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  1. 2 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:

    Having been to grade school recorder 'concerts' and listened to bad/new pipers, I think I might prefer the latter.


    Violin isn't in the same area code.


    A decent violin sounds pretty tolerable even when played poorly.  No one can make a plastic recorder sound good, they are universally awful.  They don't do recorder 'concerts' here.  


    1 hour ago, redambrosia said:


    My crazy self is planning on buying her some bells for Christmas. :zombie: :lol:


    I will admit that I put a bell on our firstborn's shoes when he was a toddler.  It helped me keep track of him and he had fun with it.  ::D:


    Edit:  My apologies to PaintyBeard, I just can't delete that tag.  I thought on a PC I would be able to, but noooooo.

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  2. 19 hours ago, TGP said:

    Question for December 12th: What is the hardest game (tabletop, cards, board, RPG, war-game, etc.) you ever tried to learn?


    We were given Mage Knight by our eldest shortly after he moved out.  "You guys like long, complicated games, right?" Perhaps he just gave it a poor sales pitch.  We've never managed to play a full game.  :;):

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  3. 20 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    Baby is enjoying the music of Leverage. I discovered that VUDU has it for free (as long as you don’t mind commercials). 

    Her favorite commercial is the Hershey kisses Christmas commercial. You know the one, where they’re bells. It’s only been playing since I was a little girl. 

    Anyway, she likes bells.


    A word of advice: Don't let Grandma buy her a set of hand bells.  


    18 hours ago, Evilhalfling said:

    Tonight I went to an event and it was literally the worst thing I have ever heard. 

    my texts to my wife (safe at home) 

    "I want to die"  and few minutes later

    "I envy my deaf cat" 


    See, our oldest set the bar by learning to play bagpipes.  A group of new pipers playing Jingle Bells is, well, a thing.  After that beginning Jr. High band & beginning orchestra wasn't so bad.  It's just a phase.  Like baby talk.  The kids I saw play their first band concert several years ago got to perform at Carnegie Hall last February.  They're pretty darned good now.  ^_^

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  4. 16 hours ago, TGP said:

    Question for December 11th: If some evile ArchMagus zapped you into an RPG world, what race/ class/ character type would you most fear being turned into?


    As someone who loves books and good tactics, I don't think I could even pretend to be a half-orc barbarian.  I shudder just at the thought.

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  5. 10 hours ago, TGP said:

    Previous question is getting an extended run, since about 10 hours of forum time was eaten by Snow Goons or Christmas Gremlins...


    Question for December 9-10th: 

    What spells have you invented for RPG campaign worlds? What are they named? Why were they created?


    I did create a few spells for my long-time wizard character.  As follows:


    Healing Touch:  Reverse of Vampiric Touch, because my wizard was attached to a NPC who kept doing stupid things and almost dying.  She needed a way to do some sort of healing effect but the DM strongly felt that arcane healing magic was restricted for game balance reasons.  


    Tosia's Tidy Tent:  A variant of Leomund's Tiny Hut that looked a little less obviously magical and provides bedrolls in exchange for reduced protection.  My wizard is a little paranoid about being noticed and the group did a lot of travelling so some creature comforts were good for morale.  She even invented a similar spell that was an alternative to Leomund's Secure Shelter, just a little more posh.  It was a gift for the NPC when she married him, to make him a little less cranky about the fact she didn't want to retire from adventuring yet.  :;):


    10 hours ago, TGP said:

    Question for December 10th: Do you use any color code conventions for Potions in your RPGs at all?  

    (Red bottles for healing potions... or antidotes are always golden ...potion of strength is Cloud Giant Purple... that sort of thing?)


    Often a group of potions will be consistent--that is if you find 6 potions and three of them are the same color then they will do the same thing.  But each potion maker has their own system, so not every potion you randomly find is the same.  I do try to make the potions look unique and interesting, partly so that people can tell which one is what.  

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  6. 1 hour ago, Doug Sundseth said:


    Huh. I'd have thought it would melt rather than ossify.


    Mine is shrinking inward from the edges. It's perhaps 80% of its original diameter and rattles about when I turn it upside-down. I had thought about melting and reforming it; perhaps that would not be a good idea.


    Not all soaps can be melted, I'm guessing (from my own Master's soap) that it's more like cold process soap.  So the heat dried out any residual moisture, but it probably would still be soap.  

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  7. 2 hours ago, SparrowMarie said:

    Family Ramble

      Reveal hidden contents

    Semi-arguing with my MIL.


    My nieces are having trouble in school. The school that they go to now is a private school but they've shifted more towards the way that public schools run while still taking tuition money. It turns out in looking into other schools in the area that the school they are at currently is /super/ far behind in education where they should be.


    The youngest niece is going to go to a different (cheaper) private school we are not worried about her catching up. Oldest niece wants to be home schooled. She is 12 and already fighting back about doing school work and just arguing about everything a pre-teen might in general. Everyone is concerned that it'll be a bigger battle to get her to get work done when she doesn't have a school environment. Not doing her work is putting her behind further than what the school has already done but I feel like there might be an underlying reason as to why things aren't getting done. Maybe it's something at school or maybe it's something personal she's not comfortable talking to her mom about.


    But I think she should be allowed to make the decision if she wants to be home schooled or not. I think even though she's having trouble with school now and not getting things done (and arguing about it) she should still decide. I think it would give her the idea that maybe her choices mean things (and they do). I don't want to step on toes but I think this is the best thing. Yeah, there might be some arguing but she's almost a teenager and I know how I was at that age. 


    I offered to talk to niece when they are here in a couple weeks and give her the perspective of someone who was home schooled. I think it'll help her make an informed decision. She likes to talk to me and I offer a confidential ear. Just between us, unless it's something dangerous or life threatening, things will stay. I like to think she looks up to me as a positive role model (I've been told I'm the favorite aunt by both the girls on more than one occasion). I'm hoping I can help her make a decision based on what she thinks is right for her rather than what everyone else wants.


    I think my MIL has settled down now that I've told her I will talk to oldest niece about it though.



    Sometimes young teens/tweens can't analyze or articulate their problems as well as adults expect them to.  Spending some time talking to her is a good idea, hopefully you can get to the bottom of what's going on.  

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  8. Just now, Green Eyed Monster said:

    You could build a holder into a one or five gallon can that would allow you to agitate a whole bunch of itty bitty paint droppers at one time.

    Could be something as simple as a rubber band around a group of paint droppers, placed into the bigger can with bubble wrap and foam for stuffing.



    You and I think alike, it seems.  



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  9. 2 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:


    Two months past three. ::):


    She is still at the C-A-T stage, and parroting, not really reading.


    But I read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea before starting Kindergarten, so.... (I gotta tell you, Fun With Dick and Jane is not much fun when you are already reading real books....)


    The Auld Grump - I blame the Disney movie - I freaking loved the Nautilus. The first movie I can really remember watching.


    Our oldest was also reading early, he didn't have younger siblings to play with or tons of toys and games.  The local public library was free so we always had lots of books.  But yeah, elementary school was pretty tedious for him.  When our youngest started kindergarten they actually had testing so that early readers could be given more appropriate curriculum, which would have been much more useful if we'd bothered teaching her how to read early.  :rolleyes: 

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  10. 18 hours ago, TGP said:

    Weekend Question Topic in two parts...


    Question for December 7th: Can you describe / imagine some good, graceful, or even epic ways to wind down a RPG campaign?


    Question for December 8th: What are some bad ways RPG or D&D games you’ve participated in have ended?


    Worst is probably a complete social train wreck where the game is ended because the players can no longer stand each other's company.  Second worst is when there is no ending, you just never seem to play anymore and the characters are trapped in the adventure forever.  


    Best?  None of the games I've ever played have come close to wrapping up with something resembling a conclusion to the story.  I'd love to see anything.  

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  11. 15 hours ago, TGP said:

     Question for December 6th: Is there a D&D Class or (class/Race combination) you never have and never will play?


    I would have a hard time enjoying playing an evil character, so any class or race that requires that will likely never happen.  Otherwise I'll try anything that I can create an entertaining story for.  

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  12. 12 hours ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

    Thought for the front yard:

    Make sure there are enough eye pleasing flowers between the food growing plants and the neighbors will have much less to complain about.

    You have now got me to wondering how many spuds I can produce in the sandy soil that our new house is going to be built on.

    One of the key limiting factors is the local Wild Horse population.  I've seen at least one herd of a dozen or more in the neighborhood when we've been out doing work on the property.




    My uncle claimed he was planting potatoes to improve his super-sandy soil, so if you can keep the horses from eating them then I think you could get some decent potatoes.  Here we have deer and rabbits, but I'm too lazy to do much gardening so they don't bother me.  

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  13. 19 minutes ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:


    Well it looks like I'm going to have to get started on potato research then. I was planning on digging out another garden plot in the spring anyway, might be able to get enough growing to cover personal use. Depending on how extreme prices get, there may be an opportunity here to build a black market potato empire. 


    My uncle would have been ready to start his own potato empire, he once planted potatoes in his entire front yard.  The neighbors complained, though.  

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  14. 12 hours ago, TGP said:

    Question for December 5th: What is the most extreme example of scale mismatch between two figures in your collection of Miniatures?


    Like others have said, anything in true 25mm scale compared to this guy from Reaper.  He's supposed to be human, but I disbelieve.  He even looks oversized compared to other current Reaper fighters, something about the giant shoulder pads and gauntlets.  

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  15. 54 minutes ago, PaganMegan said:


    And the idiot STILL went to work! :grr: And his after school game. I swear, I married the Black Knight. ::(:


    No word on rescheduling the operation, but he needs it SOON.


    On the plus side the hospital found my Fire. and called me, I will be picking it up tomorrow morning.


    That's almost grounds for involuntary sedation.  <_<   If you can't get the doctor to speed up the surgery, try telling his employer of the risk of permanent injury on the job.  


    My kind and wonderful husband broke his toe sometime in October (I think) that he finally saw a doctor about recently.  He's an appointment with an orthopedist tomorrow, apparently he should have probably seen a doctor a lot sooner than this.  :rolleyes:  He was "too busy" to deal with the nagging pain until he had vacation time.  Men NEED wives to survive to old age!!  :;): 

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