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  1. There are quite a few tutorials posted on youtube where painters show off their technique. Searching for NMM should get you a few hits. For something more professional Dark Sword has a DVD series that covers just about every painting technique, including NMM. That said, NMM is a more advanced technique that requires knowledge of some combination of underlying techniques such as glazing, wet blending or two-brush blending. All also on youtube. If by "new" you mean new to mini painting in general then The Painting Clinic channel is a good place to start. Thank you. I am new at paintin
  2. The legs look like they grow right up out of the rock. And the lichen is awesome too. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Awesome idea, very creative, and well done. Wow. I had no idea. This just opened my mind in a way that hasn't happened before. Thanks.
  4. Wow, really good job. It really looks rusty. Wow...
  5. So...the steel is amazing. I am wondering how to do it. I am quite new at this, can someone point me to a tutorial of some sort so I can try steel like that.
  6. Colors are really cool. I like how you blended the purple and blue on the dress, I need to try that.
  7. I love how the dragon matches the terrain. And I really like that sorceress.
  8. Wow, this is really good. The ruins are awesome, very realistic.
  9. Thanks, that is very helpful. Now I am finding stuff.
  10. Sounds like a really fast fix. As an alternative, the Alpha Abrasives sanding needles (designed for plastic) work really well. I think they sell direct on amazon if you can't find them locally. The blue medium grit and the white fine grit are the most useful needles. I've been following this discussion with particular interest as I would like to find an easier way to remove mold lines. I wonder if those of you who have used the sanding needles, could you please find out what grit (or what grit range) seems to work the best. I went and looked for "blue medium grit and white fine grit" and
  11. All good points on the axe. Maybe he's not in the act of swinging it. Maybe he's just extracted it. He looks like he's strong enough to embed that thing pretty far, and the axehead has got an convenient handle on the back of it for when he needs to pry in back out...maybe.
  12. Draft-horse-sized centaurs would be so cool.
  13. +1 yes +1 +1 +1 yes Bonesium is great for larger models, and mooks--PCs and medium sized NPCs that are a specific character, not so much. So in general I would like to see more larger models, and more sets of thematically similar minis that are not just duplicates (like the town guard from expansion 2).
  14. Thank you for all the kind words. It's very encouraging. Out of a bit of frustration I did one last photo of the gnome. He's as shiny as the rest, I just have different lighting (different room really), and I wonder if that's why he looks the best. @Corvus Umbra: I wonder, could you post a link to an example of the matte sealer you are talking about. Than might end up being a real difference maker, and I'd like to try it.
  15. This is the first time I've ever posted stuff that I've painted. I am a novice--only been painting a short time, but I love it. I have a really hard time with getting a good picture, in fact I wish these were better. I welcome all feedback as I do want to try and get better. And if you have tips on taking better photos please share. I think one reason it's so hard to is because they are so shiny because I use The Army Painter, Quickshade. Mistress of the Grove: Malice: Nexid Slave: Gauntswept Scavenger: Thopas, Lesser Gnome: Giant Cave Toad: Thanks.
  16. Wow, thanks for the responses, and sorry about the belated reply, I've been quite busy this holiday season. Human male paladin (from my D&D days in the late 70s when I was 9...those were magical days, in fact something inside me...clicked?, snapped?, ...it changed, and I have not been the same since). Anyway, I play Pathfinder now with my 9 and 10 year-olds (and sometimes the 7-year-old joins in), and I need a paladin for my retro guy. Anyway, there were lots of great suggestions, of them I liked these the best: Stern Kestrelmann, Paladin Mangu Timur Krass Omenthrall Halbarand,
  17. Hey there, I'm brand new here. I got introduced to Reaper through the Kickstarter--a superb way to market imho. Anyway, I keep looking for a heavily armored paladin with a really big (two-handed) sword but I can't seem to find one. Has anyone seen one?
  18. Brand new here. Only reason I came was because of what I saw in that awesome Bones Kickstarter last year. (Man, I wish I could have gotten in on that!) So I don't want to miss the next one, for sure and for certain. Anyone know if there is an auto-notification system? I looked in the settings of my profile and made sure the news checkbox is checked, think that's enough? Anyway, here's hoping for another super kickstarter (especially when next time they will be made in the good ole' USA).
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