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  1. With the survey, they are letting us add to our pledge all the way up to the games release in August. I'm sure they would allow people who couldn't back it jump in late. Just message George and see what he says. Grizz
  2. That would be cool. I can't justify $10 for a coloring book but $5 for unlimited prints from it is another story. :) Grizz
  3. Adventure Maximus PDF? You mean the adventure guide? Grizz
  4. I'm getting the GM screen, dice(The ones it comes with are blank with stickers), The adventure guide, The flat papercraft minis(to cover the races that I don't have minis for), Adventure set #1(expansion) and the "Star Maximus" preview(it has races that wont be in the final game release). Grizz
  5. My older son(16) is at that "Parents Suck" age. In an effort to spend more time with him I picked up the first Zombicide!. It worked. He loves playing it with "The Old Man". :) That in turn is what made me look for something to play more regularly with my youngest. He kept wanting to play Zombicide with us and I wasn't having THAT argument with my wife. LOL! Grizz
  6. Welcome aboard. My son is 8 right now and if he enjoys this as much as I think he is going to then I still have my Dungeons & Dragons "Red Box" for him to graduate to. After that he would move on to my AD&D 2nd Edition books. We all started somewhere and if I can push him towards a hobby that encourages him to use his imagination then that is what I'll do. I love video games as much as the next guy but they lack in that area. Grizz
  7. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1801360072/adventure-maximus Has anyone checked this one out. They have already met their pledge goal but only have 5 days left. It is a roll playing game designed for kids to not only play, but to be able to GM also. I thought all you guys with kids/grandkids may want to check it out. They have a video showing the creators 11 year old son running a game with other kids. My son(8) and I are pretty excited about this one. He keeps asking to access the website to watch the videos over and over. Check it out. Thanks guys. Grizz This IS my first p
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