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  1. Inventory complete! No extras, nothing missing. One or two minis with noticeable gaps where it wasn't glued together quite right - I can probably fix those. Tons of bent minis, but that doesn't bother me - boil-and-bend is easy. I only got one figure case, and I was a little worried about everything fitting in there. However, it turns out there's not as many standard human-sized minis in the Vampire box as I'd thought. Quite a few of the non-humans (and even some of the humans) are just waaaaaay to big to fit into the slots in the case, and I don't feel like cutting bigger holes at this point. One trick I used was taking the little boxes my paint came in and using them to hold groups of related minis. I ended up organizing my minis thusly: Small box of undead - skeletons, zombies, mummies, and that one vampire Small box of familiars and dungeon dressing Small box of vermin - rats, spiders, generic goblins (NOT the "We Be Goblins"), kobolds, Small box of various small to medium monsters (bat swarm, eye beast, demons, etc.) Big box with giants, orcs, and other large monsters as well as the green Haunts and Fire It Up (some things separated into ziploc bags within this box) Figure case holds all the normal-sized humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and "We Be Goblins". It just happened to make sense that the stuff that naturally fits in the figure case is also mostly the minis I would consider valid for player characters in the games I play/run. I did make sure the Townsfolk were grouped together in the case, as well as the shorter-than-humans, the We Be Goblins, and the more "big bad guy" humans, so that they'd be separate from the minis most of my players are going to want to look through when we paint minis for my new campaign next week.
  2. So, now that mine's shipped, I'm frantically watching the UPS tracking info instead of Reaper's tracker, but it's the same insane waiting game. It shipped on Tuesday, with an estimated arrival of Friday, but there's been no new data since "Departed - Mesquite, TX, United States, Wednesday, 06/26/2013" at about 1 A.M. yesterday. I wanna know if it's gonna get here tomorrow or Saturday or what! <pout>.
  3. Got my Reaper confirmation email, waiting for the tracking to be available so I can see the estimated delivery date. Anyone know how long after getting your email from Reaper one can expect to see tracking info?
  4. Just got my shipping email. 8 items confirmed for Irvine, California: Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Deep Dwellers x1 Frost Giants x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 Starter Set 2 x1 Figure Case x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 Starter Paint Set x1 vampire x1 Your shipment was postmarked on 06-25-2013 and is being shipped UPS Ground.
  5. Wondering now how many 7-items there are to ship. They finished out the 6's yesterday and got to a few 7's..... maybe if we're lucky, all the 7's today, and 8's will start? I'm an 8 and I'm starting to get twitchy.
  6. It's about 1 A.M. in Texas, and the counter says "2 orders shipped today, Laramie, WY". I wonder who couldn't sleep and decided to go pack a few bones?
  7. Two of the same item counts as 2 items. This has been confirmed by Bryan. So, if you ordered 2 Vampire boxes, 4 Figure Cases, and 2 Kaladrax (and nothing else), you're an 8-item order.
  8. Vamp+7 for me, putting me just under the quoted average order of 8-point-something. Guess I'll start getting really excited when they drop under 10k remaining orders. Getting mine by Saturday would be amazing, but Tuesday would be the next best thing.
  9. Oh god, how did I miss that.... I just realized, despite knowing what Driders are for years, that the name comes from two very obvious compontents: Drow and Spiders. Drow. Spiders. DrowSpiders. Driders. *FACEPALM*
  10. I, too, use squares for man-made structures+towns (men build at right-angles, usually), and hexes for outdoors, natural caves, and curved structures like the circular dwarven fortress I ran my players through once. Totally stealing this idea for my next campaign - it would help explain why the settled urban population in my setting tends to use different magics from the tribal and nomadic peoples. Cities tend to have a lot of wizards and clerics, while the tribes and nomads have a lot more shamans and spirit guides.
  11. Hi folks, I recently picked up Erin of the Flame and I was considering painting the two balls of fire he holds in contrasting colors - one traditional red/yellow/orange fire and one as blue fire. What colors and techniques will make blue fire look good? Hell, even tips on making regular fire look awesome would be helpful - I'm a bit of a noob still. Thanks!
  12. You can also use this website - http://greg.botch.com/bones/table.html - to compare the model numbers of the KS Bones to other Reaper products. This is especially useful if you're looking at any metal minis, because many of the KS Bones are re-dos of metal ones.
  13. Looks pretty darn similar to my own LTPK#1 Rat.
  14. I'm not certain, but I think part of your difficulties may be that the first coat of paint is going on too thick, which covers up the natural texture of the fur. A small amount of paint goes a looooooong way on these things, so try using just barely enough to cover the base white color. Have you tried Learn To Paint Kit #1 from Reaper? One of the models in that set is a giant rat, and the instructions do a pretty good job of showing how to use a base coat, wash, and drybrushing to get a great textured fur color. EDIT: Oh, and one more thing - did you add any water at all to your paint for the base coats? Bones work best with a completely undiluted base coat.
  15. I know this may not be exactly what you wanted, but using this site that lists all the KS bones (http://greg.botch.com/bones/table.html) I was able to determine that most or all of the familiars in the Vampire box are plastic equivalents of metal minis from these three sets: Familiars I: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/familiars/sku-down/14041 Familiars II: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/familiars/sku-down/14087 Familiar Pack 1: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/familiars/sku-down/02018#detail/02018_w_1 The pics on those pages should give some idea of what you're getting.
  16. Blue cloth was based on me simply not having any other colors I felt like using for that part. I figured it would at least contrast with the fur in a dark-vs-light sort of way. The mini's actually done now, I just haven't had a chance to post photos of it yet. I'll do that soon.
  17. Some local friendly gaming stores carry the L2PK sets, check http://www.reapermini.com/StoreLocator for a Reaper vendor near you and call them. Or, if you're a little more patient, order it directly from Reaper: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/learn - Reaper is still filling normal orders promptly. I ordered LTPK#1 two weeks ago, and it arrived within one week of ordering it.
  18. That's fine for a mini that's relatively fresh, but I'm really hesitant to take a mini that's 90% done with only one color choice left to deal with and say, "Oh, well, if that color doesn't work I'll just throw out the last several hours of work and start over."
  19. I'm pretty new to this whole mini painting thing. Sometimes, when I've just bought a new color or am experimenting with mixing colors, I'm hesitant to just slap it right on the mini I intend to use it for when I don't know how it's going to look. This is especially true when I'm planning to do a multi-step paint/wash/drybrush/layer/whatever over a large area, and I want to see if the final product will look right before I spend the time painting the whole thing. One idea I had was to paint a small section of a different mini that I don't care much about with a similar texture to the one I do want to paint. Unfortunately, until I get my Bones KS, I don't actually have any such undesired minis. Are there any other surfaces that make a good testbed for paint colors?
  20. Count me in as well for "willing to pay double shipping to get part of my order NOW". I've got friends who are moving away after they graduate college in June, and I'd love to be able to have a painting party with them and all my Bones before then. I've got Vampire, Case, 2 paint sets, and only 3 or 4 non-Vampire add-ons, but one of those is Kaladrax and I'm really scared that'll put me toward the end of the line. All I really need is the core Vampire box and the paints, everything else can wait.
  21. Uh, isn't this the promised update: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-an-evolution-of-gaming-min/posts/480927 ???
  22. You know what's great about having another update, though? I get to refresh the comments for the next day or two and observe all the little drama between complainers and defenders. It's like having a mini-episode of a geeky soap opera.
  23. Alrighty, so, I made a bunch of progress on this guy today. Pretty much everything's done except the fur, face, and base. The various blue and blue/white shades you see on the fur are the result of further experimenting. I decided that the basic white of the Bones material doesn't make enough contrast for me to judge the effectiveness of the fur colors, so I went ahead and painted the rest of him for the sake of context. My plan for tomorrow is to paint (or re-paint) all the fur, face, and base with Pure White, wash the fur with a mix of Sapphire Blue + Pure White (something like a 1:5 ratio seems to be good), and then dry brush a few select areas (like the tips of the mane) with pure white. The base will likely get a wash of Black Ink for a grey flagstone look, while the face may get a darker tone of blue or even some black around the muzzle depending on how I feel. Teeth/eyes/ears/claws will be done with the usual techniques. After that and possibly some touch-ups, he'll be done. Any more thoughts or suggestions?
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