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  1. Thanks, that means a lot to me coming from you old friend. The requester did ask for it to be colorful and I tried to make sure the colors didn't clash too much.
  2. he's looking really nice! I'm especially loving his blonde beard, can't say I've seen too many blonde dwarves, its a nice change of pace.
  3. Can you folks see it now?
  4. I'll have to fix it when I get home from work
  5. I made this model at a Reaper Bones make & take at Historicon 2015(?). I really enjoyed making him and thought he turned out well and had plans to paint him one day......and then the Secret Sophie came along and my recipient wanted a cool monster or creature and I thought this model fit the bill in spades. The main model I used is KAGUNK, OGRE CHIEFTAIN (https://www.reapermini.com/search/ogre/latest/77105), armed with a demonic looking whip, using a sarcophagus lid as a shield (https://www.reapermini.com/search/crypt/latest/77137), legs from...something (gryphon maybe), spines from a small dragon, and some various heads as trophies around his waist. I decided to name him Takzez and have given him two brief write ups - one as a bad guy and one as a good guy. However, I do want to have the receiver to have something to himself and he can let me know later if he'd like me to share that info or not later. But in the meantime, here he is. Apologies for the photos, I rushed as it is already late. I do wish I'd had more time to work on his skin and legs, although the skin turned out tons better than my first attempt at it. Oh wow, I am going to hit that inner bottom corner on the shield with a was a few times before I send it. C&C welcome!
  6. You win all the internets for this! <3 Not only is it comedy gold (in a good way), but amazingly well executed! They all look great.
  7. This whole diorama is really just too cool and very well executed. The priestess is probably my favorite part!
  8. Guardians of the Glowing Lady! :) They're looking great so far!
  9. Its from the Dragons of the Red Moon kickstarter. This is what the one they've printed and painted looks like:
  10. It looks much larger than that due to the camera angle, but it makes sense given the size of the models.
  11. oh, that reminds me, I have a giant coatl/feathered serpent dragon coming from a KS. I'm really looking forward to painting it.
  12. This really is a wonderful looking unit and I love how they're all different~! MEOW denies any relevant knowledge of cooperation or possible joint training exercises with WOOF.
  13. That's such a great looking unit! The backdrop is really cool, what's it from?
  14. So much cool details on that model. its going to be amazing when you're done, I can already tell.
  15. Love the story updates! You really are doing a wonderful job keeping the story moving along. I'm jealous of your cool Lost Kingdom models!
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