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  1. Everything you did with the model looks amazing!
  2. That's an amazing paint job! Well done!
  3. Amazing paint job, I especially like what you did with the apron
  4. As someone who has backed bones 1 through 5 those unpainted minis are barely a drop in the lake compared with what you will accumulate over the years lol
  5. The little additions to the bases totally make the minis and nice paint job!
  6. Thank you Crimson, I just did this and it finally processed.
  7. I pledged within the first minute and I'm still processing also
  8. Im glad im not the only one that has to constantly touch up his mistakes on his painting.
  9. I sit here patiently waiting on my bones kickstarter to arrive in the mail and when I start to get antsy I place an order with reaper to hold me over. I think I'm addicted minis now
  10. I would also suggest getting some poster tac which costs about $4-$5 at any office supply store and an empty perscription bottle to mount your mini on. It makes it alot easier to hold while painting and you dont have to worry about rubbing paint off while handling your mini.
  11. I regret passing up Kaladrax, the bone giant and the two paint sets I didnt add on. I'm still trying to figure out how to explain to my family why a huge box of miniatures arrived at our door step. I was thinking of lying with something like Oh look honey they accidentally delivered it to the wrong house but we should keep it because it was meant to be. But she will see right through me because of my sheepish grin and then she will check the label, so I will just have to tell her the truth and then get dragged to the mall to buy her a nice new purse because I'm in trouble, again.
  12. I'm one of those that took Nethyrmaul and passed on Kaladrax. After hearing that Nethy was reduced in size I was at first dissapointed, but thinking about all the stuff I'm going to be getting from the kickstarter is quickly getting me over it. From what I understand Nethy is still going to be big and I just love the sculpt.
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