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  1. My kids' school district just closed starting tomorrow. School is supposed to switch to online only. Hopefully this will only be a few days.
  2. It is sucking to be a parent on the Seattle Eastside these days. I just want to get my oldest daughter through her last year of high school and literally everything has gone wrong for her.
  3. I am alive and hopefully almost done being sick. It's been a brutal month. Apparently not as bad as Nebulous Missy's, though, hope you have a swift recovery.
  4. Been a crazy couple of weeks, probably will be another one since my kids have the week off. One more appointment to drag my teenager to (8:15am downtown, ick!) and then hopefully they can have some actual fun.
  5. Thanks. He was a life long smoker/drinker, survived peacekeeping in Cypress and lived to 80. That's impressive staying power, and we all knew he was living on borrowed time. Still, it's going to be a rough spring.
  6. Just got the news that my father in law is in the hospital and not expected to recover. Hubby is flying out tomorrow.
  7. Probably the fee has gone up, I haven't checked in a few years. There is also the whole "show up at a place and time of our choosing" for the interview which is inconvenient when you have a schedule that isn't flexible. That is honestly the bigger issue. So very tired today. Sleep schedules in this house need to get fixed, everyone else's bad habits are interfering with my sleep and wearing me out.
  8. I've had a similar problem with the store, but not the forum. Since I think they're on different servers they shouldn't be related issues, but I've never been logged out within seconds anywhere else. I agree it's frustrating, especially since you probably spend more time reading the forums than shopping. You might want to make sure your computer is updated just in case, if you can.
  9. Yeah, I've been putting it off. So much beaurocracy and the $600 application fee doesn't excite me either. My allergies have been awful and tend to cause a lot of sinus inflammation. Maybe you're having allergies spending spring in a new home? I hope you get some relief.
  10. Google is downright creepy. Keeps asking me if I want it to take care of things for me by enabling more features. No, I very much do not!! Well, it's Chinook season, so enjoy it while it lasts! I still remember how a Chinook hit during the 1984 winter Olympics and messed up all the snow events.
  11. So today I managed to have a really good parenting day with my youngest. She was super happy to not have homework, and the blank music composition book I'd ordered had arrived. She had wanted to convert some melodies to the bass clef for her cello, so I started showing her how to transpose. I gave her the note letters and the original music and she started writing it out. She also learned how to play it from my notes. Best part was she noticed that she felt happier and more energized afterwards. Pretty insightful for a 10 year old.
  12. I wish I could wrangle my brain to focus on getting painting done. I can paint pretty fast when I can focus, but insecurity is making me highly distractible. I hate being late with a project.
  13. I actually rather like ironing while watching TV or whatever, as long as I don't have to rush through it.
  14. It was pretty miserable last year with no heat and just a few degrees below freezing. Hopefully your house is better insulated than ours. (Ours is much improved, but I don't think we'll get to reinsulating the walls or changing the roof pitch.). Hope you have a space heater or fireplace or something!
  15. Very, very true! Plus there's the novelty factor: the older child wants your attention because you're a new playmate and this interferes with looking after the younger one or doing things like prepare food. It's easier when you can work your way up to it, starting with just one. It's also definitely easier when you're younger, I'm quite happy to not have had any babies in my forties, teenagers are work enough!
  16. @Evilhalfling, we have had a lot of similar conversations this year. I wish you strength and patience, parenting tweens and teens is an epic task.
  17. Allergy shot done for this week, hopefully I can stay awake enough to paint. (Tea is steeping right now to assist.) Pouring rain means soup for dinner tonight. The girls have semester end tests and are super stressed so some comfort food is just what the doctor ordered. Eldest daughter had her computer science test misplaced yesterday, which did not help her anxiety levels.
  18. My people! I had just started thinking that I needed to see if I still had my copy of that book because I could use a good laugh. We're rapidly melting out of the snow here. Seeing what's going on in St. Johns made me very thankful that we had as little snow as we did. Hope Buglips is safe in his new abode!
  19. I was thinking that I might need to paint a Tom Meier elf in his honor. After I'm done with my Secret Sophie.
  20. This morning the school district phoned at 5am to inform us all that school will be starting on time today. Oh and that due to the fiasco with the snow routes yesterday, busses are going to do them again today.
  21. Well, day three of no school for the kids. Need to go take my daughter to the hospital for a follow up X-ray, though. Hoping the wind doesn't get super bad, but we lucked out and didn't get the 6" of snow they were warning us about last night. Maybe we'll have school tomorrow, if we're lucky.
  22. Very sad news, but thank you, @malefactus, for letting us know. Jay was a true Renaissance man who was always encouraging others to learn new things. I will miss his youthful enthusiasm.
  23. Power is back on, yay! This probably also means that the main road is no longer blocked, so double win! No school today, though.
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