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  1. I have a dedicated area that is already set up, so I paint almost every day. But I've got a lot going on right now and so that means I am only painting for about 20-30 min a day. Although, even under ideal circumstances where I had less on my plate I'd probably paint about 30-60 min a day--not that much more. When it is like that it's more satisfying, 20-30 min a day doesn't quite feel like enough.
  2. Very nicely done. The gray mage on the far left...how did you paint that? I wonder if you could provide more photos of it? Perhaps with some tips? I need one of those.
  3. Wow, the wet look really comes across nicely. Well done.
  4. Well said. The concept art only had me mildly interested. The sculpt leaves me completely uninterested.
  5. Wow! Really good job. That's how I want to do mine. I'm thinking maybe change the inner glow to a different color, like a blue or green. And then there's also the fact that I'd have to learn how to paint stuff to look glow-y.
  6. Great suggestions, that really helps. Thanks. I'm going to give it a good try, most of my painting is all pretty much experimental anyway. I need to go look up some goblin pictures where the goblins are not green. For some reason I'm having a hard time picturing it.
  7. This is actually two questions, but they are related. Feel free to answer either one or both: If you were going to paint a goblin mini like a small orc, how would you do it to make the goblin look orcish? If you were going to paint a orc mini like a big goblin, how would you do it to make the orc look goblin-y? Are they not both green? Is there a difference between what kind of green they are? If you painted a goblin orc-green, wouldn't he just look like a goblin--the difference in skin color being...either negligible or essentially indistinguishable? What other things could you do with paint to identify one as the other? (I've got duplicates of both orcs and goblins. And I was thinking if I just painted some like the other that would give me a greater variety of models for each. But then I got stumped on how to do that exactly. A goblin-green orc is just going to look like an orc. Maybe this idea is not as good as I originally thought.)
  8. Bahanot--or colossal, venerable dragon king cyclops gargantuan roc demogorgon a really big mammoth with huge tusks displacer beast axebeak a paladin riding a pegasus translucent gem dragons troglodytes a dragon in flight pack horse pegasus dire tiger--saber tooth tiger any dire animals would be awesome, especially a really big dire alligator brigands/bandits/soldiers/henchmen/low-level-guys with some real character. There are plenty of heroic models with epic equipment, but it would be nice to have a few more plain or mundanely equipped characters with some personality and/or in dynamic poses. Examples: bowmen, torch-bearer, slingers, axemen, shortswordsmen, heavy crossbowmen, dagger-men, mace-men, pole-arm-men, and the like. Example models: 02010, 02021, 02022, 02024, 02025, 02026, 02027, 02031, 02032, 02033, 02034, 02035, 02036, 02037, 02045, 02046, 02047, 02048, 02051, 02052, 02053, 02057, 02058, 02059, 02060, 02062, 02063, 02072, 02073, 02084, 02086, 02091
  9. The Gor-Gor He's cool. And I agree with this sentiment about him.
  10. pegataurs I don't think I can post the pics I found on Google because of copyrights, but if you search for it there's some good ones. Wikipedia has a good picture of them for the D&D M2 module. The way the pegatuar's hair goes down his back into...like a mane is cool. And the azure one is cool too--in fact, we could use a couple different models of these.
  11. Shamans: orc shaman lizardman shaman ogre shaman human shaman
  12. enlarged paladin/knight --or a giant in full plate armor
  13. I think the bulldog you are talking about is in the core.
  14. There's been a lot of talk about the donkey...what are the important uses of a donkey, or several of them?
  15. There are ways around that ReaperBryan - the Tamiya range of translucent paints can be used to both preserve the transparency, and to define the details. Specifically, if you did some character models in a clear plastic, I'd thin down Tamiya Clear Blue so that it barely tinted the clear plastic and use that to create a stealthed / invisible character, probably picking out the deep detail with sparing use of blue ink. As for the issue of transparent characters in general - maybe consider doing a somewhat generic 'sneaking' pose with no weapons, maybe in both sexes and 3 different sizes (human / elf, dwarf, gnome / snack halfling)? That way with 6 figures you provide a stealth 'proxy' for those who want that sort of thing. Make the figures hooded & cloaked maybe. I'm not that interested in translucent figures, but I agree with everything Laoke said here. A very reasonable, and logical case.
  16. Those are awesome. That gives me so many ideas. (I wish I could paint faster and get my ideas into reality sooner rather than later...when I've forgotten them.)
  17. I am amused by the dozens of various lamentations about piles of unpainted minis--or having so many unpainted minis that "Alas, I'm not sure I want to get another pile of bones in Bone III." Isn't that what we are all really after is unpainted minis so that we can paint them! Very amusing indeed. For any addon, simply increase your pledge amount to cover the quantity of that addon. We have a pledge manager that allows you to specify which rewards you are requesting for the amount paid. As an example, if that dragon is $25, and you want 3 of it, simply increase your pledge by $75. In our pledge manager tool, you will give us your address and specify that you want 3 dragons. There are parts of Bryan's statement that tickle me pink!
  18. Could you please elaborate on the Brush-on Sealer. I understand what you are saying about mixing it with Brown Liner (or whatever color liner). But in and of itself what it is used for? And why?
  19. I'd like to just chime in again and thank everyone for their input, it has all been immensely helpful. And thanks Genghis_Sean for asking key questions, there wouldn't have been nearly as much helpful information with out them.
  20. Thank you so much, everyone! Wow, that's seems kinda pricey for 1/2 oz , now I understand why people want 8 oz bottles of brown liner in the Bones 3 KS .
  21. I heard brown liner mentioned several times and I now understand that it's great for Bones for several reasons. And now I have several more questions: What's a liner? How is brown liner specifically used on Bones? Are there any tutorials or posts on how it's used both in general and/or on Bones? Can someone link the Reaper product: brown liner?
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