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  1. I bought some empty dropper bottles a long time ago, thinking that I would use them for custom paint mixes or something. What I've actually used them for is distilled water and a super-thin 'magic wash' (can't remember what the formula was, but it was mostly water). It's very handy being able to dispense water by the drop, and I use the wash a lot on chain-mail.


    Oh, and the fingerprint trick is cool, I'll have to share that one. Don't know if it would work for me personally, but it's been well established that my finger prints are barely there. (Fingerprint readers hate me.)


    Edit: I forgot to mention that your rat is adorable. I don't think I put nearly as much work into the first batch of rats I painted. :)

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  2. For everyone who thinks it would be suspicious if the ROW/Canada shipping issues suddenly resolve this week, it might be that the 1st & 4th of July holidays just threw a wrench into everything. It seems pretty common in the US for people to book vacations that week. And if USPS/UPS is short-staffed, it's entirely possible they would leave Reaper hanging.


    I do agree, however, that somebody better say something soon, because it would be embarrassing if all the US shipments were done and you guys were still left wondering.

  3. I just ran through my set (a three hour inventory, and I still have one additional Vampire to go through), and had quite a few errors. My There Be Dragons came with two shadow dragons and no fire dragon, my Orcpocalypse was missing an archer, plus one of the swordsmen (swordsorcs?) was missing a sword. My Forces of Nature was missing the earth elemental's head. I was initially going to report that the 'victim' was missing from the altar, but it seems they removed it intentionally after posting the picture.


    There was one thing I was wondering about, as I'm thinking it may be intentional:


    The Deep Dwellers picture shows three unique pieces, plus two similar fish warriors, one with his hands up, one with his hands down. I received two with their hands down. Was this another intentional post-Kickstarter change?


    Don't get me wrong - I'm very happy with the products. I just want to know what's an error and what is an intentional change before I write Reaper.


    I had just assumed that with the Deep Dwellers the hands looked that way because in the image they were facing each other. (Sort of a mirror-image thing.) Thinking about it now, it would have been silly to make two almost identical molds, given the cost of the molds. Perhaps it was an intentional change. Ouch on your other issues, though.

  4. Gaahhh! I just discovered via Facebook that LittleBluberry received her order on the 3rd. I'm so insanely jealous of my lives-in-Washington-state friend and her family right now... :-/


    What's even worse is that I could *really* use the distraction right now as I'm on a medically required period of "down time" after having to cut a vacation short in order to undergo emergency gallbladder surgery. *sigh*


    I *did* offer to have you put my address as your shipping address... The offer still stands! ^_^

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  5. I've concluded that the fastest option is to find a FLGS in your area that participated in the Kickstarter. (Took me while to find one.) If none can be found then you might get lucky going to a con that they're attending. I really have no idea when they're going to be available through Reaper's store.


    You can look at the preview mini and see that the face just does not have the nose that the metal one has.


    That may be the case, but I'd not recommend preview pics as a good measuring stick, as raw Bones are so hard to photograph well. In this particular instance it happens to be accurate.


    Buglips: yes, the revolver isn't quiet as nice as the metal version.





    I just looked at her under my magnifying glass and yeah, her nose looks almost simian. It's there, but it's not pretty. It's worse than the other faces I've examined, which seem fine. That said, painting Sir Forscale has made it clear that some of the finer details are shallower on Bones than I'm used to. I'm hoping that this is something I can learn to work around.

  7. Almost a perfect score here. My add-ons had all the right bits and only 1 mini from the Vampire box was missing while 1 extra somehow made it in. Since we're just as happy with the extra Duke Gerard, I'm not even going to bother Reaper about it.


    Also, I noticed that fresh off the UPS truck the first items I looked at were a lot softer than when I looked at them later. I expect that there's a lot of heat in their cargo area helping to warp Bones in transit.

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  8. I agree with Mistimp, washes work best when they're pretty thin so that they soak into the crevices more. I haven't actually used the Reaper washes yet, since I normally custom mix my washes with just regular paint, water, and maybe some of Vallejo's glaze medium. (Flow improver would probably also work.) When I'm applying a wash the word I'd use to describe the process is 'slather'. ^_^


    Oh, and you can often fix a wash you don't like by applying another wash, dry-brushing or both. Painting fur is a bit of a process getting the natural texture to look right.


    Edit: I'm enjoying watching this as well. It's helpful for me to understand how to better teach my kids/friends who want to start painting. ^_^

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  9. Yup. I really wish Bryan hadn't cancelled his vacation. Poor bugger must be exhausted.


    Yes. But. I know a lot of people who aren't able to relax when they know there is a large project stumbling along without them back home. Or in other words, it might be a better vacation for being postponed. Hopefully it doesn't have to be put off for long.


    :( Mine didn't make it.


    United States 07/02/2013 14:10 Received into UPS possession



    I had been thinking that the return of the packages that failed to get through would be a required precondition for them to move forward with Canadian shipping. I'm really hoping this means something can now happen. (Whatever that 'something' might be.)

  11. Not Canadian but in the ROW, I just don't understand how this all seems to be a problem at essentially last minute, the KS ended 11 months ago and suddenly logistics is a problem?? Surely it would have been one of the first things to sort.


    I believe at this point they are waiting for USPS to send a truck to pick up the ROW shipments. I have no idea what UPS is doing with the Canadian orders, a lot of them were already packed over a week ago.

  12. Everybody hates Canada apparently (actually, me and an American friend say this all the time, about things like shipping, ect.)


    @DLMyst & Carnacki:

    I'm new to the hobby, so I don't have anything to paint. I'm actually not a huge fan of painting (like, on canvas, I actually hate it msot of the time) but maybe I'll enjoy painting the minis. We will see.


    Anyways, I don't really want to spend any money right now. My cat is a newly diagnosed diabetic (great) and I need a new computer because I spilled water on mine a while ago (also great).


    I will admit that shipping to Canada is generally a massive pain. Since we moved to the US we have been known to act as a delivery location for friends who can't get things delivered to Canada. Then they visit to collect their stuff, and we all win. ^_^


    I can also relate to your frustration. I've totally been using these forums and following the delivery process as a distraction from the crappy things in life right now that I can't control. I'm hoping that the Canada/ROW issues get sorted out before my own Bones arrive, otherwise there will be guilt to deal with as well. Hang in there...

  13. We are talking about federal employees.

    Just sayin'...


    At this point we are talking about UPS employees. And during a big snowstorm a couple of years ago UPS got completely backlogged with packages they were unable to deliver while USPS just chained up all their trucks and kept on going. So I have a lot less faith in the ability of UPS to get stuff moved.



    The bones have left Concord:


    Concord, ON, Canada 06/28/2013 0:13 Departure Scan


    Interesting: mine was scanned hours before yours was. Perhaps travelling on a different truck?

    Concord, ON, Canada 06/27/2013 21:19 Departure Scan



    They don't scan it when the truck leaves the dock, they scan it when they load it on the truck, I bet. :upside:

  15. After searching for bases so that I could try some simple re-basing projects on my Bones, most of what I could find was resin. And I'd really like some plastic ones, even if they were plain, because of the ease of gluing my Bones guys right onto the plastic.


    A friend of mine bought the Ravenloft board game for the minis because he was planning to run us through the Ravenloft adventure. Making those minis out of Bones plastic would be amazing. :D

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    Wait... They are shipping things to Calgary?? Well hopefully they'll have dried out before the Bones rattle through... :unsure:


    That's a logistical issue handled by UPS. They know to where they can and can't deliver and anything going to a flooded area will be held by them until normal delivery resumes.



    Yeah, I know. The point is more that my friend in British Columbia gets stuck waiting longer unless UPS becomes suddenly brilliant enough to route things through Edmonton. Or unless things dry up. Which, at the rate Canadian shipments are going, might happen.

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