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  1. I need to drag the light box out and do some decent shots to post here and my deviantart page. That being said, I got him done in time for Kublacon, and thought I'd throw a pic of the finished product up. :-) He's an inquisitor of Calistria, who's colors are yellow and black, and favored weapon is a whip.
  2. WIP fro the moment. My character for organized play (Pathfinder Society) is an elven inquisitor of Calistria. The goddess's favored weapon is a whip, so I'm making the character so he can engage with melee attacks from 15 feet away. I couldn't find a mini yo fit the character concept, so I got an "Elquin" mini and cut the axe out if his right hand and replaced it with the whip from the Lorena mini. After cutting the whip away from the hand, I realized it was connected to the arm twice on purpose. Only one connection wouldn't be enough to support the long whip without constant bending.
  3. I just tried using just straight Army Painter on one of the Bones minis I got at a paint and take, at a con. It worked great. The Krylon Dual paint/primer was tacky, contrary to what others have experienced.
  4. I'm tempted to try using used tea leaves or coffee grounds after letting them dry, but I suppose one should just stick unused stuff. My coffee grounds are used. I don't know what steeping does to tea leaves. One thing I did note is that different kinds of tea have different colors and textures. I used an orange spice for this base, it seamed like autumn leaves. Black teas are darker, and I imagine herbals will have all sorts of variations.
  5. I've only recently started painting again in earnest. I finally found a way to sit that doesn't kill my neck. (Tall table and short chair) I guess I need to work on some minis I don't really care about and be willing to screw up with the highlighting and shading. After I get the base coat I'm basically frightened of screwing it up by doing too many effects. I need to get over it. :) And... do paints other than Reaper stick to the bones material? I've got a rag-tag mix of Model Color, GW, Reaper, artist quality acrylics, and some craft paints I try not to use as much. AND... I normally
  6. Thanks for the positive feedback. :) The flocking on the base is actually a combination of static grass, tea grounds (out of a torn tea bag. It looks like leaf-litter), and dried coffee grounds (light-weight and dark with a nice texture to pick up dry brushing).
  7. I've seen it done in orange, red, and blue. I decided to try it in green. I'm fairly pleased with him. :-) I would have done pictures in a light box, but it was late and he's going to work tomorrow to sit on my desk. :-) He's a bones mini. I tried priming it with krylon dual, bug it was a bit tacky. I dusted it with Armory primer and it was fine. Working with something so light made manipulating it for painting angles easy, but it was a bit too easy to accidentally flex the wings when I bumped it.
  8. Given the thread is now 27 pages long I haven't checked to see if it's been suggested previously, but separate riders to go with the calvary, and maybe usable to make conversions (a male dragon rider in particular). How about conversion kits in Bones, and expand the palette to include tieflings and mindflayers (the bathalian heads available are all the same sculpt). Weapon sets. And given the affordable price, maybe more terrain pieces. A set of sarcophagi with interchangeable lids would be nice (mix and match would allow for many more variants).
  9. Painted this for a friend. He has an elven cleric he plays in a Pathfinder game.
  10. Maybe more conversion sets like the lizardman set. Mind flayer/Illithid heads... Hellborn/tiefling heads... something leafy and fey (maybe organic wooden textured heads and hands) similar to "wilden", half-orc/orc heads to place on another mini to give it more of a civilized look while still being an orc... A set of sarcophagi, three different bases with three different lids, will allow for mixing and matching to make several uniques. More metallic constructs. clockwork scorpion, clockwork wolf/dog... Set of ironguard golem heads, both male and female, with some accompanying ha
  11. Hey, didn't I just see this mini at Kublacon? It's one of only a few I took a picture of. Beautiful job. :-)
  12. Two conversions, one as bought. The left one is for a friend's character. He carries a shield, so I cut the arm, changed the angle, attached a shield to the arm, and filled the gaps with green stuff. The right arm was lost to infestation of necrotic undead worms, and was replaced in Sharn. I filed off some of the angles to make look like a different style. I then painted the arm to look new, and the body to look old and corroded. Alas, the character was lost to a huge undead dragon. The one on the right is intended to be a brawler style fighter (D&D 4E). I cut the sword off
  13. I started with a Bathalian Primarch, a Hellborn Troll, and the axe from the Kainus mini. I cut the head off the Primarch, which took some work with my pin vise and razor saw. I the attached it to the troll body by shaving the existing neck, pinning the two piece Primarch head to,it, and filling the gaps with green stuff. I also had to make sure the angle off head would not conflict with the upraised arm. I cut off the hand of the upraised arm and replaced it with a axe head (pinned and green stuffed on). I thought it woul look better, and more brutal, if it still had an operation
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