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  1. Hey there, Reaperites. It's been a while since I've been here. Because of the quarantine, I find myself with time on my hands, and so I have been painting stuff from various brands of manufacturers. When I get everything finished and clear coated, Ill post some pics in Show Off - I'm an ok tabletop painter at best. Anyway, I have never painted ANYTHING "large," and in the 20+ years I have been off and on painting, I have *never* painted a dragon. So I went into my enormous box of Bones I purchased from the 2nd kickstarter, and pulled out Narthax.
  2. As always, I am LOVING this. I get a chibi-like grin whenever you mess with KD. Keep going, Cash - this stuff is superb.
  3. Was able to place an order, got the goodie bag + pink, and did NOT get a rock - I got a skelly and a townsfolk woman, both in Bones. Thanks, Reaper!!!
  4. Thanks, everyone. Just seeing this now. I was on vacation for my birthday, and then the plane ride got me sick as a dog, but getting better day by day and I have now grown accutomed to having an additional year under my belt... :)
  5. I think we all run into that from time to time. I KNOW that I do. My thing is: When I compare myself to "some of the greats," of course it is going to make "a normal person" look "bad." I've said this before - I play guitar, and one of the guys who inspired me the most is Eddie Van Halen. I've played for 15 years, here and there. I sound NOTHING like EVH. I will NEVER be able to play as well as EVH, so when I compare myself to EVH? Of course, "I suck." What I forget to consider a lot of the time is that EVH probably plays roughly 12-16 hours a day. He has been playing for over
  6. So, this first picture is going to look remarkably similar to the last one.....because I was painting black over black. :) There are some really deep recesses in this figure, so I wanted to make sure I got everything first. The primer actually gave the figure a pretty neat matted black and I actually thought of leaving it as it was for a little while, before deciding against it, because I knew I was going to mess up, need to cover over it, and would then have 2 shades of black to contend with. Painting onto black is an interesting experience. I was reminded of the quote, "The stat
  7. Just getting started but, I want a document of this whole process. Man, I have missed metal. Bonesylvanians : Morty As previously mentioned, this is a halloween gift for someone, and I will need to get it done by October 16th. Unlike Bones, I actually will take a little time cleaning stuff off in metal, espcecially because this is a gift. Mold lines and general cleanup weren't too bad on him, actually, but I think I may have taken a little bit more off the pointing finger than I wanted to. Now, I don't know if this is intelligence on my part, or if I am setting my
  8. I've met Larry a few times at Gencon, have his sig on a few prints, and my name is in his book as one of his Kickstarter backers. Class act, all the way. VERY cool painting area. You did just remind me that I need more stands for figures. :) Are those prescription bottles that you are using for them??
  9. Man, that brings back a LOT of memories. I miss those, a lot. I'm sure you are going to get a ton of suggestions on the ones you can keep, but I would suggest converting those to dropper bottles ASAP! :)
  10. I knew exactly what it was just by seeing it. REALLY nice tribute.
  11. Just put up 2 posts (due to picture constraints) in my WIP thread regarding my beginning tests with the F&G line and the Inktensity set. You can find it beginning here. It might be slightly long, but I tried to give as much info as I could given the circumstances..... Let me know if you have any specific questions and I hope this helps. Cheers!
  12. The bad thing about this little experiment, and because of how heavily I soaked the figure - it created tide marks ALL over it, which I wasn't even thinking about.....so I basically had to rebasecoat the entire figure. Now, here is where things got REALLY interesting, and leads me to my final thought on these paints (which will be revealed at the end of this post.) I didn't want to relayer a basecoat. I knew how much paint it was going to chew up and how long it was going to take. This stuff really is pretty thin...so I didn't even bother thinning it. I basically applied it direct.
  13. So, I have a ton of pics to show, as this was a relatively busy weekend for me, and may need to divide into 2 posts. Minotaur had a small bit of work done to his base, but I am not happy with it, and I still need to apply the final touches to his horns, the axe handle, and a few other things. He is not yet ready for show off. He would have been if I had focused on him, but I didn't, cause I got excited over something else. "Oooo, shiny!" It was interesting to me how many different colors I had used on this fellow: After receiving my Fantasy and Games paints from Scale 75,
  14. My browns did for me, but in fairness, I had watered them down **severely** for layering, and the problem "melded" to correct itself 2 layers later. You can't see the remnants of it at all - was the easiest "fix" I've ever needed to do. I swear, these things act like the T-1000 when I use them - they just "fix and correct" themselves. My 4 F&G sets came in today - I'll give them a go on something over the extended weekend and report back.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. I have to tell you, I play 1st and 2nd ed, the MM is one of my most commonly used books for gaming, and I simply don't see it, with the one GLARING exception being the Demon Idol they have available (PHB cover.) I guess I have always just lived in this world where I figured anything like that would have agreements ahead of time, and proper liscencing in order to even produce stuff like that. I don't really think about "the dark side" where artists aren't getting paid for their stuff, but I know that WotC has lawyers up the yin yang in order to protect their
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