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  1. I have to agree that the mushrooms are too bright and stealing the focus away from her face.  Not quite sure how to suggest fixing it, but probably you need to have them cast less light and glow more blue.  Maybe re-paint the mushrooms more of a shadowy grey and glaze blue over?

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  2. 8 minutes ago, strawhat said:


    Google says 36"+.  At the low end is when the ice roads allegedly make the lovely noise like cracking glass.


    A sound I know well.  As a child I often felt compelled to test whether frozen over puddles could support my weight.  I got pretty good at judging the right thickness, but it was more fun when they cracked but didn't quite break.  Breaking through was not so fun, rubber boots leach heat fast.

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  3. 5 hours ago, PaganMegan said:


    I'd buy it, Grump would use it! :;,;:


    Heading out alone to the retreat business meeting, which for reasons incognito is held at 9PM.


    Grump is too sick to go, and I don't want our friends to come down with The Grump Plague, with fever, coughs, sore throat, aching joints, and a compulsion to say you are "fine". :zombie:


    Seriously, he was moving like a geriatric sloth, knuckles dragging on the ground. <_<


    Not looking forward to when it's my turn. ::(:


    I know it's not appealing, but those squeeze bottle saline rinse kits will do more to reduce severity of a cold than anything else I've tried. 


    1 hour ago, NebulousMissy said:

    Pro tip. DO NOT hit 'reply all' on a department-wide email. Don't be That Guy. The entire Treasury Department is currently mad at That Guy.


    You forgot the people replying that you shouldn't use reply-all, the people asking to be taken off the list and the people telling THOSE people not to continue compounding the problem.  Corporate email going down from an email storm is rather a nightmare to fix.  

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  4. 44 minutes ago, redambrosia said:


    Uhhh... I think hard pack. Most of the streets here they just seem to leave at hard pack. Some of them they plow. And some get the dirt treatment. 

    I was joking to Hubby that you know this is really the Wild West because, even though the streets are paved, they’re still hecking muddy. Instead of muddy horses there’s muddy trucks everywhere.


    When I was a child, the plows used to come through and clear the hard packed snow so that it would make piles of chunks along the side of the road.  Then we'd walk along the tops of the 'drifts' of snow rubble and make little paths.  I wonder if they still do that...

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  5. 22 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    I'd love for it to be the Dark Maiden...  And a new sculpt of her to be done up for such... 


    I think it behooves us to lobby for the option on Reaper Live.  Ed expressing support for an idea is a good starting point, but fan support would probably help.  It's also the coolest figurehead option I can think of for such an epic ship.  ::D:

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  6. 6 hours ago, NebulousMissy said:


    The peanut butter ones are the best. Followed by the almond ones.


    But tastes have changed. Too many of them are just too sweet. Been sticking to dark chocolate lately.


    My girls are a tad unusual.  My twelve year old decided a couple of years ago that her favorite chocolate is the 80-85% cocoa variety.  That's a tad bitter even for me!  :blink:


    I do like the nutty M&Ms, though.  My fondness for nuts is probably why I married my husband.  :;):

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  7. 10 hours ago, Sanael said:

    Like, I'm not going to riot or anything, but I'm pretty disappointed that this ship isn't likely to be named "Dark Maiden."


    She's a ship that's been part of Reaper lore for twenty years at this point, she's already got a beautiful figurehead (several sculpts), she's a pirate ship, she's a GHOST pirate ship.


    But I can see why crowdsourcing the official name is profitable for Reaper. I'm just a bit bummed out by it.


    I am hoping that one of the first extra figureheads they make (assuming that possibility actually happens) is a new sculpt of Dark Maiden.


    I believe that on Reaper Live Ed made a comment about the Dark Maiden and wanting to include that as a figurehead option.  I'd be down with naming the ship that too, but I'll settle for just the option.  

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  8. 23 hours ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

    Just an acknowledgement that today marks the 30th anniversary of a world changing event, the Fall of The Berlin Wall.



    Man, I feel old now.  I was in my last year of high school back then...  Doesn't seem that long ago.


    5 hours ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

    Did you fill out the form for temporary suspension of mail delivery?

    That works pretty well for us when we are going to be away for more than a couple of days.



    Just be aware that they are adding security precautions to the online mail hold service.  It's probably a good thing, but it can apparently add a week delay so you have to plan ahead a bit.  

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  9. 12 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

    In the real world you are just lucky it's not Budwiser


    Today's dinner was supposed to be duck. (Thank you autocorrupt I don't need your help here).  Work did not let me go until 6.  Duck was delayed until Saturday.  More scones will also be created for feed hungry Scots.


    On Sunday there will be much drinking and eating and bagpipes indoors :blink:


    Sounds like a fun weekend!  Hopefully the Piper's have the good sense to just use their chanters, either that or you have a large house.  :blink:


    That said, I miss hearing live bagpipes.  Keep meaning to go to a highland games, but stuff always happens and we put it off.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Pingo said:

    Never has my quiet little corner of the neighborhood felt so noisy.


    It's amazing how much noise can have a negative impact on quality of life. 


    1 hour ago, 7Ninjasinatrenchcoat said:

    Life hits pretty hard sometimes. I've got a second job now, and I'm pulling a 14 hour day today on zero sleep last night due to anxiety. Haven't been able to TOUCH my Youtube channel in a few days, and the lack of movement on that front isn't helping.


    It's amazing how much anxiety can derail basic human functioning.  I hope you feel better soon.  


    EDIT: And wow, I'm not super articulate this morning.  Maybe because we're all melting down here.

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  11. 9 hours ago, Pegazus said:

    Oh, and a fun bit of trivia. Seagate says the warranty on it ran out in 2014. I have managed to get some longevity out of it.


    Liked because that is a pretty good run for a machine.  It lived a good, long life of faithful service, sounds like.  


    1 hour ago, Cygnwulf said:

    One of those things tech geeks tend to think is both definitions of the word awesome.  


    Um, no.  We have no IoT devices in our house at all, despite both hubby and I having degrees in computing science.  Or perhaps because of that.  

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  12. 1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:


    Keep an eye out on the PM, there will be some extra stuff added they said.



    My first thought as well.  There was a fair bit of, "maybe in the pledge manager," talk.  


    I'm actually more interested in the fan favorites this time around, that balding rogue is really cool and the mephits, cockatrices, etc, are quite useful.  

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