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  1. My flight's been delayed, sadly to later in the day. @Xiwo Xerase I'm arriving at DFW now at 3;34 and would be happy to share a ride to the hotel. I'll send you a message as well. Sorry for the short notice!
  2. He just looks damn cool, reminds me of a killer whale. Hopefully he's just going to tend his farm and poke anyone with that thing. 😄
  3. Thanks! I'm tall with a close cropped/shaved head. I'll send you my contact info. Thanks again, I'm looking forward to meeting you and everyone else!
  4. Sadly, not as handsome as my forum pic 😄 😄 😄
  5. Pammy, can I get a seat to the meet and greet as well, if you still have room? @klarg1 looks like I arrive just before you at 1057 and would be happy to share a ride to the hotel if you're still interested.
  6. This was my first time using it and it was easily the most confusing convention class purchasing website I've ever used.
  7. It'll be my first RC and I've been on and off on here for quite a while, so I'm happy to be in if there's room. I'll be there Wed-Sun. Forum pic is fine. Vegascat EDIT: Ah, sorry I missed the cutoff. Guess I'll just have to play instead 😄
  8. I was pleasantly surprised to see Reaper do so well during the showdown as I fully expected the European paints to slam dunk due to Squidmar's folks being over there. I'd like to see more European painters give Reaper paints a try and find out how nice they really are.
  9. We here at M.E.O.W. reserve the right to use our propriety post-life technology on any post, no matter how ....defunct.
  10. Well, the Luminos showed up and holy cats~! Its pretty amazing and hands down the best light I've purchased to date. I thought I'd show you all a short comparison of the three lights I have. I'm going to post two pics for each, one at a normal height that I'd use for painting and one kind of close up I'd try to use for pictures: The first one (and the one I've been using the longest and its really been great to use as a regular painting light) is the Phive CL-1 LED light. Next up is the light that I bought to use as a travel lamp. It was awful for miniature painting for me. Its made by Argind with no model name, I can pm someone the link if they're really intereed. In any case, here are the picsL Lastly is the Luminos. Thankfully the base of the CL-1 fits the Luminos. I do have to say that the luminos is twice a long as my CL-1 and so I'll bring the CL-1 as my travel light. And as a bonus pic, this is how much the luminos lights up the area on my painting desk:
  11. I wanted a travel lamp that i could just keep broken down to take to cons with me and picked up one off of Amazon, which was a disappointment and not wanting to save more dollars for Bones 6, I went hunting. Honestly, I'm surprised there's no sticky for lights/lamps. In any case, after reading the posts here, I found out that Amazon has the s Luminos-D35600 for $265 on Amazon. Not sure if its different than the s Luminos-U35600.
  12. Box has arrived and contents are being investigated 🙂
  13. The box went out full of tasty noms and goodies on Monday and is currently out for delivery to her house~! Thank you to everyone who helped~!
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