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  1. Join my Instagram to stay in touch https://www.instagram.com/story1000suns/ Join my Patreon for WIPs (link in signature)
  2. Thanks! Well, my patreon worth subscribing only if you want to see some wips pics. I do not publish detailed step-by-steps pdfs, as other painter do. Guess, there are not to much sense in it. But i have some early wips pics on my instagram, so feel free to watch.
  3. OSL and NMM etude. Join my Instagram and Patreon for more https://www.instagram.com/story1000suns/
  4. Hah, thanks, everyone! Happy new year to all of you!
  5. Check out my Patreon (in signature) and instagram for moar https://www.instagram.com/story1000suns/
  6. whoa, pals, i rather surprised with that feedback. guess, i should do the step-by step with my next osl-project
  7. Hi there, this is my new just-finished etude. Join my Patreon, my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/story1000suns/ and my FB https://www.facebook.com/ivan.melnikov.nakatan/
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