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  1. Typical adventure party members that have been enlarged (from medium to large). Specifically, a paladin in full armor with a really big sword that is 2-3" tall.
  2. All excellent ideas, thanks.
  3. Try this: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/53639-baugis-basing-basics-for-beginners/ Also look around the forum there are many ideas. You might want to check youtube : fantasy miniature basing, will show some nice tutorials and ideas. Thank you, it's just what I was hoping for. (Sorry again for being off-topic.)
  4. When I play Pathfinder my paladin frequently gets enlarged from a medium sized human to a large sized human. Does Reaper have any minis for typical party members (warriors, rogues, rangers, etc.) that are enlarged? Or maybe I haven't looked hard enough and there are some suitable substitutes in the various giants minis. Are there any giants that look like a paladin or knight in a full suit of armor?
  5. Wow, great job. The base is awesome too. Please pardon the aside: I still pretty new at this and I've seen so many nice bases lately, I wondered if there is a good base tutorial or two someone could point me toward please?
  6. Yeah, I like how that ghost is coming out of the grave.
  7. I like the color scheme. I like the base too. And I like the gold.
  8. Very nice. Hey, I'm kinda new, what's the arrow thingy painted on the side of the base?
  9. There was once an incident with a Karate Trophy and a dresser...that poor little guy on the top. ROFL.
  10. Ah, very nice. I need to do mine like this one.
  11. Hmm, can't see the pictures. That's odd, I know that happened to you in your other thread.
  12. Nicely done. Is there some significance to the marking on the shield?
  13. The teeth are really good, and I also like the color.
  14. Yeah, those crystals are nice...that gives me an idea for mine.
  15. Congratulations. It is well deserved. This has actually sparked a lot of inspiration for me.
  16. Dude, this is nice. Gives me some good ideas...
  17. The shadowing on the skin is amazing...actually the whole thing is amazing.
  18. I always like blue, but the blue feathers on the arrows are really cool. Is the quiver free-hand?
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