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  1. Thanks all! Been AWOL for a while. Who knows when we will paint again. Just never in the mood to do so when the time comes to do so.
  2. OOps. I have not been around much and missed out. First time since it has been going....it will feel...different this year.
  3. Just realized I never posted the pic. Not a lot taken as usual. We have not been painting as much this Summer as I thought we would. A lot of Minecraft playing with family and Rocket League playing when not doing that. Mix of stuff selected by all of us but mostly my daughter picking things out.
  4. The @Generic Fighter box shipped off this morning to @synistar
  5. We looked it over real quick but neither of us saw much to do and were afraid of messing anything up if we attempted to add to it. I have until Monday to decide since it took so long getting car taken care of at the dealership this morning.
  6. Well I may hold it until Monday now for sure. Will see if daughter wants to slap some paint. She saw that mini and loved it. It did not even cross my mind that it was the group paint mini. Been a while since I have had one in a box. :)
  7. I gots it and plan to ship it out tomorrow or if I can make it there in time then on Monday before work. @Generic Fighter oof I forgot there was supposed to be a mini in there to slap paint on. which one was it again? i saw a few with paint. was it in a nice plastic case that clasped shut on the sides?
  8. Only been to the one in Richardson. Where is the closest one to the con?
  9. And the email I got letting me know the 12PM time for the sale was in my mailbox at 1:12PM. Oof.
  10. Yeah they do that each year but not really worth the effort of getting there early in hopes of getting the class. I guess if I am bored I can try and ask to swap out with one I grabbed at the same time.
  11. well as i suspected the time came and i missed being available. now i am trying to decide if i want to mess with this or just skip on classes. got a few still showing up but trying to find available classes is a pain on this site. Edit: finally found some replacement classes but yeah they were just to fill the time and not really what I wanted to spend money on. maybe by the time Reapercon is here I will feel more excited but missing the couple I wanted put a bit of a buzzkill on it all. Not to mention I had to do two orders since my daughter was taking a class at the same time and I could not add her class on her ticket and have it combine in the same cart. Well if I could it was not obvious how. meh.
  12. Eeek. Well hopefully I am around to hear when they start up. I thought I missed it today because it has been a mad house at the office and I did not get to visit here until now.
  13. Stuck at home sick today with a cold. Hoping I have not missed much with the class purchases. Keeping an eye on this thread when I can hoping it is updated before sales start this week.
  14. Does it not show each pass separate? For my daughter's kid pass there was another Kid Pass in my order and from it I could schedule her class at 10AM on Sat when I did my 10AM class from my VIP Pass.
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