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  1. At the risk of being nit picky, that article was from almost two months ago. It was really rainy December through January. It will probably rain more than you want in June. Somehow it always does. Nice sunny spring days are what makes the rest of Canada hate Vancouver. It's kind of a thing.
  2. You and pretty much everyone else. I am chief motivator in our house. It's a hard job right now. Schools in the state are closed until the 27th, but most people expect it to be longer. Even parks and most stores are closed right now. I'm not sure what you want to do in Washington, but options will definitely be limited.
  3. Just thought I'd update... I tried a layer of gloss sealer first, waited overnight, used brown liner with extra flow improver and tried to wick it into the sculpted text. It looked okay when wet, but the text vanished as it dried, like disappearing ink. I tried again and again, but it just wouldn't stay in the crevices. It was exactly the same behavior I usually get with Bones, so I'm giving up and just filling in the sculpted text so I can freehand something in. Will probably be easier. It's irritating, because it looks like a wash should totally do the trick.
  4. I prescribe lots of baking soda baths. Generally just lots of baths, but baking soda helps with bad rashes.
  5. It was pretty cute, and cool to get the attention, too. This was back in the 80s, when interacting with a character personality was pretty rare. He didn't talk, though, so it was more of a "surgery sucks" empathy moment. My childhood knee surgery involved two 3" scars, almost 1/4" wide, with obvious suture marks. But it was hot, so I was wearing a short skirt.
  6. Unfortunately I can 100% confirm this. Although I've still got my childhood scars as well, I tend to get large, prominent scars. So much so that when I went to Universal Studios as a child the guy dressed up as Frankenstein's monster was sympathetic.
  7. This is our 17 year old kitty, hanging out with youngest child. They used to nap together too, youngest child ensured her survival by being an excellent napper.
  8. If it wasn't for the rocks, I'm pretty sure that's a picture of Olympic National Park. We've also got some trees like that 5 minutes from my house. There's a reason why Washington is called the evergreen state.
  9. Thanks for the heads-up! We have a hardcover copy of Frostgrave, but a PDF is more portable.
  10. I have had exactly the same problem with Laurana. Mine is 90% done if you don't count the scroll. I will try again tomorrow and see if I can make it work, maybe I was too enthusiastic with the dry brushing. Flow improver can help with the wash, as can sealing the blank scroll before washing. At least, those tricks have helped with other models...
  11. D'aw! Who's a fierce mama bear! I'm trying to paint a Bones Black bard, but so far I still like metal best for anything human sized. At least, if I want it to look good.
  12. I mean... Oldest has a set of actual bagpipes. I'd rather season the bag than build from scratch.
  13. At least telling people to gargle salt water won't actually hurt them... Although gargling vinegar might be bad for your teeth. Listened to the live stream Q&A about high school graduation. Sounds like the only thing they think they know is that second semester won't be graded, it will be pass/fail. So hopefully my eldest daughter gets better soon, since she's got a sore throat and fatigue right now.
  14. So I'm very (VERY) late to the party, a lot of things went crazy at the start of 2020. I have been saving my box of goodies from Warlady until I actually sent out my gift. Fortunately, today I tossed everything in a box and got it in the mail, so I could open my box of saved goodies. I absolutely love the adorable Christmas Rogue I recieved, I keep meaning to paint all the Christmas adventurers so we can have a family D&D game when everyone's home, but somehow I've only ever painted them to give away. Thank you so much, and many (MANY) apologies to my poor recipient. It should be there by the end of the week!
  15. My 21 year old son is about to join your ranks. He's been aimless and unproductive for too long, so we pointed out that the grocery store is desperate for workers and right now it genuinely benefits society to keep those shelves filled. And hey, he mostly keeps quarantined in his room when he's home anyway. If it makes Red feel any better, my 12 year old daughter spent much of today listening to Blue talk about history while drawing in her sketchbook. Then she spent the rest of the day watching Avatar: the Last Airbender. Seemed to hit the spot for her.
  16. Funny, out of 5 kids, 2 had serious trouble sleeping. One ended up being asthmatic and slept like an angel once he got inhalers to help with his cough. The other turned out to have sleep apnea. Sometimes sleep training doesn't work, and usually there's a reason why. My eldest daughter is also class of 2020. We'd already bought a prom dress. She started making plans last August, she and her BFF were going to invite two friends who are juniors. BFF managed to arrange it so that my daughter was then supposed to invite the male-friend-who's-totally-just-a-friend-really. Which she did. Last August. I'm really hoping I didn't buy a fancy dress for nothing. There's going to be a webinar or something on Wednesday, no one really has said what's happening other than everything's on hold until the end of April. Maybe, since Washington State cases are going down, we might be able to do some of the grad events in June.
  17. So much this. There are six of us living in the house. A week's worth of groceries is often $200, and includes at least one jug of distilled water for CPAP machines. What's stupid is that because the grocery store keeps running out of stuff, we have to make more trips than usual. Also doesn't help that I'm the one who normally does the shopping but I've been self-quarantining because I was sick. I'm finally feeling mostly better, though. Which is good, because apparently my skills are needed managing this diverse team.
  18. Somehow the days just slip by... Decided to skip to the end and then work my way back a bit, but thought I'd say hello first. Still sick, but starting to have enough energy to do things like the dishes. Didn't help that this week my teenager was supposed to have multiple medical appointments and everyone decided that they're either doing tele-health or rescheduling for later. And I'm with @Inarah, WTF with everyone stockpiling flour? I know I normally go through a 5lb bag per week, but I never saw anyone else buying it before. Not that I'm doing a ton of baking, but I've got the menfolk trained on how to make pancakes from scratch, and I don't want that to stop! Do people not understand that there's a massive stockpile of wheat just waiting to be made into more flour?? Those NeilMed sinus rinse bottles help a ton. Amazon might even be able to deliver them.
  19. Was going to say that real honey tastes amazing, adulterated honey does not. But I grew up with fresh honey from my Dad's hive. Apparently he learned how to keep bees as an impoverished child during the war. They got an extra sugar ration out if it. If we run out of alcohol there will be raids on local warehouses. A shockingly large number of local businesses produce alcohol on site. Not that I'll need any, we've got lots. Frequent baths help a lot too, and I used to feed my girls kids probiotics interleaved with the antibiotics. You can mix packets of culturelle in a sippy cup with whatever they normally drink.
  20. I've been meaning to test out D&D online stuff, our old group keeps moving farther apart and it's really hard to get people together. I guess now is the time for that.... I was lucky enough to get sick with a 101 degree fever yesterday, so now I need to wait an indeterminate number of days at home. I mean, I am obviously sick with something, just no idea what flavor of plague it is. Not that there's a lot of places to go, schools are closed until late April, churches aren't holding services, the public library just closed, even my favorite Seattle park just closed. We'll probably be able to find some outdoor space here in the wilds of unincorporated King County, and there are a couple of families we spend a lot of time with that I'm sure we'll see over the next month, once I've been better for a few days. 'Cause honestly, I think they gave me this plague in the first place--half of them are sick too. Seriously, though, it's a THING. I've got this weird feeling that I'm in the middle of the leading edge of a once-a-century event. At least, I'm really hoping this doesn't happen again for an extremely long time. A month ago I was all, "SARS didn't impact the greater community that much, it'll be fine." Now it feels really different.
  21. Been there... Not for a long while, though. I learned to play read and/or play video games while nursing.
  22. I totally understand that it's going to get worse in terms of number of people sick, but the question of how long does it make sense to keep schools closed over it is different. At some point there's just enough community spread that isolating the least vulnerable group isn't as helpful. At the very least, I can't see our lone school district staying closed for more than a month if the other school districts are staying open. And since many other school districts aren't equipped to switch to online-only, if the state closes all schools it will mean that the school year is fundamentally altered for everyone, which should mean things will be re-scheduled. Right now everything is just being cancelled with the hope of maybe being rescheduled later. I can handle delays, but I don't want my daughter's senior year experience (concerts she was to perform in, prom, graduation) to just not happen at all.
  23. See, the thing is that my kids don't thrive in an online environment. Especially my high schooler, who is supposed to be graduating this year. She gets her energy from singing in her choir and being in her Japanese class with her besties. I don't really fault the school district for doing this temporary online school thing, it is the socially responsible thing to do. Heck, lots of the parents are working remotely too because we're in tech central and Microsoft, Amazon, Google, et al all told employees to work from home. If that seems like overkill, my neighbor disagrees. She was told to go to the local hospital last week, where she tested positive for influenza A. But the local hospital is Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, and she said that it was full on Ebola-style precautions there. We've got multiple care homes getting positive covid-19 tests, so the hospitals are about to be swamped. The schools have logistical concerns because parents were keeping their kids home and many of the teachers are over 50. In a way we're really lucky that we can do online school instead of just closing. I just have kids who don't like it and a smallish house for this many people. I'm desperately hoping this doesn't drag on.
  24. I really think you should do this. If anyone could, it would be you. Online school is off to a rocky start. Starting right after a time change was less than ideal. Really awful allergies are also not helping. High schooler is struggling to find motivation in her allergy fog, middle schooler is at her desk pretty much all day and the elementary kid is doing whatever? I don't even care, she's bright and she's doing mostly what she needs to. I feel like this is going to get old extremely quickly. This craziness after last spring's two week snow closure has me wondering what we'll have to put up with next year. Floods, probably.
  25. Oh there's no toilet paper here either. Hubby is supposed to work from home while the kids do school from home. The house is not that big, and when we have snow days we get sick of each other pretty fast. We'll see if the online school thing works or not, I definitely don't prefer it, my kids need social time! I need time to get stuff done!
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