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  1. Here's my paint job of 60016 Sajan, Iconic Monk. Thanks for checking it out! Originally in Show Off thread.
  2. His club looks great! All of him looks great! Good job!
  3. Finally finished painting this figure. Even with pictures to reference, I wasn't sure what was going on around his waist. Lots of layers there! I included pictures of him unpainted and on his base because it's my first try using green stuff and a base stamp. Didn't quite clip enough from the bottom of his left foot, so his stance on that foot looks a little wonky. The flagstone came out well enough, but I think I can do better. I didn't try to hand paint the stripes and other details on the blue areas. Every attempt looked awful. :S I did okay on the gray pattern on his white wrap
  4. Whew, thanks! Dumb question, I know, but the ice giant king and fire giant king/queen didn't have any kind of tusks, so I wasn't quite sure.
  5. I tried to see if anyone else had asked about this Bones figure here but couldn't see that someone had, so I'm sorry if this was asked already. My ice giant queen figure is gorgeous but I noticed she has small bumps on her face, one on each corner of her mouth. I wondered if this is something leftover from the molds or intentional because they could be fangs, I guess? I'm pretty sure they're not, for obvious reasons. Anyone else with this figure see the same thing? I can get around to posting a picture if you guys need to see it.
  6. Thanks for the advice, guys. :) It's my Fire Giant Queen who needs re-positioning most. I'm pretty sure I can get her spear into the right position but her base is also a little warped and it'd require more pressure to push it flat while in the ice-water bath. Should I try to get that flat first and then work on holding her spear straight for a second boil/dunk?
  7. Trying to paint the last my metal minis and then starting on my new Bones minis!

  8. Just got my Kickstarter stuff yesterday. :D I'm really excited about the larger minis I got like the storm giants and frost giants but I noticed the warping on a couple, such as one figure's spear. I'm a little nervous to do the above steps because y'know...boiling plastic. Anyway, any advice on how long the large-size figures may need to boil and then stay under the first ice-water bath? Twice as much time? Just 50% more? Also, do you mind elaborating on feeling it "spring" when the part sets/solidifies? I mean, I won't be chancing smudging/ruining the detailing on these figures, right? As lo
  9. omg omg omg my Kickstarter Bones arrive on Friday!

  10. Just got an email my Bones are shipping soon and I am SO EXCITED.

  11. It does indeed! :D My DM simply wants one with a whole sword because an NPC enemy probably wouldn't use a stub. XD If you ever make something like that, though, I'd love to see it!
  12. Thanks for everyone's suggestions! Snipping off everything above his fist and using a sword from a Reaper weapon pack sounds easiest, but I think first I'll try sculpting something simple as well as passable separately. Thanks, aromaticpose, for finding the original figure. I tried finding it but I guess that thing covering his junk is "Leather" and not cloth or fur. :P
  13. My DM has a ton of minis from old gaming groups and I asked if I could have a go at refurbishing an out-of-commission mini. It's a classic Conan-like barbarian—no paint and likely in need of a good cleaning—but the problem is his sword is broken and the old blade is nowhere to be found. I have green stuff but was hoping to get some advice on how to make a new sword for this guy, like how to make the blade flat, taper it to a rounded point and have it solidly bond to the original hilt. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'll post pics when I make my attempt.
  14. Not sure if I like starting with mid-tone instead of shadow, but I tried it with Tsuko. Anyway, here are pics of my attempt. I have little spots to fix that taking pictures revealed, but I liked my overall result. With more minis and more practice, maybe I'll finally get the eyes right! Just suddenly realized... where are his nipples?!
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