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  1. What type of paint are you using? Reaper brush on primer has been reported as working well on bones. Wren's topic "Bones: The First Coat is the Difference" has the following info: Recommended aerosol spray primers and paints: Army Painter white and coloured primers Krylon Dual Paint + Primer Duplicolor Sandable – slight tackiness possible Rust-oleam Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x – slight tackiness possible
  2. I've only done a few but I haven't seen any issues with dullcote on top of RMS paint on bones figures.
  3. It would probably be a good idea to rough up the base a little before you apply the magic sculp as it should hold a little better. Rough it up with course sand paper or an Xacto blade or even drill a few holes in the base.
  4. I took apart at least one of the gnoll warriors. I may have done some others figures too. I just moved the joint back and forth until the glue broke. The factory glue was much harder and more brittle than the bones so it eventually broke. I haven't tried this with super glue but I would expect similar results. I may have damaged the bones slightly (similar to what Jasper mentioned) but the damage was all inside the joint so it didn't matter.
  5. Try this: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/30 You might also want to look here: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/33 A combination of the two techniques should get you what you are looking for.
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