced as Aaron or Erin) -Begorn (Dwarf) -Aurgoth (Created evil-wizard-type character before I knew of the existence of Morgoth) -Barolos (Earth-Elemental-Type Dragon) -Bellian (Was a female Elf, half-elf slayer) Cities -Pompiganogwa (Large Halfling settlement) The next are from a quest that I'm still developing: -Tarlix (Orc Barbarian) -Grenalon (Orc Warlord) -Grontag (Orc Shaman) -Deluthra (Evil Female Cleric) -Darian Blackwell (Human Bounty Hunter) -Alanisea (Female Wild-Elf) Cities: -Anæreth (which then became Danareth) -Rathwell -Arkendale -Hedgecotting So that's what I have for the time being.
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    Picked up 3 new warlord today

    I've currently only bought Ashkrypt (from the Warlord line) so that I could use her scythe in a conversion with Laurana, Sorceress (2621) as I need a Nerull cleric-type character with a scythe. I however plan on buying Kyla Bounty Huntress (14025) on Saturday and plan on turning the parchment in her hand into a bounty notice for a quest I'm writing.
  25. Greentuft

    Homemade cthonian miniature

    Yeah, the first thing that came to mind, not really knowing anything about any of the previous refrences, was "holy cr@p that looks painful!" Regardless of what it is or where it came from, I think I'd soil myself if a DM put that out on a game table. Great work Frankthedm.