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  1. For as much as it's worth, I've been in contact with Brett. It's my understanding that he has all minis inhand and is in the process of packing and shipping. Over the past month he's been pre-occupied with personal things though. I don't think the project is at risk of failing, though I understand the lack of communication is not helpful. I'm waiting on these beautiful Muller sculpts too.
  2. @Strewart - I think now that the bankruptcy filings have been made public, I feel a bit more comfortable talking about my knowledge of the finances at CSM. My previous statements were more directed at individuals who thought there was something left in the bank at CSM, and there was still a chance to rescue the projects. In fact, I meant that it possible to have less than nothing. My analysis, and it is far from complete, indicated that CSM is carrying more debt than assets. To be clear, I believe this is the case, even after you remove the overwhelming amounts owed to Backers in the KickStarters. How did this happen? I believe that Matt was counting on a significant amount of money coming in from two investors, and basically started to spend against it. As Vulture mentioned, I can confirm that Matt does NOT have the majority of ToH1/2 greens in his possession. They are either at the molding house or still with the unpaid sculptors. For sure, there is another group looking into things, but I have no other details on this. I suspect that perhaps some of the sculptors may know a bit more. Perhaps, this group/individual is the white knight folks are hoping for. Anyone have an idea who it is?
  3. @smokingwreckage and @Orlando_the_Technicoloured Your sentiment is how I was feeling when I first approached Matt four weeks ago. I’ve purchased product lines out of bankruptcy in my day business and can appreciate how it’s a “no win†scenario for customers. Creditors line up; they get pennies on their dollar; and typically vendors are in the front of the line leaving the customers holding the bag. So this was my starting point for a pragmatic discussion with Matt. Many Backers seem to want whoever assumes the reins of these projects to also pick up the responsibility of fulfilling the rewards. That was my starting point when Matt and I started digging into the finances to get an idea of the scope of how much was still owed. Suffice it to say that this cost was ridiculously high, and in no way reflected the value of CSM’s business. To put it another way, I could have everything sculpted anew from these lines and it would still be a small fraction of the cost of fulfilling the outstanding rewards. At this point Matt and I started to consider alternate plans. Yes, I am a capitalist. And yes, I intend to come out of this adventure without losing money. With that said, I felt there was a way to provide value back to the Backers without the prospect of the Backers losing any more money. I would simply not assume any of the liability associated with the Rewards, those stay with CSM; or any inventory that CSM has paid for and owns, that goes to the Backers. The “credit match†protects me so that Mortal Arrow LLC can start the production process, which needs an immediate cash infusion of around $20K for molds. Some good news is that I don’t personally need the profits, so these can be reinvested back into the projects to continue to commission new miniatures to be sculpted and molds to be made. I do hope to finish most, if not all, of the miniatures originally assigned to these projects – that is why I backed these two projects in the first place. Before announcing the plan on Tuesday last week, Matt and I discussed the possibility of many Backers being royally mad, and not accepting the proposal. Many view the “dollar spent-for-dollar pledged†credit scheme as simply screwing Backers out of additional money. I can appreciate this perspective, as I’ve pledged over $1,800 personally into these two projects, and would have a hard time spending more than $400 or $500 to get all the minis I wanted. With that being said, additional money spent by Backers is a strict purchase. The plan is to get a detailed list of what you’d like to purchase. Have these minis made and packed. And only then, send you a PayPal invoice. Once payment clears, then I‘ll ship the minis to your location. There is no need to use all the credit immediately – Backers can order multiple times, at least through 12/31/2015. Because of the enormous cost associated with shipping his existing inventory as a partial fulfillment of Rewards, I’ve also offered CSM the ability to send these to me so that Mortal Arrow LLC can include them in the first purchase made by a Backer. Lastly, CSM does have the ability to continue to purchase minis at production cost + overhead from Mortal Arrow LLC for further fulfillment of Rewards. Both Matt and I are both carefully monitoring the feedback from Backers. Though we do not need a solution that makes every Backer happy, we do need to see enough enthusiasm so that Matt is comfortable and Mortal Arrow LLC does not lose money. On a final note, there’s a presumption of Matt’s intentions – on a lot of fronts. How absurd this may sound, but from my first discussion with Matt, it is very clear that Matt is most concerned about the Backers and his reputation within the gaming community. He is sick about how these projects have turned out. I would not describe Matt as being a classic business person, but rather a person with a passion for minis, a dream of having a small business and gift for promoting his ideas. The great success of his KickStarter campaigns thrust him into a situation that he was not familiar with or fully capable to manage. I believe that Matt would willingly give up everything associated with his dream to garner some redemption. As for his lack of communication: sometimes a person becomes paralyzed with fear when no options seem to offer the answers. And sometimes they just need to see the path forward.
  4. I’m in complete agreement that at this point in the KS, Brett is making too many changes without taking care of some of the basic needs (like images), and it may be , in part, why things have stalled. However, I don’t think making changes to accommodate Backer’s request/suggestions is a bad idea. As many on this thread know, Matt did this to great affect for the CSM TOH KS. And in reality, the scope of this KS has been dramatically reduced from its initial conception, which was offering multiple new minis at every $2,500 Pledge increment, to now offering fewer minis and free points every $5,000 increment. I’d propose that things would’ve been a whole lot more expensive and more difficult to manage with the earlier KS model. But, heck, like Galladril mentioned – I’ve never run a KS either. I’ve got every confidence that Brett can pull this off, though it may take 18 months to get all the greens from Paul Muller.
  5. I definitely agree that the CSM Demons and Devils KS was going to limit the top end on this KS. I've been encouraging Brett to offer the types that fill in the gap, but in truth, there seems to be a contingent of Backers on this KS that never got (or wanted) access to the CSM Demons and Devils. This puts Brett in a tough spot of trying to please different groups. It seems his cost model for the minis is closer to OW (expensive) than CSM -- this too, will limit the top end. The one thing I think Brett could do better is to: i) present better images of his minis and ii) communicate more often (at least several times a day). I’m still surprised to see no renderings of the Dretches and Larva Base offered originally at the Infernal Lord level. Also, where are the Derghodaemon images? That’s one cool beast to show.
  6. @mistergreenwood Brett has already nixed that option. Though it is a great way to game the system.
  7. @ klarg1 I understand your concern, and it does require some managing. But that’s where the deals can be had – by divvying up points vs. dollars. In general, I figure that spending up to $80 for Ad-Ons is more efficient than purchasing a second, or third, Infernal level. From my perspective, the point system will work to everyone’s advantage once the $35K Stretch Goal is reached. I plan on doubling down and purchasing two Infernal Levels (for $185), which should give me 2 X 146 pts = 292 pts. I can get a whole lot of minis for that, and the only minis which the points make no sense for are the two biggies – Geryon and the Great Beast, which should always be purchased as Ad-Ons. Would you agree?
  8. I’m really astonished at lack of interest in this KS. Brett at Fractured Dimensions has done two things I’ve not seen in other D&D focused KSs. First, his sculpt qualities are better than anything else, besides Otherworld, for this class of RPG miniatures. He seems to have a vision and is able to closely manage the sculptors to help realize it. Even some of the other “lower quality” minis recently mentioned are typically equal to the best minis from other companies. Second, and no one seems to mention this, he offers a trove of options for heads, arms, weapons and armor for many of these minis. This is something that drives me crazy with other companies, as I often wish to have a group of a single creature type that is similarly sculpted, but not identical. He gets this dilemma! Now my mass encounters don’t need to look like someone’s cast a mirror-image spell. I was really hoping that this might reach $50K, but now have my concerns. Hopefully it reaches $35K, before the 48 hr mark, when the additional 25 points really starts to boost the value proposition. Then we might see a real boost in the final 48 hours.
  9. This type of thing also happened on the recent CSM TOH KS to great effect for both Matt and the Backers. We don’t know all of Brett’s motivation for the KS, clearly making as many molds as possible was high on the list for there were numerous Ad-Ons at short pledge intervals (and he’s said as much). I'd guess he needs to weigh the prospect of the KS gassing out because the incentives don’t grow, to shrinking the initial scope and reducing the profits to see if he can generate steam and actually get everything he wants in the end. I don’t see anything nefarious in his actions and rather think his project is evolving as he gets customer feedback. Isn’t that part of the whole KS experience?
  10. Well, looks like this is going to be a real winner from my perspective. 21 minis at the $90 Buy-In level. Of all sizes, and the sculpt quality is superb. Best yet, FD is going to allow swaps which makes it even less risky to get in. Looks like not-Kostchtchie is going to be making an early appearance. And if it any where near the level as not-Grazzt, then this will be a good thing indeed. I believe all the minis in this line will be sculpted by Paul Mueller. @Baphomet69 I believe that CSM indicated that they will have their Devils & Devils minis on web store by end of June. If you join in their new Tome of Horrors KS you can actually purchase at a much lower Ad-Ons price. Buy-In is pretty steep at $100, but you do get nearly 30 Tome of Horror Minis that are also swappable.
  11. OK - here's my take on the whole pedipalp, solifugid, camel spider, whip scorpion issue. First, the Giant Pedipalp is described in the MM2 (edition 1.0) as a whip scorpion which is the yellow-striped creature on the left side of the QotDWP module cover. On the right side, also yellow, is Giant Solifugid based on a camel spider. In my book both are cool alternatives to the endless number of Giant Scorpions and Giant Spiders that litter the mini world.
  12. Skeeter - that is a spectacular idea. I'm in for $100. Now let me know what I'm getting. BTW - it would be nice to get a true representation of Lolth as a metal mini. By that I mean a horrifying drow head on a demonic spider body (none of this spider centaur nonsense).
  13. Being new to this whole KickStarter craze is very exciting. I would’ve taken a pass on the Bones KS and Demons/Devils KS as I prefer metal minis. Certainly this Fractured Dimensions Demons KS looks super interesting. Hopefully, they’ll give a bit more time to recover, as I plan on going in at the $200 on the newest Center Stage Miniatures KS (going on now). Their line-up of old school metal minis are too good to pass up. Really … who can say no to Vegepygmies and a Froghemoth. Hope they get to unlock all the interesting Stretch-Goals.
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