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  1. Fabulously done. My brain may erupt from my ears.
  2. Cool looking group. Very much liking the Lioness.
  3. Loving the nods to the old school, especially the touch up on Warduke.
  4. This thing has gotten pretty messy. I only wanted the printed 2.0 materials to make playing the stuff I already have as clear as possible.
  5. She knows how to stay in shape! I am fairly sure at some point she did some squats, too. Maybe a lot of squats. Great diorama so far. Love the pumpkin house.
  6. Never sad to see Rackham. Especially Wolfen. Nice work.
  7. Heat vision would have made booting the moneychangers out of the temple even easier. Very nicely done.
  8. I like it very much. Different and cool.
  9. I am using superglue for some parts and plastic glue for others. Which one depends a lot on surface area for the join. Wrists, for example, will all be plastic glue. Feet-to-base, too.
  10. They are the bonus secret minis on the antelope sprue. They are being referred to as "Intimacy" online. They are proving to be quite the challenge for people to assemble. Lots of discussion on what goes where. This is the most plausible build I have seen so far. I personally am considering waiting for at least an official assembled shot.
  11. Come on. Big finish. Possessed and Fungi Assassin. Tell your friends. Tell everybody.
  12. Nice update. Very cool of them to offer this up. Hoping for a big, big finish.
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