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  1. There is a pharmacy with a drive through pick up window 5 minutes from my house. It's heavenly.
  2. My heart has been breaking too, but for more personal reasons. (And I don't like to get into details of my kids mental health struggles online.) When you can't talk about what's hurting you the most it leaves you with little to say. When you feel like you're in a crisis it's hard enough to hobby at all, never mind document the process. @Pingo, you should know that Red's YouTube collection has been helpful to my middle schooler as she's stuck at home looking for something to distract her from staring at the same walls. And if you ever want to chat you can PM me and we can exchange contact info.
  3. I got mine this afternoon too! I don't remember getting a shipping notification, but my two measly plinths showed up so all is good. I even found my Frozen Ninja busts and put them in the same place!
  4. I think I've successfully persuaded hubby that he doesn't need to use Kaladrax for the 'someday' undead dragon encounter we're apparently likely to face in his D&D game. Fortunately we got the Bones 4 zombie dragon, and test fitting the pre-production Kaladrax we had was a complete pain. Phew! Our noble heroes might survive the encounter!
  5. I slathered some stynylrez on some snake people and started blotching a mottled green and brown on them. It meets the minimum bar to be counted as 'paintint miniatures'. I might even finish them, they're pretty simple.
  6. I got my first ink samples from Goulet Pens, many thanks to @Last Knight for the recommendation. Now I can write in my journal with 'Ocean Shimmer' ink, which makes my boring life much more interesting. (It actually does have a tiny sparkle!) But the biggest news today is that we're going to be allowed to have very small outdoor gatherings!! So I can have a tiny little party for my daughter's graduation! It's not much, but it's better than nothing.
  7. Neat! One of my daughters was lucky enough to participate in a seminar at her school where she learned some native dances and learned about traditional foods. It was a wonderful experience and I wish it was easier to find those sorts of educational activities. Lots of work to be done even just documenting languages that are on the verge of being lost.
  8. Pretty sure that's one of hubby's favorite beers as well. Sometimes I think he's secretly a member of WOOF.
  9. Oooo, exciting! I can't even remember how many I pledged for, but it was at least one.
  10. I'm going to simply say that I think you're well suited to the task and it's a great idea to start with the easier job and see if you feel like attempting to move into a bigger role later. Go OneBoot!
  11. I've got YouTube streaming it on the living room TV. I figure it's educational and more interesting than anything else right now...
  12. I have three daughters and psychic vampire is exactly the phrase I use to describe when one of them is in a "needs lots of support" phase. @kristof65 is also correct that they can super-charge you when things go well. May fortune favor you.
  13. @Cranky Dog, you will tell us how it tastes, right? I mean, I can't buy any unless they open the border, but I could ask my sister to set aside a bottle... Waiting here very anxiously to get word of what June will be like here. Can I even have a graduation BBQ with a few of daughter's friends? Inquiring minds are keen to know!
  14. Yes. Yes they will. They still call for my son, he's O+. But he's also working nights stocking shelves so I think he won't be donating for a while.
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