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  1. The full set of core Myconids from our Warren of Vile Fungi have been expertly painted by Thomas at Mallius Miniatures. A big thanks to Pedro Navarro for the wondrous sculpts!
  2. Kickstarter successfully funded on November 17th. Thanks to all of our Backers we were able to raise over $7,000. Now we're getting into the nitty-gritty of production and packaging. It's not too late for Late Backers -- simple go to our Kickstarter project page and click the "Follow Along" button to get access to Late Pledges and Add Ons.
  3. Nearly to $7K in total pledges thanks to all of our Backers! More free Stretch Rewards have been unlocked. We've also announced that all Backers will receive a free monstrous guide to the Fungal Mysteries of the Depths. This PDF will contain dozens of monsters with stat boxes (5th edition), illustrations and extended back stories and ecology write-ups. The expected length will be 24 to 36 pg in length and I've included a preview. Only 12 hours left to back!
  4. We're heading into the final 48 hours and the Kickstarter has made some really nice progress. We just about at the break even point financially, so we can reinvest in the project and unlock some new minis. below are a few of the minis likely to be unlocked over the weekend. Thanks to all of our Backers so far!!
  5. @dschumm - Thanks for your positive feedback. Shipping to Europe can be expensive. The cost for 8 oz or less will be about $16 to ship (laments the cost to ship via post). I set that to be about $29.99 usd in purchases, so that would be the cost for the Ancient plus its Children, if this helps. @Corsair - Thanks for the thought. Do you have a link to a Facebook page where I can take a look at some of @malefactus sculpts?
  6. We've added 3 more Mushroom Folks to the Stretch Rewards. Pedro is having a little fun with these concepts. We hope to have two more soon. In addition to this 5 piece set, we're hoping to do at least one more. And are looking for ideas. The complete collection is listed here so you can see how all 19 concepts -- 28 miniatures have already been created from these concepts thanks to Pedro!
  7. @Highlander - Thanks for your interest! Here's a recently revealed Phantom Fungus cast in clear resin. Hopefully this piques your interest. It's available as an Add-On. We've also re-imagined this curious monster first introduced in the late 1980's. You can read about its ecology here: https://www.mortalarrow.com/the-scroll/burning-gehenna/phantom-fungus/
  8. We're now Live and Funded (within first 12 hrs) and also moving toward our second Stretch Reward level! We've also revealed the Gas Spores and Ustilagor with full 5e write ups! We'd love for you to check them out!
  9. Thanks Elbon! Pedro Navarro deserves all of the credit. Regarding pricing we have a few Pledge Levels, the first starts at $35. There will be Stretch Rewards as well as. All minis are available as Add-Ons and the price per mini will vary depending upon the size. All except 1 is under $20, with must running under $10. Currently we plan to include 28 minis in the KS, but this may grow...
  10. Thanks Sanael and others for taking a look. Special thanks to Orlando for already spreading the word!! Here are some other images that I recently posted on Facebook of the actual sculpts by Pedro. I've made sure to include The Rasper (half-bug fungus) which is the largest of the "Corrupted Myconids".
  11. Warren of Vile Fungi is scheduled to start at 7:00 pm EST on Friday, November 1. It will include over 2 dozen individual fungoid-based miniatures developed and sculpted by Pedro Navarro. He's been working on this project for over 2 years in collaboration with Mortal Arrow. It's a deep dive into heroic, fantastic, and terrifying fungal beings from the 1970's to the present. Ascomoids, Gas Spores, Basidironds, Ustilagors, corrupted Myconids, and heroic Myconids are just some of the many hand-sculpted miniatures from Pedro. The project itself will be live for only 2 weeks, so please consider supporting this effort by Mortal Arrow and Pedro Navarro. Every little bit of aid is important to us, so we kindly ask that you follow this project at the link below: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/12638849…/warren-of-vile-fungi You can see more details about the miniatures on the Mortal Arrow Facebook and Pedro's blog here: http://mr-bugman.blogspot.com/ We will be posting details and updates on this thread as well. Thanks in advance for everyone's help and enthusiasm!!! We are very excited to bring scary, and heroic, fungi to peoples around the globe!!
  12. We've hit our first Stretch Goal and officially unlocked the Arachnid Rider set (Tikki Troll rider and Giant Pedipalp steed). The next Stretch Goal is less than $1500 away and includes a shaman-type Death Kahuna Tikki Troll, as well as a wondrous set of Giant Rhino Beetles by Pedro Navarro (modular sets that allow up to 9 different beetle styles).
  13. "Early Bird-Only" Rewards are Unlocked! See here for details: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1263884974/tikki-trolls-fantasy-metal-miniatures/posts/1908504 All Early Bird Pledge Levels close at midnight, tonight (June 11), so please consider signing up soon to get a guaranteed reward.
  14. Just passed the Funding Level! Thanks to all of the Backers. Now we have a bit more than three weeks to add as many minis as possible. First up is my personal favorite, the Arachnid Rider Set. The Tikki Troll rider will be sculpted by Paul Muller and the Giant Pedipalp has already been sculpted by Pedro Navarro. Take a look at the artwork by Bobby Penafiel and let me know what you think. Just $2,500 in Pledges gets us their.
  15. Thanks Joshua! Let's try to give Paul Muller some extra work this summer. :-) I may be making this project a bit more collaborative than I intended with the Backers because, you know, it's nice to give the customer what they want. It's also more fun from my perspective. So comments and feedback on the Kickstarter page are always welcome from any of the Backers. Cheers!
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