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  1. You've got so much going I can't keep up with you! I think I'm current on this one now. I really do like the green shingles on the first buildings. Something about that colour just appeals to me. So much colour everywhere and like Jay said, so many little details. You do have a way of giving everything a unique personality. Your mind is such an intriguing place dear and we are so pleased to be allowed to walk around in it. Such a happy, crazy, silly, brilliant, busy place!
  2. Oooh another critter. You know I love it when you paint these! You've done a lot of colour mixing here-very impressive and courageous. Also wet blending, which is a difficult technique to master. I think it looks great, you've done so well on the transitions, very smooth and you've already got some nice highlights built in. Well done Jay!
  3. This is really shaping up nicely and you're going along at a good pace. I really like the way you did the wood-it looks very natural. Big time congratulations to you! The arrival of twins and a wedding, both such joyous occasions!
  4. It's great to be back Mierot! I've pretty much accepted that I'll never be able to travel. Although my husband is still able to walk, the use of his left leg is nearly gone. I don't even go out to the yard without having my phone on me just in case something happens. It's okay though, I'm quite happy painting away and just sharing on the internet. Good for you; I can't imagine a better reason to paint than for the sheer joy of it all; AND it shows. The Sci Fi Crew are BEAUTIFULLY painted, based, & boasting a FINE choice of colors. VERY WELL DONE once more! WELCOME BACK...you have been missed, My Dear! Thank you luv! It seemed like a good idea to work on figures by a sculptor whose figures I've painted a lot of. I paint more of Patrick's and Kev Whites sculpts more than any other sculptor. This forum is my home forum. I do lurk at other places, but I never comment. I just don't feel comfortable anywhere else as we've the nicest bunch of folks around.
  5. Part of getting back into painting after such a long absence involved painting figures that I found to be pure fun. As I greatly enjoy painting Pulp I decided to put together a team that used a mix of figures from Reaper and Counterblast. Reaper figures are so versatile, they can mix well with just about anything out there. Reaper figure #50129 sculpted by Patrick Keith Counterblast figure, sculpted by Patrick Keith Counterblast figure, sculpted by Patrick Keith Reaper figure, #59041, sculpted by Bob Ridolfi Counterblast figure, sculpted by Patrick Keith Patrick is one of my favourite sculptors as his work has so much character. Further, he's done so much work with Reaper, he's like Reaper Family to me. Thank you for looking.
  6. Shimmer is an adorable little figure. That pose is so dynamic, so much movement in it. You've done well with her so far and I particularly like the way you have done her eyes.
  7. These are coming along nicely Pingo. I like the different effects you are achieving with the metals. I tend to avoid buying mini's that even have metal armour on them as I've no real idea how to paint it.
  8. Jeez, these are nice building!!! It looks to me like they are well worth the price as the detail is out of this world good. Looking forward to watching you work through them to completion.
  9. These are seriously cool, slightly creepy and joyous all at the same time! You really are productive of late my dear. In all the years I've known you, I've never seen you paint this quickly. I'm so glad you got back into painting figures as well as terrain. Now, I have to ask. Are you remembering to eat and to sleep during this flurry of activity? *wrings hands, furrows brow. taps foot" whilst worrying about your health
  10. She absolutely works with that mushroom you've put her on. I also like the little skull you've put at the base of the shroom. The remains of one of her victims? I also like how you're painting these with the flower and leaves you sculpted. You is simply a genius!
  11. Oh someone necro threaded you! I saw the original date on this and said "what the bleep?" are these crazy forumites up to? What a fun bunch of loonies we have around here. It's what makes this zany place so much fun. Glad to see your thread return from the "dead"
  12. Oh yeah baby, she's looking good! Bringing in the orange and green was a good choice. Goes so well with the reds and the character of the sculpt. I'm digging on this new world you're building here. I think this appears to my slightly phycho inner self
  13. Wunderbar!!! Wow, oh wow, this turned out splendidly. This piece is pure artistry and I think would be competition worthy. The way you have the flowers growing up and then circling behind makes it look like natural growth. The kind of thing I would like to see growing in my own gardens. Nice to see you back and being so productive right away. Baseball season is coming so don't get distracted!
  14. Moi loves this!!! Just look at that pose-just like a little acrobat she is. And that base is soooo charming-perfect for her. I like the red you are doing her hair in, it will suit her face perfectly. WELCOME HOME DARLING!!!!!!
  15. You're really banging right along on these Pingo. I like the way find miniatures that are different from what I typically see and your brushwork is uniquely yours. Not to many people develop a signature style. My favourite has to be the witch figure.
  16. I've always liked that figure and need to pick him up for my WWII project. I've seen the MV tutorial on priming, but have yet to try it myself. The leather coat is looking good so far. It's getting that aged, worn comfortable look.
  17. It nice to see you passing the hobby down to the next generation! Nice AARP and photo's!
  18. You did a spectacular job on that fur and his face. I will most likely be looking at your piece as a guide when I get round to my Frostgrave wolf.
  19. I like the charcoal against that orange-very nice combination. I agree with you-black is a right pain to paint. As uber said, if you damp down those shadows a bit, you'll have him spot on.
  20. You did a great job with this!!
  21. These are really starting to come alive. Your painting style works so well with this kind of figure.
  22. I like the overall palette choice. The way you did that hair and the red in the clothing was a brilliant idea. Also the use of blue as an accent colour was inspired. Great work Jay!
  23. I like the idea you have going here. By doing her in white will she stand out enough from the base?
  24. Nice work on this guy. The group looks fantastic together!
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