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  1. At least they don't need to be re-picked & packed (hopefully) and it's just the software end. I'm more curious as to why the UPS rep couldn't clarify this after the first few orders. Or perhaps during that first day. Or something.
  2. We had Steller Jays nesting nearby (in a tall juniper that straddles the fence with our neighbour) and the kids were really excited when the fledglings left the nest and started hopping around and exploring our yard. I had hoped that the neighbourhood cats would remain oblivious long enough for them to learn better flying but at least one of them was caught and left as evidence. It's nice to hear things worked out better over on the other coast. :)
  3. I'm having a couple of my gaming friends over to try and get them hooked started on painting. I've already got some basic brush sets for my kids/friends to borrow and a couple of the easier Bones already available. The hope is that I can get someone else to help paint minis for our D&D campaign. It probably doesn't hurt that one of my friends is married to the DM and has a lot of unpainted minis in her house begging for attention. I don't really expect to keep painting as a group for long, but I'm prepared to go with the flow.
  4. Did you physically reposition him, or just let the water do the work?
  5. This is actually what I'm worried about. Originally they said that they expected to finish shipping after around 10 days, but your estimates would total around 17 days. And while a couple of people might complain that one day has lower shipping numbers than another, I anticipate people will be more annoyed in general if shipping takes almost twice as long as predicted. But hey, practice makes perfect, and they might pick up speed next week. I'm not particularly bothered by a minor delay myself, but it's always nice when things go smoothly.
  6. It might be worth doing an experiment to compare bending to reposition versus the cut & glue method. Obviously if you want a curve you have to bend, but the spider leg example might work better with glue. (I can't try this myself, I don't have enough Bones yet.)
  7. It looks like they aren't shipping today, which is probably a good idea since tired people make more mistakes. But... I'm hoping that they can get their daily ship numbers to increase a little next week. Hopefully this is just the result of working the kinks out of their system, or perhaps the Canadian orders involve more processing time. Either way, I'm having fun watching the shipped numbers go up!
  8. I am having similar problems, and clearing my cache only solved the problem temporarily. I'm guessing it might have to do with using IE10? Haven't figured out how to change my settings to make it work.
  9. The problem with having a CS degree is that it becomes very hard to ignore strange computer behaviour. The counter page is triggering my latent OCD because it keeps reverting to order #167 going to Dartmouth. I'm going to have to just close that tab and check every few hours... (Okay, maybe every hour.) Still.... Things are shipping! Wheeeee!!! EDIT: Apparently this seems to be a caching thing on my end. This is not going to help my productivity...
  10. Currently all my metallics are Vallejo. They separate in the bottle (which I think is normal for all metallics) and they look like they're separating on my pallete but when I stick my brush in and use it everything just works out. Things might be different on a wet pallete. I haven't tried any of the Reaper metallics yet, maybe they're better. :)
  11. I was busy when the badge thing happened and missed out too. Maybe we can start a support group.
  12. Oh my... That is just beautiful, and now I think I'm going to have to put this project on my "someday" list. Perhaps I should start small, with trees or something. Thanks for the inspiration!
  13. Reaper has been shipping regular orders at lightning speed lately. They must be just dying to get everything shipped out and back to normal operations. :)
  14. Something to keep in mind: while email appears to be transmitted instantly, there can be delays in the propagation between servers. I frequently will have delays up to a few hours receiving emails sent to my Hotmail account, and I seem to recall it taking a full day or more to get 'delivery failure' emails. So there really isn't reason to panic about not having received a system check email unless your address has actually changed. Now if it was Wednesday and I hadn't gotten an email, then I'd panic. I got mine very quickly, however that could simply be due to an alphabetically advantageous marriage. ;-)
  15. Well based on the info for the Kickstarter box item, I'd say over $500.
  16. I agree that in general, more monster Bones are a good thing. It's often hard to justify spending a lot of cash on monsters that by the nature of gaming get limited use and because of their size tend to be really expensive in metal. Really I think I just want everything in Bones now, especially my poor Jolie who has issues with her arm falling off because of a heavy book. (I had to buy an entire second mini, because her arm isn't available on it's own and I've lost it.) Bones have me excited to try modding, which was something I never, ever wanted to try doing with metal. Slotless bases would be amazingly helpful, since I'm probably going to be needing them soon...
  17. Back before third edition D&D, we just got out the pythagorean theorem to calculate triangular movement on a square grid, the problem was that it was hard to move in anything but a straight line. As wonky as the new diagonal move rules are, they are fast and good enough for our purposes. You could use a string to measure movement in gridless setup, but then the string would get tangled in the minis and chaos would ensue. (Can you guess that we do a lot of zig-zagging?) I'm grateful for the grid concept in a way, it and a friend are what got me started painting miniatures.
  18. There must be more people than just me who are waiting for Vampire + add ons that *didn't* order one of the big four. (Unless the Pathfinder dragon counts?) I don't know what the heck was in those middle containers, but apparently not enough to get my order processed. Not that I'm in a huge rush, but I did have 'learn to paint minis' planned as a summer activity for my teen/tween kids. Luckily I booked camps for the early part of the summer.
  19. The "Slow Boat from China" thread has more specific information. But, yeah, no one who ordered add-on minis (other than duplicates of what was in the Vampire) has gotten their order either. Even those of us in the USA.
  20. Thanks, Heisler! I was trying to sort through all the forum threads (reading Kickstarter comments was turning into a soul-sucking experience) and I guess I missed that info. Probably also doesn't help that I took forever to get an actual account on the forums, etc. I've been poking around reading painting tips on and off for years, but I'm normally more of a lurker. :)
  21. My choices... Vampire x1 Paint Set #1 x1 Figure Case x2 Fire Giants x1 Mind Your Manors x1 There Be Dragons x1 Demons x1 Pathfinder Red Dragon x1 Deep Dwellers x1 My only saving grace is that I didn't choose one of the big 3, but I will probably still be waiting a while.
  22. So, at the risk of being shamelessly on topic, does anyone know if there's going to be a notification when either shipments arrive at Reaper HQ from China or when backer shipments resume? It's not that I'm foaming at the mouth waiting for my BONES, but I'm trying to plan out my summer. Fortunately I had already booked camps for my kids for the first half of the summer, but there's going to come a point where I'm going to have some very bored teens/tweens hanging around asking when they can learn to paint...
  23. I know I'm late to this discussion, but I have been using several of those multi-compartment boxes you find at craft stores to store my existing collection of painted metal minis. Because metal chips so easily I cut small squares of 1/4" sheet foam to line the bottom and then a sheet of 1/4" foam under the lid. Unfortunately the foam causes a bit of pressure on larger minis, but it cuts down on the rattling. As a plus, the multi-compartment boxes sold at craft stores retail for less than tackle boxes. Of course, now I've inherited a really nice Games Workshop storage box plus I bought two of the Reaper cases, so my Bones can recline in style--assuming my college age son doesn't steal them all for the Pathfinder campaign he's starting...
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