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  1. I agree that you could definitely choose either the Pathfinder or Bones set and then add some of the most useful MSP. Those two sets have a different feel, and the Pathfinder ones don't seem to be the style I usually want to go for. If I was super into Pathfinder I would probably feel the other way.
  2. Fortunately it doesn't hurt much, and probably nothing is displaced, which is why I corrected to "fracture" from "broken". Because while broken wasn't wrong, it does imply a more severe injury than she's got. Of course I then had to correct her when she was all, "It's not like it's really broken, I shouldn't have to wear a sling when school starts, right?" Teenage daughter is also putting off driving a bit longer. We tried to do driver's Ed over the summer, but she just wasn't up to the driving practice. We'll get it done after high school.
  3. A lot of us did join around Bones 1, myself included. I'd read stuff on the forums before, but Bones 1 got me to register and participate.
  4. Just got home from the doctor, teenage daughter did indeed break her elbow. So it's in a sling and we get to follow up with an orthopedist. At least I got my CPAP part. So tomorrow I might stop being irritable. Correction, I should have said "fracture". It's probably not a serious fracture, but still needs tending.
  5. <sigh> All three of my girls were down with going skating, teenage daughter fell on her first trip around the rink and hurt her elbow. She really does have the worst luck. Hoping she didn't break it.
  6. Ben Franklin had some last I was there but yeah, probably 3-4" size. Was about right for the small embroidery project my 10 year old was starting.
  7. I'm visiting my parents in Langley, BC soon, I might pick up a spare since both my daughter and I use the same mask. Good idea! @Unruly, I gave up coffee this summer, no regrets. Tea is enough to manage.
  8. Thanks for the moral support! Unfortunately there is a law preventing sale of medical equipment without a prescription. I've done a bunch of calling around and greasing of bureaucratic wheels, so they'll get me a mask 'soon'. I accidentally poked a hole in it attempting to clean it, because it was filthy and that wasn't helping either. So my own fault for putting off dealing with it for too long. Teenage daughter is getting better, though, after also being sick since Thanksgiving. Amoxicillin for the win! @Chaoswolf, I hope they help your wife feel better soon! Figuring out chronic illness is always a difficult marathon.
  9. I bought one at a local grocery store, it was pretty good but I wish it had almond paste in it. I might have to make my own. So very tired, though. Trying to navigate medical bureaucracy to get a replacement CPAP part, we'll see how that goes.
  10. It might be the changing of the light that's waking her. I'm guessing in an old apartment you don't have dimmer switches, though.
  11. Yesterday was officially the rainiest single day here in 10 years. So no snowmen here yet, although we did go see Frozen 2 around Thanksgiving. My kids like to build one giant snow monster when we get snow, we then watch to see how long it lasts after all the other snow has melted. Most albums is probably U2, partly because they've stayed together as a band for so very long. No album covers come to mind, but I'm not home so I can't check.
  12. What a crazy couple of days. Teenage daughter's concert was really well done, I swear the percussion ensemble channeled the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and that was just one group. My daughter is apparently working on a level of bard, she seemed to be casting charm person on her male friend who just happened to be in the front row. Been pretty rainy (rainiest single day in 10 years, apparently) and my CPAP machine is broken so I'm going to be EXTRA tired and cranky until at least Monday. Got to clean up my kitchen so that my daughter can finish making cookies for her friends. (Hmmmm, probably part of her material components, now that I think about it.) Maybe I'll try and get some gifts wrapped or work on my Secret Sophie.
  13. Hubby's family tradition is to have mimosas and spiked coffee on Christmas morning. I will probably be refusing those for the first time this year, my stomach can't handle coffee any more and barely tolerates any alcohol. We just haven't had time to sit down together and plan what to do with our pledge, so haven't even looked at it. After Christmas, probably. Most recent paint? Rose Gold.
  14. Successful concert for youngest today, rocking it as first cello. (To be fair, she's only in 5th grade, so it's still baby orchestra, but still.) One more concert tomorrow, oldest daughter is in the bel canto choir at the high school. Should be crazy, but the high school musicians always do a great concert.
  15. The 12 Days minis are finally in the store! Unfortunately I was unable to pay via PayPal, there is something wonky with the store site again. (Kept logging me out, everything's still in my cart even through I've got an order in the system.) Just figured I should let everyone know! Addendum: Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come has a spelling error in the name. If you follow the link on the front page that shows all the holiday minis you'll see her, but a search for "Christmas" won't pull her up.
  16. Are you doing Royal Icing the old school way? I'm guessing since you raise your own chickens you're not bothering with pasteurized eggs or whatnot...
  17. I can see that working, but you have to use that strategy with care lest you end up with a four year old who's afraid sleep means missing out. Tweens can apparently be motivated with YOLO.
  18. Codeine cough syrup puts me right to sleep. I spent six weeks alternating between coughing and napping one spring before they figured out I had developed asthma.
  19. I'm so late starting! I feel guilty, even though I knew I was probably not going to be able to get it painted by Christmas, the expectation is that it's sent out by late January, etc. My bits arrived Thursday, though, so I hope to start Monday! I could use a break from Christmas prep.
  20. One nice thing about gaming with kids is that hopefully school has taught them how to sit at a table in a group and listen to an adult. You might want to spend a few minutes at the start explaining what table manners are expected and how they make the game more fun for everyone. Clear expectations up front always help, regardless of age. Personally I've found that having the initiative order written out where players can see it really helps with keeping people engaged. Other than that I agree with Haldir--it really depends on the group.
  21. <sigh> Waiting for the pediatrician's nurse to call me back about teen daughter's dizzy spells. They wouldn't let me just make an appointment, which means I'm dithering around waiting for the phone to ring instead of planning my day. I'm sure there's a reason why they want to triage, but when I called yesterday they wanted me to check with the psychiatrist first about possible medication causes, so it really feels like I'm getting a run-around. I just want her to be able to feel better.
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