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  1. Wow, the one coming out of the ground is awesome! Well, the whole thing is awesome, but I love how the dirt is clinging to him. Great job. :)
  2. Thanks everyone! :) I really do have fun painting and I'm looking forward to learning more as I go. I just ordered some primer, (and an earth elemental possibly jumped in my shipment somehow...), and I'm looking into lining and shading. Everyone that mentioned shading and such, you're right. The bodies don't bother me all that much, but the faces are very flat and I would like to do a better job on them. I have a succubus that I painted and her face just doesn't do her justice. It made a decent paint job look really amateurish. Maybe I'll try her again after I practice more.
  3. What I find funny is that I have nothing to do with these figures. All the original ones I bought will go with my roommate when he moves out. The few I have for myself will just sit on a shelf as I don't play RPGs. I do MMO, but there's no real need for tangible characters. However, I am guilty of painting a dwarf after my Rift toon. And I love her to bits. ;)
  4. I'm already hooked. I just bought another new piece while purchasing primer. Like I don't have piles of homework and stuff to be doing instead of painting for hours on end. LoL!
  5. Thanks! It's nice to get feedback and a little bit of praise.
  6. LoL! No, my real name is not Spilgub. ;) I will definitely check out everything I can on the forums and try to branch out a little. The whole thing started with my roommate asking me to paint him a single figure to use in his current campaign. It has grown to include many possible characters for him, baddies for the current campaign, and a few pieces for myself to play with. It has taken over half of my kitchen table and has gotten really out of hand. :D
  7. Yup, no primer or lining. I just learned about both of these things yesterday while combing these forums. I have lots of ideas since joining Reaper. ;) They take me anywhere from 2 to 5 hours, start to finish. ETA: To be fair, the one that took 2 hours was a halfling and she was really tiny. LoL
  8. Another that I really love. She was the second I painted. Her arm was a real pain to assemble and the glue made a huge mess of her arm. I have since learned better ways to attach pieces.
  9. I have a matte varnish after painting Kragmar the Giant Slayer for another D&D guy. My roommate just prefers the gloss. I don't mind either way. The photo really is quite poor. It's top-lit and it doesn't really show a lot of detail. I might use the varnish on the pieces I'm doing for myself though. I just bought the Guardian Dragon and I want him to be perfect. LoL
  10. I use acrylic craft paint and a triple gloss top coat. I used that top coat because it's what I had available after painting a Christmas village and the minis are going to be used a lot in a D&D game. The acrylic is super fragile, so it needs to be protected. Sadly, the minis are not mine, they are for my roommate, so I don't have any control over how they are handled. LoL :)
  11. Hi everyone. :) I started painting minis just a few months ago. Here's one I'm particularly proud of, though the picture isn't all that good. I'm using my cell since my regular camera doesn't like such small subjects, LoL
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