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  1. Box has arrived and contents are being investigated 🙂
  2. The box went out full of tasty noms and goodies on Monday and is currently out for delivery to her house~! Thank you to everyone who helped~!
  3. I've kindly been given her address, thank you everyone~!
  4. She's good people, I'm happy to do so! Anyone got her addy they can send me?
  5. I've a handful of Bones V minis that I know I won't paint and am happy to send them to someone who would like them. Just a few notes, (1) no, I'm not selling them and (2) prefer to ship within the US to keep costs down. PM me please. I'll pull down the post once I've got something set up. Thanks, Vegas
  6. Does anyone know if the resin Arilyn the Water Sorceress in the RC mega bundle is a new sculpt? @Reaper_Jon
  7. Looks like he'd sneak up on your party in the desert and gobble them up! Well done!
  8. They really look wonderful and its a great looking group~!
  9. Holy Cats! That floating barge in the middle is wonderful! <3 the mummies are always sweet, but the barge is very unusual
  10. Another thread I've caught up with! I'm jealous of your cool mummies! <3
  11. I'm finally caught up! So much has happened since I was last able to read the thread. Captain Aguilera is still my favorite character! I love all the really cool new models you have, its nice to see you getting some good use out of the 3D printer.
  12. I agree, it is an odd creature to say the least. I really do like how it turned out!
  13. Thanks, that means a lot to me coming from you old friend. The requester did ask for it to be colorful and I tried to make sure the colors didn't clash too much.
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